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  1. A bunch of people have asked me to post some of my art here, despite it mostly being dbz fanart, so I did. The following is a bunch of my art in mostly chronological order. I hope you all like it!

    FB_IMG_1471122591044.jpg FB_IMG_1471122564384.jpg FB_IMG_1471122555073.jpg FB_IMG_1471122541730.jpg FB_IMG_1471122538486.jpg FB_IMG_1471122530530.jpg FB_IMG_1471122525912.jpg FB_IMG_1471122517693.jpg FB_IMG_1471122508100.jpg

    This final piece is a little growth chart of my style since 2012, when I started drawing. It's a very important piece to me, and I hold it dear to my heart.
    FB_IMG_1471122496663.jpg And that's all I really have to show you! If you like it, head on down to The biggest shipper of vegekaka
    Half of it is me realigning stuff, but I post new art about once a week. :) and with that I have completed the requests of many people. I hope everyone enjoys! And please don't be mean. I still have no idea how this sight works ;n;
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  2. Hey, you shouldn't put yourself down so much, your art's not bad at all. It's also cool that you included the growth chart; I wish I could do one of those but I lost a lot of my old work.

    I'm not huge into DBZ and Goku/Vegeta's not really my thing, but your rendition of McBoobs!Goku is pretty cute. I like her hair.
  3. I'm with Astaroth on this one -- your art is really good! o.o I'm not very familiar with most of the fandoms here either, but, it's all still really nice to look at! I love the colors and the shading -- and the soft, round look that everything has. owo Really nice!
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