May We Meet Again; Westeros 1x1

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  1. I've posted this on a couple of other sites but I thought I'd give it a try here. So it might be a little odd but I'm really craving a crossover between Game of Thrones and The 100! I'm primarily looking to play a Stark oc against Bellamy (or possibly Murphy) but I have no qualms doubling and doing a pairing for you too! (I'll even try slash. Fair warning I've never done it before.) I'm open to rps of just the 100 too but I'd really love to find people for some crossover roleplays! Here's just a quick rundown of my preferences;

    • Have a weird idea? Want love triangles/etc? Run it by me! I'm fairly open :) though if I play two canons to your oc then I'd appreciate if you would do the same in return.
    • I try to post once every couple days (at the very least, usually more!) And I'd like someone fairly active but I understand life gets in the way.
    • I do prefer playing female but I also double (which I like doing!) On that note, I prefer hetero and while I've never done a slash rp, I'm open to trying it in the event of doubling.
    • I prefer thread or email but I'm open to pms as well. I hardly use im's so if I use them it all it would be for ooc chat
    • Typically I post at least two paragraphs, usually more, per character. I'd prefer if my partner can do the same. Writers block happens, understandably, but if I'm constantly getting tiny one paragraph replies then I tend to loose interest quickly.
    Bellamy x oc
    Murphy x oc
    Finn x oc
    Jasper x oc
    Clarke x oc
    Octavia x oc
    Lincoln x oc
    Clarke x Lexa
    Kane x oc
    Jon Snow x oc
    Robb x oc
    Sansa x any
    Canon x oc/any
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  2. Nudging :)
  3. Anyone? :)
  4. Still interested
  5. Craving!!~~~
  6. I'm interested, PM me if you're still looking.
  7. I'll give it a go
  8. Awesome! Wanna discuss it more in pm?
  9. Yeah Sure!
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