May I try your chops, sir?

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    I have always been a big fan of facial hair.


    The question I offer to Iwaku is this.


    What is your favorite facial hair style and why?
  2. I'm happy with clean-shaven or a bit of stubble, thanks. XP
  3. I also enjoy stubble, something my boyfriend eternally has. Otherwise, the handlebar mustache, though rare, makes me squeal like a little girl. They make me want to get into my best flapper dress and smoke virginia slims. . /// .
    Right now, my boyfriend is just going with full on beard and it's not growing in very well (please don't tell him I said such a thing, his manly pride would take such a dive!). So, I wish he would trim it into a goatee or something.


    I am a huge fan of stubble. It's sexy as hell.

    I used to hate beards in general, but Gibs made me like them. D: He's had a variation of different beard styles now, and my favorite so far is the classic full beard.
  5. I don't know about all those avant-garde stashes, haha!

    But I like a beard on a guy if he can pull the look off! Some guys look really good with beards/facial hair !


    For example, October's slightly unshaven-dunno-what-its-called-but it looks really superstar-good! but don't tell him I told you ;)

    EDIT: In Dananachan's picture, the Trustworthy Chinstrap & the threatening Neck Beard are the same.... T_T
  6. No, no, Saki, it just looks that way~ <3 As one who is affectionate toward facial hair, I shall help you!

    They're almost similar, but the neckbeard is more... neck oriented. The chinstrap is strip (generally fairly thin) of facial hair following the jawline.
  7. I prefer clean-shaved faces by default.

    However, some faces seem to look better with facial hair. It's hard to tell which style, as it depends on the face itself.
    But paying a bit of attention I could say I have a tendency towards chinstrap, or goatee w/without mustache. Sometimes stubble looks good but sometimes it does not. Generally speaking, avoid the bushy look too.

    As a general rule, if the face looks aged or mature, I will like it more with facial hair in it. The younger looking the face, the less hair on it I'd like to see, thanks. Generalizing, remember.

    So far two guys I like more ALWAYS with facial hair on, and these are Sean Connery and Hugh Jackman.
    They're so hot... but shaved look so wrong!
  8. Hm, I can see the men lurking here, taking frantics notes. XDD

    I don't particularly like facial hair on men buuut Pheonix somehow pulls it off. I love stubble on him, and he has this little neck beard going on. (He somehow isn't capable of growing a mustache.) Clean shaven he looks really young, almost baby face, but once his beard comes out I can't stop staring. >.<
  9. I've always enjoyed the look of muttonchops for being rarely seen and therefor unique. By my standards, a sideburn is anything grown down from the sideburns, but once they start to turn across the cheek, they're muttonchops. Plus, as I learned as I matured, it's really the only facial hair I can grow, I don't think I could grow a good looking mustache and there's not enough hair for me to grow a goatee. I don't really want either those anyway.

    So now I just have a bushy pair of muttonchops extending across my cheek and ending a little less than a finger's width from my lips. Can't grow anything to connect them to a mustache, but again, don't want to.
  10. I am actually surprised more guys aren't in here. xD

    *puts away notepad*
  11. I have always been a fan of a little scruff, not sure why. By scruff I mean more than just stubble, which can also be very nice.
    It really depends on the gent, whether he can pull it off or not.
    Though I can't say I've found anyone with a rather long beard attractive.
    As long as its close to the face it can really soften bold chins and jawlines, and be all manly.
  12. [​IMG]

    Every self-respecting beard/mutton chop wearer smokes a pipe.
  13. Stubble!! Or a Santa Claus style :D
  14. I prefer to either be perfectly clean shaven if I have long hair.

    Since I've been barred from ever having a ponytail again, I make do with either 3 days of stubble. However, THAT gets barred because I have to look professional.

    THEREFORE, I usually triapse about the hospital with a goatee.
  15. This is my favorite beard because it makes people look like a general.

    *strokes my fake beard* Indeed it does.