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  1. Alright, I've backed myself into a corner with RPs right now, but I could NOT wait to do this one in particular.
    So, hear me out, I think I've got a good one.

    Oh yeah.. before I explain the plot, it can really go in any direction, be it creepy and violent or mildly violent and humorous. 'Tis up to you, really.


    You are a new student who has just transferred from a big school to a smaller one.
    Upon arrival, you are a bit wary of the other students, as they are cooing over you because you're new, but one particular student is the first to actually be your friend.

    And her name is Akemi Kitamura.

    You end up being like all the other students, and think she's weird and excitable, but you accept her. However, there's a certain other classmate who has captured your attention, and soon enough, you start to like her.

    Little do you know, Akemi has a dark secret.


    I'm too lazy, so here's the BASIC idea: you're a new student, you befriend my character, then end up crushing on another girl.

    My character's a yangire, little did you know, and although she isn't aware of her fondness being something more towards you.. well, she does realize it after you start talking to this other girl.

    Then.. this happens..


    If you've ever watched Future Diary (Mirai Nikki), then you'll know what this means.


    Anywho, if you're interested, please PM me or comment here.​
  2. I am :3
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  3. *squee*

    Your inbox is full.

    Therefore we must discuss here. xD
    Since I've already pretty much described the plot.. is there anything you'd like to add/remove/modify? :3
  4. Seems you already got someone to bite... well, I can wait. Color me interested, though!
  5. Seeing as the RP can go in so many different directions depending on who you RP with, I don't see why I can't have another. :3
  6. Yaaaay! Then count me in! Message me!
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