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  1. Monday, Week 1
    First Term - Some time in May


    The classroom.

    The classroom was buzzing with restless teenagers, for some odd reason. It was early in the morning; you'd expect everyone to be getting a few more minutes of sleep before class started. Only in the corner could you find the grumpiest student, who sat with her body slouched, watching the rest of the students make complete fools of themselves before the bell rang.

    "Cut that out!" one girl shouted as a wad of paper hit her in her face, a group of boys laughing their asses off nearby. Her face scrunched up angrily as she picked the piece of paper off the ground, chucking it viciously at the group of boys, even ripping out papers from her notebook to satisfy her displeasure with the rebels.

    "Alright class, settle down."

    The room was suddenly filled with sighs and groans as the professor finally announced that they'd be starting class now, everyone finally taking their seats in disappointment. They did not cease to whisper to their friends from across the room, however.

    The girl who had just been chucking papers at the boys was suddenly so calm, as if nothing really happened, fixing up her notebook and closing it; something written in Sharpie on the front--Akemi. Presumably her name. Her indigo gaze slowly wandering over to the windows on the other side of the classroom as she waited for the lesson to start.

    "Well, students. It appears we will be having a new student joining us today.. err.. Takumi?"
    The professor called out, pushing up his glasses as he looked around.

    New student? Akemi thought to herself. How very interesting.
  2. Takumi looked around his new classroom. He found it odd that he wasn't being called into the room for the intro into his new class, but he shrugged that off. He took a look at the chart on the chalkboard that showed the seating assignments. Looking at the number he had received when he enrolled he found that his seat was a window seat, a few seats in front of a girl who had already found her seat. Setting his stuff down, he looked back at the girl. She was being teased by some of his classmates. Watching the paper ball throwing scene, he could tell that she wasn't normal. To get so angry over something so small. What was up with that girl? Albeit, she was very attractive, he felt that there was something way off about her. He turned around, thinking it best to not be involved. However, he wouldn't stand bullying. If it happened again, those bullies would get an earful from him.

    The teacher in front soon started the class. It took the class a little bit to calm down, but after they did, the teacher called out that there would be a new student joining them.

    "That's me..." he thought as he readied himself to introduce himself.

    The teacher called out his name. At that, he stood up, bowing slightly.

    "I'm Takumi Ayakama, it is a pleasure to be in this class. Thanks for having me and let's be friends!" He smiled a gentle smile and sat down. As he did so however, a beautiful light brown haired girl looked over his direction. He smiled back at her and she looked away, a slight tint of red coloring her ears. His face went a light shade of red too. Who was that girl? He'd have to find out.

    After homeroom class let out for lunch, he sighed. The classes he had scheduled seemed easy enough. He looked to the girl behind him. Maybe she knew where he could grab some lunch. His parents had given him his allowance and he wanted to get something fast and easy for lunch. Getting up, he walked over to the girl's side.

    "Hello. I'm Takumi. I'm just wondering, is there a place I can get some food around here? I left home without my bento this morning..."

    (Looks like this but has blue eyes, not red)
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  3. Akemi was awed by the thought of a new student. Look her straight in the eyes and you could see exactly how much it amazed her.
    ..then again, she didn't realize the new student was sitting right in front of her.

    As soon as he stood up, she sat up straight in her seat, and the class went quiet as they stared at Takumi. After he introduced himself, she expected people to coo over him, but nothing really happened. Good.
    Akemi was here for the rescue, and as soon as class ended, she'd totally chat him up.

    That was the type of person she was, after all.

    After class ended, she was just about to tap on his shoulder until.. wait, he spoke to her first. Amazing.
    "Yeah, totally, kid," she beamed, confident. One of the best traits she had been born with, to be honest. She talked to him like he was her friend. "There's actually a cafe not too far from here... about a block away. I go there all the time."

    Akemi chuckled. "We can walk there. A few other students go there as well, but they're not as cool as I am.. hehe.. I'm Akemi Kitamura, by the way." She grabbed her things and stood up, holding her hand out for him to shake it. Obviously not caring that she was talking way too much. And that she was rather arrogant sometimes.. oh well.
    Maybe that's why everyone around her thought she was weird. However, it didn't bother her much.
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