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  1. hello everyone I am looking for a male or female partner who is willing to try out anything and everything. I am looking for a mature partner who will post a minimum of 2 paragraphs and are all well thought out you must be able to post at least one time a day and if you cant that's okay I understand we all have lives.


    Joker x Batman's daughter (silver)
    Pretty much Silver takes over her fathers job as the new female Batman and she ends up being captured by the Joker who tortures her and holds her for ransom so that batman will come to him. During this time the jokers son and Silver fall in love and he has to decided between taking over his fathers job or rescuing Silver.

    Alice in Wonderland
    No topic yet but I am thinking about having the Mad Hatter and one of the Queen of hearts knights chase after a ultimate source of power that will either help Wonder Land or destroy it and make everyone the queens slave. What I am thinking is that the knight was in slaved by the queen and ended up being related to the mad hatter so its about them trying to help each other and build their relationship while in the process of fighting each other.

    Lord of the rings
    I'm thinking about doing a Wood elf Rp where it is before any of the wars where created and the Wood elf's where just starting their journey to become the great power that they have become. A lot more will be added onto this

    Any other ideas any body has just post on hear or PM me if you wish these are just bare bones of the ideas if anybody has any more ideas just inform me.
  2. Hey there, I'll just give you a lil idea of this crazy ass idea I have. Anyway, the story is your character is a young man who wants to join the Circus. Yeah, it's literally called The Circus, don't ask. Anyway, the first person he meets is my character, the Ringmaster. However, I have two other characters as well, one is an Animal Tamer, and the other is a mystery. The bare bones of the story is it's kind of laid out like a RPG with routes. You can take the Ringmaster's route and make the Animal Tamer your enemy or friend and the mystery guy can either be the enemy or the friend, make sense? My characters shift to what you decide. And towards the end, eventually only one will be active, so if you take the Ringmaster's route, the Ringmaster will be the only character that will be active.

    I know, it's super crazy. But if it interests you, lemme know and I can explain more or just point you in the direction of the thread so you can read up on it.
  3. Extrey interested I don't think I have ever done an rp quit like this one
  4. im still accepting :)
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