PROMPT May Creativity Theme Challenge

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  1. May Creativity Theme Challenge

    Welcome to the May Theme Challenge! Each month, creative folk all over Iwaku will be challenged to draw, write, sing, paint, dance, or do anything artistic based on their choice between one of two offered themes. You can even incorporate both into your piece if you wish to! This month's themes are brought to you by Ossochanter and Revision:



  2. I responded to my own/Revi's Challenge! 8D

  3. Tried out some new stuff, just for this.
  4. I did this using Power Point clip art D:


    Hope its good since someone already did Eastern this is what I thought of when I hear or see 'Western'
  5. april them challenge.jpg

    I finally learned how to upload from my phone >. < Took me long enough! So here it is, the one made by me...yes, no sketch. Just my trusty little red pen.
  6. I decided that I was a touch bored, so I did a western one.
    Quick and sketchy (open)

  7. [​IMG]
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