[May 10, 2014] An Evening with Admins (Conference Box)

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  1. Hear ye, hear ye!

    You are cordially invited to AN EVENING WITH ADMINS where you can meet, greet, and come ask ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU DESIRE to the [VAY]Vay Queen[/VAY], [DIANA]Princess Diana[/DIANA], and maybe even the [RORY]Trickster Rory[/RORY] if you're lucky and bring him a can of cheesewiz. Guest staring bored Staff Members!

    This event will be in the Conference Box starting at 9PM Central Time and ending when everyone gets bored!

    Our first Admin Night went swimmingly and we were able to answer lots of questions for people and even meet some new faces. We want to continue this, giving members a chance to get the nittygritty details about Iwaku, or just try to stump us with strange questions.

    Be prepared to have us ask questions right back. >:3 We'd like to get to know YOU too.
  2. Yes, another one! Bring your notepads of questions!
  3. *takes away Asmo's Eew button!*
  4. Bring me real cheese. Cheesewiz is a tool of the Darklord Ched and is therefore an abomination of creation.
  5. I demand nothing less than lasagna.
  6. Don't get too extreme there, buddy. We'll get you some fancy Italian food once we find a way to smuggle you out of that chain of islands you call home.
  7. ... It's a peninsula connected to the Asian continent.
  8. This starts in fiiiiiive minutes in the conference box! Yaaaay!