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  1. Alright so far in my six years of roleplaying I've only found one partner that shares interest in the majority of the kinks and fetishes I enjoy to rp. So I'm posting here with a list to hopefully find more people interested in the same stuff.

    Character wise I play male, female, intersex, non-binary, and transgender characters. I also have characters of all different types of sexual orientations. Also a lot of body types. I'm tired of partners that are only interested in lean or muscled characters. I got characters all over the spectrum from twiggy to heavy and soft to beefcake. As you can tell I love variety. All characters are betrayed to be 18+

    Here is a list of kinks and fetishes I enjoy rping, if you see ones you're interested in either comment or shoot me a PM. These are in no particular order:

    Rough/Violent Sex
    Sub/Dom relationships
    Xenophilia (Monsters basically, inhuman)
    Use of sex toys
    Dirty talk

    Those are my main ones I can think of, I might add to the list if I remember any more. So yeah if you see anything you're interested in comment or send me a PM
  2. I will rp with you
  3. I'll rp with you!!
  4. Still looking?
  5. Yep! Feel free to send me a PM listing the stuff you're interested in
Thread Status:
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