Maximum Ride: The New Test Subjects

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  1. At the School, two poor newborns have been taken from their parents and inserted in a brand new genetic experiment. They have grown up, and are to be put to use as weapons for a new world order of inhuman hybrids. As long as nothing goes wrong anyway...


    1) Can be any genetic mutation on character.

    2) I can be NPCs if asked.

    3) Have fun! ^w^
  2. Sitting in a cramped cage wasn't Falsetto's idea of a happy life. He sighed softly as he stretched out his legs slightly and shifted.

    He lifted his head and listened, that's all he could do now that the School had robbed him of his vision, but he was used to it since he was a small boy. He flicked his tail, yes tail, he had been given the genetic code of a cat. The School wanted beings that were nimble, stealthy, and could see in the dark and what better animal than a cat?

    Falsetto was quick and nimble, he had the fangs and claws of a cat. They also gave him the strength of the big cats
    though his ability to see in the dark wasn't so great, he could hardly see anything it was the power wasn't even there!

    They tried enhancing it but the procedure failed permanently blinding him.

    He sighed and rubbed his eyes "This is so...boring" he growls as folds his arms "I hate it here..."
  3. Two scientists opened a large metal door to the room where Falsetto was held carrying a Brown haired boy with (Strangely enough.) Fox ears and a tail. They threw him into a cage right beside Falsetto's, the boy's back meeting the steel bars with a loud crunch.

    Dr. Kozlov: "That will teach you to hurt the testing personnel, you little brat!"

    As the two scientists left the dark room, Cringe slowly leaned up on the support of his elbow, moaning in pain.

    "Next time I'll do more than hurt them..." He said angrily.

    He absolutely hated this place; everything about it. The scientists, the testing, the cages. All he wanted was freedom, and to expose this horrible place to the world. He couldn't even remember how he got here. He just remembered growing up with these ears and his tail, and constantly being hurt during tests.

    Cringe sighed as the pain numbed away.
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  4. Falsetto felt his ears prick at the commotion and he sighed knowing that Cringe wasn't the one to take to testing lightly.

    Falsetto turned his head to Cringe's direction "You alright?" He asked worried for the other boy.
  5. Cringe turned to Falsetto, faintly smiling.

    "I'll be fine, nothing too drastic..."

    Cringe had the slightest hint of a black eye, but thanks to his mutation his healing was doubled, but he wasn't invincible.

    "I just... don't know what to do..."

    The boy flattened his orange ears, and frowned.

    "I need to think of a way to get us out of here..."
  6. Falsetto thought curiously as to how they could potentially escape, he knew that whatever they chose to do there will be commotion and mostly they will have to fight.

    "To bad we can't just fly out of here...."

    Falsetto wrapped his tail over his knees which he brought up to his chest "Oh, I think I have an's almost dinnertime, right? What if we attacked then?" He asked.

    He knew that he would be a liability but he wanted to be as useful as possible.
  7. Cringe's eyes widened. Mealtime! That was it! That's when they would strike!

    "Falsetto! You're a genius! They won't expect us to strike during mealtime! But what about afterwards... There's cameras everywhere..."

    Then it hit him. The air vents. They could use the air vents to find a better way of escaping!

    "I know! We'll use the air vents to get through without being found!"

    Cringe smiled at his new found hope.
  8. Falsetto grins "And then we're home free! No more tests and pain. We can then kiss this place good-bye!" He couldn't wait for the sound of the bell which signalled the doctors to come in and get them.

    Though to their luck they didn't have to wait long....


    The sound of the heavy metal doors opening echoed throughout the room and the rhythmic footsteps soon grew louder and louder before a balding doctor stood before them "You pets hungry?" He asked in a mocking tone.
  9. Cringe looked to his friend with a smirk, a looked up to the man.

    "Yes, actually. Just go ahead and give us the food."

    He thought of the best move he could use after the man opened his cage. Possibly a good ol' punch? Or better yet, a kick to the head...
  10. The doctor smirked "Cocky aren't we?" He chimed as he fished the keys out of his labcoat. He unlocked their cage and turned around to the food cart unaware of the planned attack.

    Falsetto couldn't help but feel excited knowing that their freedom was inches away.
  11. Cringe sprang into action, tackled the unsuspecting man, and delivered the strongest punch he could muster into the poor soul's skull.

    "Cocky's right."

    Cringe smiled in triumph as he grabbed the keys from the floor, and unlocked Falsetto's cage.
  12. Falsetto let out a laugh when he heard the man slump to the floor and Cringe's comment. He flicked his tail with amusement when his cage opened up and he thanked his friend as he stepped out.

    He stretched from feeling cramped and turned his head in the direction of Cringe "That guy was no match for you." He said smiling.
  13. Cringe smirked at his friend, looking down at the poor man.

    "Of course not, he's a nerd!"

    Cringe then looked up at the air vent, his ear twitching at the sound of distant footsteps outside the room.

    "They must have saw us, we need to get through the vent. Come on, I'll help you."

    Cringe guided Falsetto to the entrance to the vents, and opened the metal grill covering it.
  14. Falsetto could hear the others approaching and he squats down preparing to crawl into the vent as they had planned he hoped that the scientists weren't that eager to go after them in the vent.
  15. Cringe followed behind Falsetto after putting back the metal guard on the entrance to the vent. As he crawled through the dark and cold tunnel he saw a light to his left. He found another metal guard and looked through. What he saw reminded him of the one thing wrong with their plan.

    "You stupid sons of bitches! You let them escape that easily?!"

    The figure grabbed one of the scientists and through him into the cold metal walls of the testing room, leaving a body shaped dent afterwards. The scientist fell to the ground, now limp and bleeding from the mouth. Two more of his kind rushed to help him, but were shot down by the two guards at the figure's side.

    "Sometimes I feel you idiots forget who I am. I am Kai, the leader of the guard and son to the commander! Now, if you excuse me, I have two foolishly hopeful prisoners to find."

    Kai furiously stomped out of the room with his faithful guards, slamming the door behind him.
  16. Falsetto lowered his ears, Kai was someone he feared the most in the School and it was mostly because of his strength. "I forgot about Kai...I hope he doesn't find us...we sh-" Falsetto stopped mid-sentence he sucked in the air tasting the wind.

    His ears perked up and he grins, he could taste the scent of fresh air and grass. "I think I found the way''s this way." He said pointing to left, silently hoping that there wasn't a dead end.

    Below them he could hear the soft snarls and barks of the Erasers as they tear through the halls.

    "I them but I don't see them!"

    "Here little fox, little fox.

    "Come out little kitty!"

    Falsetto growls inaudibly as he continues to crawl in the vent.
  17. Cringe could see a light ahead where his friend was leading him. He was a little worried about Kai as well, for during all the tests, they would send Kai to "control" him... But all that was in the past. Freedom was right in front of his face!

    But suddenly, as he was about to crawl out of the exit to meet Falsetto, the loud sound of a fist meeting metal was heard under him.
    He looked down to see a fist with sharp claws and abnormal fur running down it.

    "Not so fast, runt!"

    It was Kai! Somehow he heard them! Cringe tried furiously to avoid the clawed hand and escape, but Kai grabbed his ankle, and yanked hard.

    "Falsetto, run! Go!!!"

    Luckily, the hole Kai made wasn't big enough for him to fit in, but it caused him great pain when his leg met the jagged bend metal of the ventilation.
  18. Before Falsetto could react another Eraser grabbed him from around the waist and dragged him out of the vent "Kai I got one of th-Arrgh!" the goon dropped the blind boy as he gripped the sides of his neck. Blood oozed from the wound from where Falsetto had clawed him. Falsetto leapt toward the vent and held out his hand for Cringe "CRINGE!" He called out hoping to help get him away from Kai.
  19. Cringe desperately reached for that hand offered to him, but Kai was relentlessly pulling on his leg. However, he felt Kai's grip loosen after he was able to connect a small kick to what seemed to be Kai's skull. He grabbed Falsetto's hand and tried to push himself out of the vent.

    Kai grabbed his eye, which had been kicked by that no good fox boy.

    "Aaaaargh! Go, send every Eraser we have! NOW!"

    "Thanks man! I thought he had me for a second there!"

    Cringe landed on the ground outside the School, and saw that a lush green forest surrounded him. This is what he was waiting for. This was it. But it wasn't over yet; the Erasers would be on their tails any second.

    "C'mon Falsetto, we'll use the trees as cover."

    Cringe climbed up a tree, using his voice to aid his friend in doing the same.
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  20. Falsetto reached the tree and dug his nails into the tree, climbing up with ease. He sat perched near Cringe thanking him for the help.

    He couldn't help but laugh slightly "Just imagine all those Erasers scrambling about and the wrath they're gonna face when they can't find us."

    He flicked his tail amused as he listened to two Erasers argue over which way to go and bickering about whose fault it was that Cringe and Falsetto got away.

    (I love your avatar and signature! I love the Cats Return!)
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