Maximum Ride PRG (canon)

Chloe Killingbeck

Original poster
[BCOLOR=#00ffff]Join me in the awesome world of roleplaying. this Role-play is about mutants like in the Maximum Ride book series. we create our own Role-Play characters and we don't use ones from the books. feel free to use a character from the books as long as you change the name and specify what character you changed, or specify that you created your own character from nothing or just from and idea.[/BCOLOR]
I don't see a date or time for this? When is this supposed to be happening? Or is it ongoing?
Just making sure, but are you entirely sure you know the concept of chat RP's? Charp's are live events hosted in one of the RP Chatboxes (found in one of the top tabs). If you're planning on hosting a charp, you need to set a date and a place. If not, you'll want to post this in group roleplays instead.