Maximum Ride One on One

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  1. This roleplay is for the book "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson. Please let me know if you want to roleplay as a specific pairing. You may play as more than one character. Ask as many questions as needed. :bsmile:

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  2. Would an OC be acceptable? Would it take place somewhere in the timeline of the books or be seperate?
  3. This takes place in the second book, in New York. And yes, an OC is acceptable.
  4. Well I'd love to do this 1x1. What did you have in mind?
  5. I don't know, really. I haven't really thought up a story line for this yet so it's still a WIP.
  6. Sorry I've been slow to reply. I can't think of any ideas.
  7. I apologize for my lateness as well. I have a hard time getting ahold of a computer and Iwaku doesn't work very well on mobile.