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    Rise to Heroics
    | Lord Wraith | Hillan | Stein |

    "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
    - Christopher Reeves

    | SETTING: |

    Due to the location of the city, it's prone to heavy layers of fog as well as the sun seemingly setting early. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the mountains block the sun as it passes overhead thus after the sun reaches its peak in the sky it seems to set as it fades to the west behind the mountains. This allows the fog off the sea to hang about the city much longer. Thus granting the illusion of darkness and the perfect shroud for criminals to act in. Aside from by sea or air, there is really one one main highway into New Lilith, though there are several mountain roads that lead away from the city.

    The city is also prone to rain as it's primary weather condition due to the high amount of humidity in the air from the sea and fog. Sunny days are a rarity, weeks of sun even more bizarre. The city has in the past been trashed by large tidal waves, and some of the dock areas flooded. There are now measures in place to ensure this is at least mostly prevented.

    Nearby cities include Salem to the west and Exeter to the North as well as many other towns and villages in Rockingham County. Due to it's location in New Hampshire, there are several States within an easy driving distance as well as the Canadian Border. The Population of New Lilith is approximately 104,856 not including the rural areas in the mountainous range around the city. The Faulkner Estate is one such example of a dwelling outside of the city's main limits.

    The city itself is named after the original Lilith. The first Lilith was originally a small castle town that was home to a cult of extremists somewhere in Eastern Europe. This cult was most active between the 12th and 16th century. However they were driven from their home during the crusades. The leaders of the cult were pushed into hiding for the next few centuries and eventually the current leaders stole away on a ship to the New World. They founded the settlement of New Lilith along the Eastern Coast in a valley located in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains. This would later become part of the State of New Hampshire. As the cult became more well known amongst the natives there, the valley became known as the Valley of the Demon, specifically due to the Cult's tendency to worship the demon Lilith and bring sacrifice to her. Over time however the cult began to die out and as the population became a mix of Native, English and French, the Cult of Lilith was forgotten about and the settlement of New Lilith continued to grow.

    Skip forward to the current day. New Lilith is a thriving city, yet corrupted and crime ridden. The architecture of the city is primarily Gothic influenced to mimic the historical aspect of the city and at one time was an attempt to bring tourists to the city. New Lilith's primary export at one time had been the fisheries, but this has slowed down in modern times. Now the city is funded by the sale of hydro electricity which comes from two giant dams on either end of the city. Using the ocean rivers that rush down from the mountains, the constant waves and the tide, the city is endlessly able to create new electricity.​

    | CENTRAL: |

    The Spires: The Spires is the oldest area of the city consisting of an ancient City Hall made out of carved stone making it very difficult to retrofit as time went on and technology developed. That aside, the building itself is one of the most durable buildings in all of New Lilith. Aside from the City Hall, the Spires is made up of a historical downtown and is one of the focal points in tourism as people look at the older buildings. Accompanying this is the New Lilith Public Library which is nearly as old as the City Hall itself and the Hobbes University of Law. The University's administrative building was one of New Lilith's original schools, it has been upgraded and expanded since as well as the University as a whole receiving various wings added on. The school occupies a good portion of the central city now.

    The Bazaar: In addition to the historical downtown is the Bazaar district which is several blocks of historical buildings converted into novelty and specialty stores. Many of these buildings also offer apartments above the stores which can be quite pricey but often some of the nicest apartments in the city especially for the history buffs. The Bazaar is always the ending point of any historical tour through New Lilith is almost always guaranteed to be busy with tourists looking for the perfect keepsake to bring home. The Bazaar is also home to New Lilith's 'Pub Crawl' a street lined with numerous pubs and bars many themed to the city's history such as the Stein and Cauldron. ​

    | NORTH: |

    The Greek Quarter: The Greek Quarter was originally the Lumber District until the lumber industry began to fall in New Lilith, as such, it has several abandoned mills within it. However in the late fifties, an influx of Greek immigrants moved into this area and turned the land into fertile farm land. As such it's now a rural community which is a stark departure from the tower urban Gothic of New Lilith's downtown. This area is also home to a few small mountains which back the old quarry from where most of New Lilith's stone came from. The quarry is still in use today but to a lesser extend. A few small mines are also located near the quarry, though they don't produce much, the mines are home to several precious and semi-precious gems. The mountains also house a large Ski Resort which is a huge hit with natives and tourists alike when the winter months come. The mountains also contain ancient ruins of some sort of stone ring not unlike that of Stonehenge, it's a rather popular place for both tourists and teenagers a like. The 'Stone Ring' as its known is also referred to as the 'Lover's Ring' and has seen its fair share of nudity and proposals.

    The Farmer's Market: An extension of the Greek Quarter, the Farmer's Market is the middle ground between Suburbia and the Rural Farms. The Farmer's Market is exactly what its name suggests, a market run by the farmers of New Lilith. The area consists of both permanent and semi-permanent structures which are removed when the season passes. During the summer and harvest months, the Market is filled with stalls of fresh fruit, vegetables, home made pastries and numerous other ideas. As well the area is occupied by flea markets and tradesmen peddling their wares. Butcher shops can be found newby and there's always livestock or pets for sale. In the winter, the area occupied from the stalls is turned into several large ice rinks allowing for public skating or hockey games. The city erects bleachers to ensure the public can watch and someone is always serving coffee, apple cider, tea or hot chocolate on site.​

    | EAST: |

    East City: While not as old as the downtown, East City is comprised of older homes, the oldest of which date back to the forties and the newest of which date back to the seventies. Amidst these homes is the Hobbes Elementary School and the Abramson Secondary School, not to mention the older convenience stores which dot the corners of the streets. You can occasionally find a more modern building or store in the area but it's rare since the city tries to protect its 'historical' buildings.

    The Docks: As the name implies, the Docks lay along New Lilith's coastline and consist of a variety of different notable locations. While most of the shoreline is in fact rocky and rather rough, Snowy Beach is made of perfect white sand and kept groomed by the city. Always a popular location in the summer, the beach is backed by several restaurants and aquatic sport related stores. Down the coast a little further lies the harbour with the wharfs and warehouses atop of great wooden structures to compensate for the tide. Slightly further South lies the construction of New Lilith's famous Hydroelectric Tidal Dam which produces enough power for more than half the city on its own.​

    | SOUTH: |

    The Tower District: Directly to the South of the downtown, the Tower district is made up of fairly modern buildings primarily skyscrapers which consist of offices, apartments and condos. The tower district is also home to numerous clubs which means there's not a time of day when the Tower District isn't crawling with people as men and women of all ages come to blow off steam when the sun goes down losing themselves in the melodies of one of the city's talented DJs. Aside from hopping clubs, the Tower District is also home to numerous upper class restaurants all of which serve the very finest in dining.

    Little Orleans: Backed by a river which flows both into a swamp and down into the Atlantic, Little Orleans is another ethnic area in New Lilith. Originally home to French colonies, they were eventually outnumbered by the English and absorbed into New Lilith. However, they still managed to preserve their ethnic background though Little Orleans has much more in common with New Orleans in Mississippi opposed to the city in France it named itself after originally. Perhaps to improve tourism for itself, Little Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras each year just like New Orleans. Homes here have a distinct European flavour while the Catholic church and Our Immaculate Hope Catholic School embody the Gothic architecture of New Lilith proper. ​

    | WEST: |

    New City: New City embodies its name in every sense as the Inner West District of the city is made of modern supermalls, fast food and restaurant chains and homes built within the last twenty years. It's also home to two elementary schools, New Lilith Elementary School and the Calvin Elementary Institute. New City also contains two high schools, the New Lilith Vocational Academy and the Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. Also not to be outdone by the Hobbes University of Law, New City contains the New Lilith Institute of Technology. Several apartment buildings and condos can also be found in New City. Many of the city's auto dealers are found on this end of town as well.

    West End: The West End can essentially be looked at as an extension of New City with a great emphasis on residential as it thins out into homes before turning into freeways towards the rest of New Hampshire. West End has its own stores, though mainly smaller chains as well as a few restaurants and convenience stores. There are also several small business offices in the West End though these are primary entrepreneurs working out of their homes or small shared lots.​

    | PLOT: |

    New Lilith, a towering monument to progress, a city literally caught between moving forward and in the echoes of times gone by. Skyscrapers stand side by side with elegant buildings adorned with spires and other Gothic influences. Gargoyles hang over ledges, keeping a close watch over the city below as other intricate works of stone catch the eye and attention of those who walk the manicured streets. New Lilith boosts some of the best masons in all of North America and as such the city's fine craftsmanship is one of its primary draws. This attributes to New Lilith's booming tourism industry which brings people from all over to the city nearly all year round.

    But fine masonry and stone working is not the only draw that New Lilith has on tourists, the city itself is home to vast and rich history spanning nearly a thousand years from when the area was first mysteriously settled to its role during the Salem Witch Trials right up to the birth of the city's revolutionary hydroelectric dam. New Lilith is always constantly moving, like the great tide that crashes against its Eastern coast every day, giving power to the city through the dam. Some say the tide is like a heartbeat, pounding as it pumps life into the city, and anyone native to New Lilith would swear the city was alive. The ground moans and groans, as though it's waking up after a long slumber, stirring as it awakens once more.

    Perhaps it's because the world is changing, twenty years ago no one would have thought of putting on a mask and taking the law into their own hands and yet in a West Coast city that is exactly what has happened. People gifted with unique abilities have begun to emerge from within the crowds, people capable of changing the course of mankind. While it may have started in the West, the effects have rippled across North America and have no washed over New Lilith, drowning the city in the rising tide. Yet the question still remains, will they usher mankind into a new era of enlightenment or plunge it into the shadows of the dark ages.

    Only time will tell...
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  2. W.I.P.
    • | NAME: |
      Makarios Lillis

      | GENDER: |

      | AGE: |
      22? *Subject to change

    • ~Coming Soon~

    • Makarios' story begins before he was born. His father was an anthropologist working and living alongside a Navajo (Or possibly Native South American) tribe. His wife became pregnant during this trip and the tribe's Skinwalker Shaman bestowed a blessing upon the pair. This blessing involved a necklace imbedded with an ancient stone and a compound made from using Magni Alchemy. The result was the unborn child being imbued with a mystical connection to the Earth and her animals As a result Makarios is able to tap into the Earth's morphogentic field in order to mimic the abilities, traits and as a side effect behaviors of fauna.
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    • "Be your own man, son."

      | NAME: |
      Charles "Chuck" Michaels.

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      New Lilith, New Hampshire.

      | NATIONALITY: |
      American / Italian.

      | D.O.B. |
      19th April, 1992.

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |/

      | SEXUALITY: |
      | HEIGHT: |
      | BUILD: |

      | WEIGHT: |
      182 lbs
      | EYES: |
      | HAIR: |
      Dark brown.

    • "Aces, Charles."

      | Skills: |
      Peak Human Condition: Chuck is in perfect physical health this is due to extensive exercise, track running and free running. He is fast and quite agile.

      Genius: Partly because of his Ability, but Charles would most likely be marked as a genius even without the enhancements of his hyper human abilities. He is well versed in Robotics, Engineering, and since starting working full-time, he has also gotten quite invested in economics and human studies. He has also read extensive amounts of

      | ABILITIES: |
      Minerva Class Hyperhuman:

      Charles is a Minerva Class Hyperhuman, he possesses the ability to have a superhuman understanding of, interest in and ability to create technology, he's a 'Technopath'. As a Technopath he able to engineer things a regular human wouldn't even be able to fathom, use resources in ways that are unheard of by regular Sapiens. His abilities allows him to connect to technology, like computers for instance, using only his mind. Due to his ability, his mind is several times faster than the average human, his reaction times, thought process and ability to solve problems are all off the charts making him a top tier genius.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      While Charles powers have many applications, they are not limitless. He is only accustomed to modern earth technology, as such, ancient or alien tech is going to be very troublesome for him to deal with. Nor is Charles able to telepathically affect and control technology yet, for instance he cannot turn off an engine, or a light using only his mind. He is always dependent on the resources available to him, he also needs time and proper equipment to build gear, which means that building gadgets in the field tends to be quite troublesome.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      While Charles's mind is


  3. | HISTORY |

  • [ B]| [CHARACTER NAME] |​

  • | [ B] [IMPRESSION] ​

    |[ B] [RELATIONSHIP] |


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  • I love the sheer quantity of detail that has gone into this city. I'm afraid I don't have the time to read it all now, so there may be some parts of my app that don't fit with it. I've read the plot and the first few paragraphs, but details on each location I'm yet to read. Given the lack of time, this is a kind of basis for my character, and since there's no CS as I can find, I just made some categories that are usually necessary. I started on the power, since it's the idea I developed first.


    Absolute Chance (open)

    Absolute Chance is a highly potent and incredibly rare power. When activated, the laws of nature and records of time will alter to Absolute Chance's will. Absolute Chance is just what it says it is - the manipulation of absolutes. The user can make the chance that something happens become one of the two absolutes - 100% and 0%. In order for this to activate, the event must have a natural chance of occurring that is greater than 0%. It's difficult to describe, so here's an example:
    In a busy street, a criminal is being chased on foot through a back alley. He encounters a junction that gives him the option of going left or right. He has always been naturally biased, so the chance he chooses to go left is 80%, while the chance he chooses to go right is 20%. Due to the man's nature, there is no chance that he'd turn and confront the police or try to climb a building or hide. The man approaches the bend, and turns right, because Absolute Chance changed the probabilities to 100% right. There is a small pebble on the floor here. The chance he steps on it and trips is less than 0.0001%, and yet, now we find the man sprawled on the floor. The police officer chasing him has a weak heart though, and the chance he has a heart attack after running is around 10%. This would be the police officer that has just conveniently died of myocardial infarction, allowing the criminal time to get up and continue his escape.
    As stated earlier, this cannot modify chances that are already absolutes. For example, the chance that the user manages to conjure a lightning bolt and strike a target dead is 0%, because the user does not have any ability to manipulate electricity. Therefore, Absolute Chance has no effect on this, and the user, for now, will never be able to conjure a lightning bolt to strike down a target. The chance that a typical 6 sided dice numbered 1 to 6 is rolled and the outcome is a 7 is 0%, so this chance cannot be altered either. The chance that I am slightly late leaving and have to run a little faster is 100% because I over ran writing this, so Absolute Chance cannot modify that either.
  • Putting in my interest.
  • I, along with Stein and Lord Wraith do appreciate the interest in our Roleplay, but we are currently not looking for any new applications.

    However, in the near-distant-ish (Made the word myself.) future there will be a Roleplay with a similar plot, as much detail into the setting, and with the same theme to it. This Roleplay is not yet ready to be done, so I ask for you to be patient, it will be worth the wait.

    Again, we're not looking for new players for Mavericks, but we have something else in the shop that will need every ounce of creative thinking you have coming out in the near-distant-ish future.
  • Well, that would explain the lack of a CS then. I assumed given it was in a "Sign Up and Plot Discussion" subforum that it meant you were looking for new members. My bad. I'll be looking forward to the next thing then.

  • Best of luck to ya'll, then.
  • More the plot discussion than the sign up part.

    That said keep your eyes open for 'VIGILANCE: Blood and Justice', it's the RP that Hillan mentioned. I'm planning to finish it by the end of next week and get it launched. Just having to finish up my final projects.
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