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  1. Be warned that I am Sadistic as Heck the polt Describe in this thread will be violent and sadistic but their will be good times if you step up and wanna do the rp with me.. so right down to the point don't reply please if the following things disgust or freak you out in any way
    -very Explicit violence and sex and rape

    Alright so now that my warning in indeed their those of you that are still here follow along as i describe my Plot idea then give you a Intro

    In this rp I will be starting in the present and flashing back to past very often to explain the story. if this isnt your thing i understand :) it can get confusing if i do anything wrong or don't clarify past to present well enough throughout the story but i do try my best so....:) if your still here

    My character is already dead at in present time So To get a story going He is going to explain to you how everything led up to the present day all that good stuff like How he died and basically telling you of his life and how it was lived up to the day of his death. and My character will also tell you of what he see's and hears as a spirit after he has gone In present day, The one he watches as a spirit in the present is his lover he left behind in death so that would be your character , and his lover is heart broken and is trying to find out what happened to him. My character can only tell you of the past so your character would completely control present time , Even in past time your character would easily be able to react I don't power play and im laid back about most things in Rp's :)

    Name of my chracter

    Goal: Fiyero's goal is to bring his lovers peace and for his body to be found. Fiyero simply longs for everyone to move on so to peaceful let himself leave earth. Fiyero refuses to pass on Untill his lover has gotten over him found closure and moved on. Fiyero he has dammed himself to the life of an Earth bound spirit until he reaches these goals.

    Goal: Murderer continues to hurt others throughout the story. his goal is to get off Scott free. Another goal is to keep people in the story that know him to be attached to Fiyero in some way off his trial and out of the suspect list. He top goal is to keep Your character from Discovering who he really is and his connection to Fiyero in fear of getting caught for the first time in twenty years.

    The murderer is hidden throughout the story if you like challenges this is the rp for you , throughout this Role-play clues from the past and present will lead you to this murderer and to the truth about Fiyero's death. i will present you with multiple people in the role-play but i will not tell you who the true murder is until the last pen drops :) Know that i will give you lots of hints and that the main plot of the story isn't the murder hunt nope it mainly revolves around the past love between Fiyero and your character

    let me know if you wanna to it , It a 1x1 so frist come frist serve
  2. I would be be very interested in this plot ^^ this is unlike any others I have done, and I think that it would be very fun!
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