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Mature Plots---seeking male charas

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fluffy_the_kitten, Jun 12, 2015.

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  1. Private Message me if you are interested in any of these

    Student x Teacher--A seventeen year old has the hots for her (Enter Class here) Teacher. It is the class she does best in. Secretly the teacher finds himself mildly attracted to her, but could never admit. Then she puts forward her feelings, seduces him, and the two enter into a world of secrecy. Behind every door is another threat, other students, teachers, parents, and more. The two have to fight to stay together and make it to graduation.

    Oh Brother-- In our simplistic world monsters walk among us, casually playing as humans. One prestigious monster family is the Albescues, a family of Mobsters that control the Russian Mob. The eldest and only Albescue son, a helf vampire, half demon, is given an important task for a half blood vampire. (Half bloods are considered lower than full fledged vampires.) He is to protect his half sister, Charlotte, until she is given away at her arranged wedding with a Vampire from the Italian Mob. However, he cannot hide or fight the feelings he has had towards Charlotte since they were children.

    Good Knight-- A terrible and bloody war rages on. In desperation to keep His only heir to the throne safe from possible harm a Noble King has his most trusted Knight take the Princess away to a hiding place. There they are to remain until the end of the war. However, not only does the enemy want the Princess, but demons, witches, were wolves, and more are also after her blood. The Knight has a difficult road ahead, and it grows more terrifying as he realizes he has an attraction to his "young" charge.

    Back in Time-- A young woman on vacation with her parents walks up to a historical monument and finds herself in the past. She is about seventeen but soon finds herself struggling to survive in a medieval village. To make matters worse she resembles the Princess of the time, so countless are after her. To her relief, however, she is protected and cared for by a (Rogue, Assassin, Sell Sword, Hunter, or Black Smith.)

    Demon x Human-- A young priestess finds herself injured and alone in the woods. To her surprise a young male demon takes mercy on her and nurses her back to health. After the time spent alone with the demon she finds herself frighteningly attracted to him. Even after being well and having returned to her village she insists on continuing to see him. However, other demons and the villagers struggle to accept their relationship and struggles arise.

    Dragon Cursed-- A young dragon slayer makes her way across the land murdering dragons in order to take vengeance for her terrible past. Finally she comes across the beast that started her down this path. The dragon has taken on a young half demon charge who is left alone when the dragon is slain. However, the slayer is left with a terrible curse as the dragon attached its soul to her with the intention of possessing her body. Her only hope for survival is to venture halfway across the world to one of the last remaining wizards and have the curse lifted. The half demon, desiring to become full demon, agrees to lead her there as he had been there once with the dragon. Their journey is filled with terrible perils such as trolls, goblins, demons, were beasts, dragons, thieves, demon hunters, and more.
Thread Status:
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