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  1. Darkness descended into the office of Brigitte Eisenburg through the exposed windows over looking the city below. The moon sat on it's high perch in the night time sky. Upon the black canvas of the nighttime sky were bright stars sprinkled across its surface. Outside the colossus skyscraper ,belonging to Eisenburg Co., the cacophony of car motors roaring and police sirens blaring gave this metropolis its distinct flavor. A den of sin dirtied from the filth of criminals wiping their crimes off their hands. Corrupt politicians on campaigns trails wrought by deception that no amount of subterfuge could detect. A dark world that the devil himself no doubt had a great influence on. Blacken souls not willing to to change their ways for the better good. Selfishness was a gang that roamed the streets, keeping the dollar that could improve their fellow man's life. Where greed is common place and lust its unlawful wedded bride. The nightmares of children manifested as images dancing across the eyes of strangers. By its citizens, this metropolis is called Santa Diablo. On a map it's called Santa Amado.

    Brigitte looked at her reflection in the window. The city needed heroes, a group of willing individuals to bypass the piety inherit sinful flesh they were composed of. To be able to see past themselves and stare into the hearts of those harmed. To be able to look into the eyes of the innocent people of this city and be more than willing to say, "I'm here to help and I mean that." To get over the fear that immobilize good deeds to be done. Heroes that would do good for the sake of doing good. To be a good person, actually just to be a better person takes a serious amount of effort and commitment. Those who answer that call were who Brigitte was looking for.

    Brigitte turned her gaze from the window while rubbing her eyes. It was the late hours now and the toll for sleep was alluring. Yawning slightly, the tall brunette took a hold of her plain white coffee mug and took the last sip of coffee left in it. A little frown spread across her face. Her assistant, Melody, already took the night off so she couldn't call her into her office and ask her to pour some freshly brew coffee into her mug. She gently placed her empty mug onto her oak finished desk and decided to look over her files once more.

    She retrieved what appeared to be a pair of regular sunglasses from her white stripped black pantsuit breast pocket. Once she put them on, her entire office became a piece of the grand canyon; the desk and herself being the only things out of place.

    "Hello Miss Eisenburg, how may I be of assistance?" asked a voice between machine and woman.
    "Good evening Ali, if you won't mind bringing up the files of the Justice Consortium."
    In no time a vanilla colored folder appeared in front of Brigitte. With a wave her hand, the folder opened and spread its contents out in front of her; suspended in the air. She took a hold of one file named Elegant Emerald and dragged it down on to her desk.

    "Elegant Emerald: Real Name- Presently Unknown; Occupation-. . ."

    The sound of her office door opening, altered Brigitte that her guest had arrived. She clapped her hands, closing down the program. Gently, she removed the sunglasses and carefully placed them back into her breast pocket. In came her little sister, Jesse, yelling Hi multiple times and due to her feline human hybrid body, jumped over Brigitte's desk. Reflexively, Brigitte reached out her arms to catch her foul smelling little sister, causing her chair to be pushed back a few from her desk.

    "I thought you were asleep Jesse." said Brigitte smiling sweetly at the only family she had left in the world.
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    he was happy when it first happened. She was asked to be on the wordlist greatest heroes, a team of super heroes SO STRONG, that event he strongest of villains couldn’t stand up tot hem, and she was one of them. Jumping up and down looking at her letter in her bed she was just excited. She hadn’t done so well in school, and in fact was now being home taught by her dearest sister. Which was probably the best training known to man in the education field. After all who could argue with that logic when her sister owned the largest technological giant alive, and produced over half of it’s manufactured goods. In short there was no way she didn’t qualify enough to lead her younger sister in the ways of correct education. Now as to WHY Little Jesse Eisenburg was out of school. Many believed it was because she wasn’t potty trained, or rather refused to be potty trained, or rather had a medical problem were she couldn’t control herself. Others believed it was her poor hygiene, the lack of bathing for months at a time until someone FINALLY got upset and just forced her in. But that wasn’t the case.

    The case was simple, she had undergone and accident… a transformation that would change her life forever and within that time frame of a summer had become the single most powerful girl her age. She was playing one day outside, and someone had attacked Eisncorp. No one knew who it was, and after that day Armored Liberty would have her first main Villain, for giving birth to her sisters side. The chemicals’ rained on her as she stopped, dropped, and rolled, ducked and covered, and all of the other useless tricks she learned in school. Long story short she was mutated, her metamorphosis was a painful one, so she was put to sleep. When she woke up… things were different. She had claws instead of nails, she had longer, more gorgeous hair, white in color. She had cat ears, and eyes, and was now able to see perfectly in the dark, and had an amazing sense of smell. She wasn’t just a house cat hybrid, no, she showed traits of almost every feline in existence. She could now move faster, leap higher, and was a vicious predator. As she learned to control herself, to use herself, she began a known hero in the world, since hiding her would be impossible.

    Now ten, she had been a hero for about two years, the city loved her, the villains feared her, and she was happy. As she ran across the large building until she ducked into an open window she was ecstatic. The blood rushing through her body of enjoy and exhilaration of being more than twenty stories off the ground and almost flying due to her athletic skills. She landed in, her diaper flashing several older men in her skirt as she moved almost running on he wall. Several men kind of glared, her scent was foul enough to fill the hall. Her feet were bare, long cat claws digging and scrapping the wall and floor tiles as she moved at a quick speed. Her cheetah portion kicked in, small bursts of super speed. Approachably five minutes of a seventy mile and hour sprint. Just enough to make it up the large flight of stairs, into the room and leap. Her body exposed in the air a soft cute shirt that was pink saying something silly like “I love my sisy’ on it was alls he might have seen. Though she could have smelt her. A loud crass cold be heard as she was caught in her sisters arms. Her legs wrapped around, her smelly pits exposed as her arms were caught. “BRIDGETTE!” Jesse shouted, her breath was as foul as onion garlic and sour milk.

    well I was asleep, then I saw the cat signal, so I got out and did some crime fighting now I cannot sleep because my heart is all up, up, and so am i.” Ah… when would the city learn that there were at least EIGHT other heroes who could have done that. And they call on the ten year old girl? W hich explained why Jesse was so freshly pungent, and had sweat dripping on to Bridgette, she had just been outside working. It also explained why the scent of something powerful was in the air… something kind of gross… Did Jesse need a change or did she just have gas?

  3. Brigitte sighed at her younger sister. She had gotten use to her smell over the years however this time her olfactory barriers were breached. Brigitte coughed a bit, feeling the prudent smell slide down the back of her throat like acid. Jesse could use a bath however if none of her super powers worked, you could guarantee that her smell would do the trick.

    "You know Jesse you should get your sleep. You're a growing girl after all but who am I kidding, I love you too much to take away something that you enjoy doing."
    said Brigitte patting her sister's head.

    Her little sister was adorable so much that every time she held her sister in her arms, her heart always seemed to melt away little however in Brigitte's case it would be the battery she replaced her heart with.

    Brigitte was Armored Liberty, the stout defender of the innocent. Most people didn't know who she was and that was how she liked it. Becoming Armored Liberty took many sacrifices. She retained her humanity however a close examination of her body would suggest that she was more machine than human. To fully utilize the Armored Liberty power armored suit, she had to harness a power source that would be powerful enough to activate the full potential of Armored Liberty. The power source she stumbled upon was a highly radioactive substance that had the necessary energy to power Armored Liberty. However the drawback was that in order to prevent others from being harmed by the radiation, she had to develop a canister and install it into her person. Beneath her shirt rested the battery protruding slightly out from where her heart would be. She was the very example of a modern day cyborg, cybernetic enhancements throughout her whole body improved both her physical and mental functions.

    "Hey Jesse, I doubt if your beloved older sister asked you to take a bath and brush your teeth that you wouldn't, right?" Brigitte asked sweetly while still petting her sister's head.
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    he sat in her sisters lap, a small lump feeling in her… she really did use the potty in her diaper huh? Shame on HER, well Bridgette should have realized what was going on prior to her being able to sit down and make a stink like that. She looked up at her sister a moment. “I’m glad you wouldn’t make me stop being a hero. And don’t worry they say my growth cycle is extended and slower now because of the mutation remember? Besides I sleep when I’m tired, I was just falling asleep and well yeah.” She said in a large smile as she wiggled her butt a moment her tail raising as she curled up in a ball on her sister, her butt and it’s multiple lumps stinking up the general area as she let out a shameless fart. It was loud, and rather rancid and she just snuggled there, happy. She lay there and soon a small snore like noise was heard, no she wasn’t asleep, she was just comfie.

    She snuggled into her sisters chair ignorant of her potty needs as he simply lay there. This was actually rather common for Jesse, stink up a room and lay in her own musk. Yup, perfectly normal. She soon raised her head at the mention of a bath. No sense the mutation Jesse had hated bathes al the more, she had ALWAYS hated the smell but, she hated it even more now that she was all cat like. And so when her sister, though good interest, mentioned bath, something in side of her seemed to jump a bit. The hairs on her body, though very small, toad and became prickly, sticking Bridgette slightly, the tail of hers became stiff, and not as easily flexible. And her ears perked up. Lastly her nails, both toe and finger, extended s her toenails accidently poking Bridgette her finger nails digging into the chair she lay in, no she wasn’t a happy camper.

    If I do…. You have to come with me, and we get to use bubbles and… and I get ice cream, and we get what I want for dinner tomorrow, and I get to move back into your room to sleep…. I hate sleeping by myself it’s boring and I don’t have anyone to cuddle next too.” The putrid girl said. Now for Jesse changing her diaper, which she was still and not running around, was easy. You simply asked and shed roll on her back and stay still. So getting rid of the scent of waste, which was now obvious as it reeked nad made the room foul, and some urine leaked wetting Bridgette and the chair. She looked up. “And you have to take my flying on your armor like a piggie back ride tonight.” Oh Jesse LOVED riding piggie back on the armor, and It was ALWAYS the best way to get her asleep. No matter how hyper she was if she rode that armor long enough and Bridgette went fast and let her scream and jumped around and use her like a gymset.. she was HAPPY and out.

  5. Brigitte winced a little, feeling her sister's claws digging into her slightly along with noticing the little mess that was accumulating in her lap. She listen to her sister's request and knew that she loved riding piggy back on her armor. Actually this would be a chance to test ride the new armor she was developing. The simulations proved that the new suit of power armor was ready for a test flight. However she didn't want to endanger her little sister with a test flight.

    Brigitte tap her chin contemplating her sister's plea. She loved her little sister dearly and wanted to make her happy as much as she could however Armored Liberty was still in its maintenance phase and was still in need of some minor repairs. Either test pilot her new power armor, Battle Valkyrie, or risk the chance that Armored Liberty may malfunction in mid flight. However Brigitte loved her sister but wouldn't mind her to be cleaned for a brief moment of time.

    "Hmm tell you what, I'll let you sleep in my room for as many nights as you shower and keep yourself cleaned. If you bathe tonight well I'll let you sleep in my room and let you sleep with me regardless of my personal space issues." Brigitte smiled at her little sister, "As for letting you ride piggy back on my armor well Armored Liberty is still in its maintenance phase right now however I have another armor that I need to test fly. So what do you say to that?"
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    he smiled as she curled up a little tighter her claws distracting as he grunted a moment and let out an audible fart that smelt of foul eggs as she sighed. She seemed better and more relaxed after that one. But only god new with her. She was KNOWN for being a gassy child. As she curled up she stared. “No, that’s not fair. One bath, and I stay in your room again, I don’t LIKE being lonely sissy I HATE it.” She said as she glared up at her sister. She was a suborn one. “One bath, and you have to be in it with me, with bubbles.” She said again. “If that’s not it, then I’m not taking it.” She was obviously an annoyingly hard barginner. But what could you do? She reeked like the back side of a mual and she even soiled her diaper, and apparently was still going as the scent only worsened and the chair she was in and her legs only got wetter. As for solid mass it was enough to make her diaper visible sag. She sat up a bit about to sit down on her butt but she didn’t “Sissy… I think I need a change.[.color]” She said softly hoping she wouldn’t get angry.

    Jesse sighed a bit as she looked behind her and stood up in the sopping wet chair and spun around pointing to her saggy diaper. One of the few times she WANTED to be changed, which meant that she was working her way on her sisters good side for something. Which meant that she wanted to sleep next to her sister again, which menat she’d have good behavior as long as her sister kept bathing with her, and kept letting her stay in the bed. She MAY have showered somewhat regularly after that point. Maybe. But sure enough jesse wasn’t quite done in her little diaper as she let out a fart that could only be called wet, she didn’t seem to care or notice, no something else had already grabbed her attention. Bridgette’s little special glasses she put them on her face quickly, using her butt and diaper to try and stop her sister from reaching around her.

    Needles to say Jesse was a very aromatic eight year old. her scent was foul enough to make ones eyes watter and to gag an adult and her lack of caring for it only seemed to make it worse. She’d put her dirty diaper in yoru face in a heart beat, key example was Bridggete right now who was looking down the saggy thing RIGHT NOW, no one had ot question wither or not it smelt bad, oh no she could tell you EASILY… if she could still breath.And no one had ot ask if she was done, the slowly dripping urine told anyone she COULDN”T have more. And the large blasts of gas told anyone I’d be a LONG night. “Sure, I wanna ride the new armor… Thought he old armor was better… oh well[.color]]”

  7. Brigitte sighed then smiled at her little sister affectionately. "However first thing first, we um may need to change you huh? And I'm sure Ali wouldn't appreciate you wearing my glasses." Before her little sister could answer, Brigitte picked up her little sister and place her off her lap. 'Tomorrow', she thought, 'I should probably get my office back in order and cleaned.' She went over to the door and waved her hand, beckoning her little sister to follow her. Brigitte didn't keep fresh diapers in her office due to it being a place of business instead of a home space. All the diapers were kept in Brigitte's private bathroom.

    "I don't suppose you want to hold your big sister's hand hmm?" joked Brigitte however wishing her sister would want to. She extended her hand towards her sister, "Though if you won't mind, could you put my glasses on my desk first?"
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    Sighed as she was put down she didn’t WANT to go be changed, but she figured if she acted good that maybe her sister would cave a little bit and took the glasses off, she liked ot wear them, they made her feel older and cool like her big sister. With a deep sigh she gripped her sisters hand, the smell of waste was quite profuse on the little girl as she came a small fart coming from her that stank up her office as they left she looked up at her sister and smiled widely, she liked feeling important sometimes. As they walked the smell seemed to trail ahead and behind them, like usual, causing a few people to grip their noses or wave their hands. She looked up at Bridgette a smile as she said. “I don’t know why you all care, it’s natural that it happens you all do it too… Besides ic na’t help it, so it’s not a big deal.” She smiled she DID understand she just pretended to not.

    Once in the tight confines of Bridgette’s private bathroom the smell could really be decerned, it was the type of scent that made you AWARE of a baby, or a diaper. It sagged quite a bit in the back and had yellow stains all over, one could only assume that Jesse, being who she was, was just being normal. “I mean it sis, If I take one bath, you’re in there with me, and I get to stay in your room again, because I hate being lonely. So I mean it!” Yup that was Jesse for you remembering everything.

  9. Brigitte smiled sweetly at her sister. Even though the smell of her little sister's diaper was overpowering and aromatic in a foul way, Jesse was still very dear to Brigitte. She disappeared into her large master bathroom. She started the water in the rather massive tub and waited til the water's temp was just right or close to it before adding the bubbles. Feeling bashful, she undressed herself and draped the white bathrobe with images of lilies spread across it, around her nude frame.

    She appeared back into her room and greeted her little sister with a blushing smile. She approached her sister and gently picked her up then softly laid her down on the comfy carpeted floor. Thinking of something, she left her sister for a brief moment and return back with the waste basket. Systematically, Brigitte removed her sister's filthy diaper and disposed of it into the waste basket. She left her sister's side once again to retrieve baby wipes. Taking a slight breath, Brigitte cleaned her little sister's private area with the wipe then disposed of it into the waste basket.

    "I do hope you know your big sister loves you." said Brigitte with that constant smile pasted on her face.

    Brigitte picked up the waste basket and placed it outside her bedroom door. Once that was done, she looked over her shoulder towards her little sister.

    "You ready to take your bath or should I say our bath?" chuckled Brigitte, for some reason a hint of nervousness took root in her voice.

    Brigitte helped Jesse remove the rest of her garments then took her small hand into her hand. She lead her sister into the master bathroom. With her free hand, Brigitte turned off the water. The water in the tub was not overflowing and there were plenty of bubbles to brighten a child's day.
  10. As Jesse was getting changed she sighed a bit and let out a RANCID fart right inot Bridgette’s face a small amount of urine flowed out and one lad small turd dropped. The diaper was HEAVY and large like always as she stood up her cleaned body not stinking TOO bad as she blinked and looked around a bit. “Sis I feel SO much better thank you so vvery very much. Too bad I have to take that stupid bath in order to sleep with you. Oh well it’s worth it. ” She said in a small moment of glee as she danced around the room. She was now naked and BOY did she reek.

    Her smell was like rotten onions that had been freshly pealed and the scent of her little fart, like always, lingered In the room for forever, smelling like rotten eggs, burnt rubber and rotting fish. Her feet reeked of moldied thousand year old cheese and all of this was contained in a small room. Needless to say it MADE you hold yoru nose and almost beg for her to bath. She looked at the woman who picked up the stinky bucket of waste and placed it outside, to stink up the hallway prior to anyone taking it. She put her hands on her nonexistent hips letting the stink of her armpit permeate through the room. “Sure… sure but you are still clothed. Before I even TOUCH those bubbles I want you IN THERE.” She demanded. Her breathw as foul and rancid from lack of attention and her eyes meant bussines. She let out a loose bassy fart, the kind that one expected from and adult and said nothing but a small giggle as the scent swept the bathroom choking at ones throat. The moisture in the air made the already foul farts almost too much.
  11. The smell was prudent to say the least. Though Brigitte was used to her little sister's scent, sometimes it was more than she could handle. Coughing a little, Brigitte managed to find some inner willpower to thwart the rancid scent. Sighing, Brigitte made her way to the light switch and flipped the switch next to it. A hardly audible fan started in the ceiling. Amazingly, the fan circulated most of the foul air out of the bathroom. Brigitte flipped off the switch, while able to breath easier. Brigitte turned towards her impatient little sister, chuckling at how authoritative she looked.

    "Well it is only fair huh?" Brigitte said with a slight blush coloring her cheeks. Slowly, Brigitte disrobed herself. Her now naked body in full sight of her little sister.