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  1. Hi guys! I just got back from a month-long camp where I was deprived of internet access (gasp, the horror), so I am finding myself in severe need of roleplays. I'm up for pretty much anything, so I guess I'll just go straight into what I'm interested in :3

    My Writing Style
    -I roleplay at a semi-lit to literate level, so you can expect anywhere between 1-5 paragraphs from me, with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Occasional typos may happen, especially seeing as I often post from iPod, but I do my best to make sure my posts are clean.
    -I prefer playing the sub/bottom character. I'm not comfortable with playing doms/tops, so I would prefer to not play one.
    -I generally post at a slow pace. Since it's summer, you can usually expect posts anywhere from more than 5 times a day to 2-3 times a week, depending on my schedule, but once bandcamp/school starts (august 18th), I'll be a little slower.
    -I like a 50/50 balance of porn and plot, for the most part, but every now and then I'm a-okay with a little PWP.

    Partner Requirements
    -I like semi-lit partners, proper spelling/grammer/everything, yada yada yada. Basically, if your posts have a decent amount of content (at least 1 paragraph), and are legible, I'm fine with them
    -Someone who is okay with slow-ish replies. I'm not a fan of being nagged for replies, and likewise, I won't nag you for replies.
    -Someone willing to play a dom/top character.

    Things I Like
    -Anything supernatural really
    -Regular human charries can be fun too
    -Sci-fi settins
    -Fantasy settings

    Pairings (The role I would prefer to play will be in Purple)
    -Master/Slave (One of my favourite pairings I will love you forever if you do this with me. This pairing can totally be combined with any of the below pairings)
    -Rich/Poor (When combined with a sci-fi setting where class difference is hugely emphasized; think along the lines of Ai no Kusabi)
    -Demon/Angel (If the demon has tentacles, life is fun)
    -Brother/Brother (Can be twins or older/younger, but if there is an age difference, no more than 4 years please, and I would prefer for both to either be over 18 or under 18 (so one can't be 17 and the other 20))
    -Friends with benefits

    Likes (Stuff that I will love you forever if you want to include it in the roleplay)
    -Hardcore BDSM
    -Hate sex
    -Rough sex
    -Tentacles (but only if it fits in with the setting. No normal humans suddenly turning into octopi, please)

    Hard Limits (Stuff I won't do. I'm just not into it)
    -Non-con/Rape (If there's a good plot I'm fine with dub-con, but please no non-con)
    -Daddy kink

    So yeah, if anyone's interested, post here or shoot me a PM :D
  2. I am interested in Prostitute/Client and the Demon/Angel ideas! :3
  3. I'm interested in the Friend/Friend, Master/Slave, and Vampire/Human ideas ^_^
  4. I'm interested in the prostitute x client where the character would get drunk after losing his girlfriend, and hook up with him. Maybe he could be into the whole dominance thing with dirty talk and humiliating? I must say that painful BDSM isn't really my type of thing, maybe limited to biting and scratching, handcuffs, blindfolds and restraints at most. How does that sound?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.