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  1. Earth turned against the human race and almost killed the whole race. The air became toxic, the water turned to almost pure acid, and the animals became smart enough to start attacking humans. Near the beginning, groups of people took to below ground, going into railways, subways, old war bunkers, some even returned to the caves.

    After a couple of generations, the tribes had dug, and made almost an ant hill, going to the surface, or their areas, and bring things down so they could build out. Now Oregon, Californa, Washington, and Idaho can connect through the underground railroad the tribes has built. Now, however, there is less than 10,000 people in the area. Since the number is starting to become too small, and mating season has been brought up again. Everyone must gather females and males, between the ages of 16-25, to be put into the mating season. Which this year, is taken place in the Chiloquin tribes home. Which, they live under a high school, in a bomb shelter. They will be there for one year, a female can leave early if she becomes pregnant.

    Any women who come up without a child, will take care of all children of that tribe. There are no "families" the new human race fully believe in, it takes a village to raise a child. The mother will stay with their children until they are two and then put back into the mating season until they turn 25. There are some couples, that go in and only mate with their partner but this is not a common thing. Today marks the day before the mating season.

    1. Respect Iwaku rules

    2. No less than 2x a week, is you are gone for 10 days, I will give you a warning to post in 24 hours or I will replace your person.

    3. If for whatever reason you get in a fight over someone or fight for whatever reasons, roll dice. 2 of 10 dice. Highest score wins.

    4. Respect others, no matter what. NO DRAMA!

    5. You can only take up to three mates, both male and female.



    @The Mythic Dragon

    @Daws Combine



    @The Mythic Dragon


    Character Sheet
    IMG: (Both allowed, NO CELEBRITIES)
    Name: First and Last
    Age: (16-25)
    Tribe: (Pick from tribe list)
    Mate: (Do you have a mate? Looking for one? Or do not want one?)
    Seasons: (How many seasons has your character been through?)
    Traits: (At least 5)
    Kinks: (You cannot put RAPE is not okay, I’m not saying you’re going to, but it IS a possibility)







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  2. [​IMG]


    Winema "Winnie" Laki




    None, willing to get one, but isn't looking

    Second, Couldn't become pregnant her first time


    Winnie is a loving, caring person, however, she can be very abrasive if she doesn't like the first thing she see's. She is very much the, what you see is what you get, she is not a complicated person, and she speaks openly about what she feels. She is very accepting, and actually prefers the awkward people, as it makes her feel a little less awkward herself.

    + Caring
    + Open
    + Accepting

    - Abrasive
    - Speaks mind
    - Somewhat judgmental as she goes off face value


    + Teasing
    + Nibbling
    + Oral
    + Spanking

    - Anything Bathroom
    - Pain
    - Leaving marks


    Winnie is 70% Modoc Indian and 20% Irish and 10% British, as her tribe was mostly Indian when they went down, the chief of the Modoc's wanted everyone in the Chiloquin tribe to be Indian, as the chief saw this as an opportunity to revive his tribe. This will be her second time going in, she didn't really try her first time. In fact, she didn't even have sex her first time, she just couldn't do it. It doesn't help that she is somewhat abrasive, and needs to know the person before she can do anything, now, however, she has to get it done.

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  3. Sure why not I'll join :) reserve me for a male if needed I'll make a second character later :)
  4. Awesome sauce ^.^
  5. Thx for inviting me haha. It'll be a day or two before I get my cs up :)
  6. I think I'll have to pass on that one :/ I'm interested but Im not sure if I could meet the 3 posts a week requirement :/
  7. I have Azula in it, and she can only do about 2x a week, I would accept it because it's you and we rp ALL the times and I has to loves for you :D
  8. Aww thx loves you too haha. But if that's the case.. and your ok with possibly only one post a week then sure I'll join as well :) have you started yet or no?
  9. Yes, but its only shattered and I that has posted so far, so you are good for chapter one. Just, when you get a chance, make the c/s and post relationships you want, such as friends, crushes, work buddies, ect. Almost everyone is open for relationships
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  10. I'll get my cs up as soon as I can again it'll probably be a couple of days
  11. That is fine ^.^
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  12. Good to know lol
  13. I am new to the site.

    Would you like me to post my character's info in the outline you provided here or in your messages?

    It fits very well with her background, I'm hoping she will fit in here.
  14. @EmiHarned working on my cs now I'm just wondering what kind of things we can put under the "kinks" bar XD I'm having a little trouble coming up with some stuff haha
  15. @EmiHarned

    Hello! May I try and Join? I'd be willing to play a male or female, whichever you'd prefer.
  16. Here please, makes it easier for everyone too see her ^.^

    Right now I'm pretty open, so which ever one you feel like doing hun

    I say three good, three bad.

    Good could be things like nibbling, spanking ect
    Bad could be biting, more than one person at a time, ect

    my pm is always open if you think you need help ^.^
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  17. Name:
    Sarah Iorie
    Age: 16
    Tribe: Maidu (California)
    Mate: Looking for a mate
    Seasons: 0 (First one)
    Personality: Shy | Loving | Caring | Nurturing | Submissive | Naive | Passionate | Curious | Creative
    Traits: Milk Producer | Vaginal Capacity/Wetness | Stamina | Intelligent | Inventive | Medium-Large Breasts
    Kinks: No - Scat, Watersports, etc, Abuse, blood, gore, etc. Yes - Pretty open
    Bio: (Prefer to develop over RP)
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  18. IMG: [​IMG]
    Name: Micheal Messen
    Age: 19
    Tribe: Lamath/California
    Mate: No he doesn't have a mate but he would like to find one.
    Seasons: he has been through two sessions. This would be his third.
    Personality: Micheal is a kind man and does not wish to harm anyone in anyway. He is always doing what he can to help others and believes that the only true way to bring the human race back to it's former glory is for them all to work together. He is always there for his friends and he plans to be there for his mate too. If he ever finds one that is.
    Traits: passionate, calm, kind, leader, intelligent.
    Kinks: no- blood, water sports (pissing) gore, abuse. Yes - spanking, foot jobs, hand jobs, bj's, anal, (he's pretty open minded about it XD)
    Bio: Micheal was born to the Lamath tribe in California. He didn't know much about the old world or what it was like before it ended and the human race was pushed to extinction but that didn't stop him from trying to learn. He has always been curious and always wanted to do the right thing. He helps people as much as he can and does what he believes is to be right. One thing he wants more then anything is to find a mate of his own. He doesn't like the idea of just having random sex and trying to get the girls pregnant. He wants to find someone that means something to him. Whether that will happen or not has yet to be seen.
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  19. On personality, it stops at he? Maybe edit that out or finish, other than that I love him ^.^ as always :D
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