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  1. Kira Nowaru.png
    Beep. Ah! No mommy! Stop it! Beep. You're tickling me! Beep! Oh? You're giving me some toast? BEEP. Oh, okay mommy. BEEP. Mommy, quit yelling! BEEP!

    "WAAAHHHH!!! I'M UP!" Kira sat up suddenly, being awoken from a strange dream where there was a lot of beeping noi- She looked over at her alarm clock. "UGH! YOU STUPID THING! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WAKE ME FROM A PERFECTLY PERFECT DREAM?!" Kira slammed her hand into the alarm clock, making it stop beeping. "OW! OW! OW!" She paused, looking at her red hand. "Ouch. Why did I do that? That just really hurt." Kira wandered out of her room, only to realize that she wasn't actually at home. Huh? W-WHEN DID I GET HERE?! And then she finally remembered. It made her feel a little depressed because of the things that had happened. I was taken away from my family... I miss them already. I hope they miss me. A tear fell on the floor, but fell diagonal to where Kira was standing. She thought it was odd.

    She felt a swaying sensation when she suddenly heard, "Well, hello miss." Kira quickly turned to find an older man who seemed to be wearing an all white uniform with the occasional gold pin attached to it. "O-Oh! Hello sir! H-How are you?" The older man laughed. "I'm doing just fine. And you?" Kira looked at the ground because she wasn't sure what she was going to say. S-Should I tell him that I'm somewhat sad because I'm away from my family. No! That would only make him sad, so... I'll just say I'm fine. "I'm just fine. Thank you for asking."

    "I just came to tell you that we'll be landing on the shore sometime soon. So please get your things ready."

    "O-Of course! I'll be ready when we reach the shore. Thank you for telling me."

    "Of course." The older man walked away as Kira walked back into the room covered with grey walls and depressing looking furniture. She sighed as she plopped back down onto the bed. "I've already got all my things packed because I didn't take anything out in the first place." I don't need to take things out of it because I don't plan on staying here. This isn't going to be any fun because people can be rude and cruel. My parents taught me to never forget that... And now that I'm away from them, I have to remember all the important lessons that they taught me. Kira closed her eyes. Mama... Papa... Everyone... Please help me get through these trials at school. Even though I don't want to be here... I'm worried that if I have to stay, I can't be successful. So... Please help me. Please...

    And Kira had fallen asleep. Again.​
  2. Keon Celane

    Keon woke up eyes flipping open right at 6:00am, not a second later nor a second sooner, it was like that everyday it was something he had pretty much programmed into himself. At the moment he was staying in a hotel all paid of course since he couldn't be at the school until today, so he rolled out of bed with a loud, THUMP, and slowly got up eyes barely open at the moment, his hair was currently smashed to one side of his head, and his sleep attire of just about nothing but some boxers were starting to get annoying so he walked over to the bathroom and ran a shower as he usually would.
    He hopped out a few minutes later, fully dressed in his red sleeveless hoodie and for today a pair of jeans as well as he black sneakers, he yawned as he walked to his backpack pulling out a poptart and placing it in his mouth as he walked out of his room, "Alright, I still got some time." He said as he walked down the hall and to the workout room, morning workouts were another thing that couldn't help but be apart of his routine.
    When he arrived he got to work, in the empty room. Starting with bench his usually 250 pound start, three sets of ten, then off to pull ups with a weighted belt, next to sqauts and finally to bar dips as he wasn't gonna use a full workout today, of course he was kinda sweating but nothing the cold breeze couldn't help out with, so he simply walked out, backpack on his back for the moment the cold breeze felt really nice on his skin. "Alright Keon lets take a jog then head to where ever you are supposed to go." He told himself as he started to jog, which seemed more at a running pace.​
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  3. Hale Becker
    In the back seat on the left side of a Greyhound bus, a dark-haired young man had done his best to blend in with the seat once it had become apparent that he wasn't going to get fully wedged into the corner. He kept his head down and once someone else had sat down next to him, effectively blocking him against the window for the duration of the drive, he pulled a notebook out from his messenger bag. He had taken to doodling, making it clear to the other passenger that there would be no idle chit-chat coming from his seat companion. Hale, as the young man was known, refused to talk with anyone and, if he was lucky, the other people at the school would think he was a mute. He could handle that, especially since it would likely get him out of any presentations or public speaking classes. The young man curled into himself as the bus took to a more bumpy road, steadying his notebook on his knees as he continued to doodle away. His mahogany eyes slid to his right to peer at the other passenger an hour into the drive, revealing that the man had fallen asleep. Good. Hale closed up his notebook and stared out the window, watching as the scenery flipped by.

    It had been a pain to get the government to leave him alone, especially after the incident. Thankfully, the First School would give him a chance to figure out what the hell was wrong with him with the added benefit of the government getting off of his back. Hale wasn't thrilled that he'd be at a boarding school, but perhaps he'd be lucky enough to get his own room to hide in. And as long as no one else found out about his stutter, he probably wouldn't get bullied too much. Maybe. He'd see. Several hours passed before the shoreline became visible, revealing his proximity to the ocean. Well, it looked like the school was located in a nice area. The bus took the 45-minute trip to the bus station where Hale was to get off and rolled in to a stop. The man sitting next to him was not getting off, requiring Hale to go through a rather awkward disembarkment of his own seat. He inadvertently woke the man, who simply shifted to let him get by, before managing to actually get off the bus and retrieve his suitcase from the underbelly of the bus. The young man only nodded when the driver thanked him with the usual courtesies of a transportation company and hurried away as soon as he was able. He didn't allow himself to breathe a sigh of relief until he walked out of the other side of the bus terminal, and even then his relief was short-lived. An older gentleman that Hale didn't recognize was standing there with a sign that read "Becker." He looked down and readjusted the strap of his bag before approaching the stranger.
    "Hale Becker?" The man inquired, getting only a nod in response. "I've been asked by the headmaster to pick you up. The car is this way. We need to hurry or we'll miss our flight."
    The young man followed after the elder, though not without reluctance. He really would have preferred to walk, even if it was a fair distance. Hale would have been better able to mentally prepare himself, had he not been required to stave off attempts by others to socialize with him.
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  4. Shun Kyatazaki

    Shun was looking out a small window, his arm arched up, his hand resting under his chin. He let out a small sigh as he eyes wondered over the clear blue sky. This was shun’s first time being in a small commercial jet. This might be his last, he is being sent away from his place of living. While also leaving behind his country’s borders, his flight was short since Hawaii is rather close distance air time, to japan. Shin seemed to be a lot on this small ‘adventure’ if you want to even call it that. No, to him this as the leaders of japan trying to gain a weapon and fix its problem.
    “Well I guess this is what my life if about now…”
    He said softly to himself as a lady with glasses and a binned up brunette hair came from the back of the jet and sat in the nice comfy seat in front of me. She made a small smile between her lips. Shun’s eyes started to slowly close into a snarl.

    “What… are you the one who is supposed to make sure I do as I am told? Make sure I don’t escape?”

    He asked, averting his eyes back out the window. She turned her head slightly to the pilot, telling him to go ahead and start lowering the plane downward. As this occurred, Shun could see the large school campus on one of the island’s of Hawaii.

    “This is the school I am one of the administrative leaders here to help escort ad make all new comers feel more at home.”

    She said. Shun let out a small breath as he felt the plane land after a while. Finally here, I guess it’s time to live my new life as a petty student now…. Shun let out a small chuckle leaving the plane and walking down the stairs at the side of the school. He saw many people walking inside of the building.

    “Well I best head off.”
  5. Ambra Galeshire

    A beeping split Ambra's ears. She heard an unwillingly load groan erupt from her but she refused to open her eyes. Rolling in the hungry white sheets
    of her makeshift bed, Ambra threw a hand onto the screaming alarm clock. Silence shooed away the ruckus. A smile played her lips and Ambra shrunk
    back into her blankets. She was sinking into unconsciousness when...

    "Top of the morning to you, miss Ambra!" A chipper, but blaring, mew clashed with her ears like a storm, not to mention the awful slam before
    the voice. Her limbs ran cold as they were flailed out from her and she tried to stifle a scream. Her gaze raked from the ceiling to the newcomer.
    He was a slender, and uncomfortably tall, man dressed in a crisp white suit. She saw his mouth hung from his face in a mortified frown, eyes blank.
    Fear and embaressment swallowed the every last morsel of sleep as his chagrin eyes bore into her's.
    "D-did I scare you, sir? I'm dearly sorry!" The words charged from her. She didn't give the man any time to respond as she went on, her voice juggling from apologetic to a pout. "Why are you here? You better have brought me breakfast..."
    It was when the man jumped to her and clasped her shoulders in his hands, coming nose to nose, Ambra stopped and realized she had stood up from her bed. "Slow down there, missy!" Ambra was amazed how his voice didn't change in the chipper-ness, despite his formerly mortified face. "I'm just a fellow from your new school here to help you get ready!" New school. Ambra swallowed, not meeting his wide and bright-eyed gaze
    (that was right in front of her face).
    "Oh yes! I forgot about the school... because, you know... sleep..." Ambra chuckled, and turned back to the man's ear-to-ear smile. He let go of her shoulders before backing to the door.
    "We will be at Hawaii soon! Be ready, because I don't think walking into the school with that on will make a good first impression." Ambra
    put on her usual smile again. "Thank you!" She then looked down at her sleeping gown as the door was closed. She was now well aware
    of her pyjamas... Her light and flowy white-pink gown that hung down to her ankles, and a ribbon holding the small collar on the neck together
    and closed. Oh, how she loved pyjamas. Because, well, pyjamas meant sleep!
    Abandoning her suit case in her "hubble", she broke from her room and drew in a breath of air. She was wearing a white-pink shirt that ended in
    lace at her hips, and the top ended far below her collarbone with an extra part that loosely hung over her "shaped" chest. She had dark grey
    shorts on, white bow flats, and her usual red hat with a darling little knitted rose covering her head.​
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  6. Lalo Santiago

    Pushing the center of his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a single finger, Lalo stepped off the small commuter plane and onto the tarmac of the small local airport. All he had was a single duffel bag and a medium size roller suitcase which he guarded with his life. It wasn't that he packed lightly. It was just all he could manage to take before running away from home.

    He followed the rest of the passengers to the small terminal and asked the assistant if this was the right island. Lalo wasn't sure what island the school was on. He knew for sure it wasn't the Big Island, but there were so many that made up the state that he was sure he would pick the wrong one. They really need to teach about the state of Hawaii in schools.

    When the assistant said yes, Lalo thanked her and made his way out the small airport and onto the single lane road. The day was bright and airy, the smell of salty ocean water traveled up his nose and stung his eyes. Standing on the edge of the road, Lalo watched as every other passenger on the small plane had a ride already lined up for them. Not him, though.

    After about thirty minutes of waiting for a taxi, bus, or even a dirty pick up truck, Lalo turned left and began to follow the road. Lalo's plan to find the school? Well, it's to follow the sun. The sun was never wrong when it came to directions.

    As he walked, Lalo couldn't help but think that he did choose the wrong island to land on. This one felt too...local. As if barely any tourists would land here for any reason.

    "Was it on the Big Island...?" Lalo questioned himself as he continued to walk.

    It was going to be a long day...and maybe a long night...
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  7. "This is your captain speaking. In a few minutes, we are about to land..."

    Mycroft listened as the Captain's voice crackled a little bit as he spoke, but the speakers were brand new. This is possibly his first flight in an actual plane with actual passengers. He let out a sigh of relief knowing that they are about to land safe and sound even with a rookie pilot. He looked at the couple beside him. They both have rings and look as if it's brand new. The woman happily held on to the man's arm. They are probably newly engaged and are about to spend their honeymoon here in Hawaii. But the man doesn't look so happy. He barely looks at his new wife and keeps fidgeting his ring as if he wants to remove it. He looks at the window, worried and restless. He has an affair and he knows that the third party is on her way to hawaii as well for a vacation. He still hasn't broken up with her and is still probably unsure of whom to choose. Only three seats away from him, another woman is glaring at the man. The redness of her eyes tells him that she's been crying through out the flight. The third party happened to be in the same plane the couple are currently in. Mycroft took in this information and concluded that a confrontation among these three will occur as soon as they land.

    The plane landed at the airport and the flight stewardess stated ushering the passengers out of the plane. A few minutes after getting out the third party ran up to the couple and slapped the living hell out of the man. The man looks terrified and the woman clutching her husband looks angry and confused. Mycroft casually walked off as a group started piling around the trio while taking pictures and recording videos. He smiled, not because of the man's suffering, but because he was right. And on my first flight too...

    Mycroft grabbed his bag from the conveyor belt, which contained spare clothes and some notes, and headed outside the airport where a man with a black car was waiting for him just like the e-mail told him. He's wearing a formal attire, but his posture told him he was a military man. He further examined this man and noticed a couple of things: the ring on his finger that he gently caresses, his eyebags showing lack of sleep, his wrinkled expression showing worry, and his empty gaze showing that he's thinking of someone important. The military man saw Mycroft and began to speak.

    "Mycroft Blackwell, I presume? The headmaster aske-"

    "Your wife's expecting labor soon. Are you sure you're ok with this?"

    The man was surprised with Mycroft's statement but immediately returned to his initial expression. "Orders are orders. Now please, get in", The man said as he opened the back door of the car. Mycroft simply obliged and got in the car.
  8. Isabella Darquee
    Isabella sat in complete silence on the flight. Distant memories of a vacation in Hawaii drifted to the forefront of her mind, but they brought her no happiness. It was only a reminder of why she was here, and why she deserved to be locked away forever. Instead, she was being sent to a boarding school, putting too many people in danger around her. Her fist clenched as she swallowed down any and all emotions, her eyes wandering to the passengers on the plane. She duly noted a woman who seemed to be crying and a happy couple. She vaguely felt the three were related, but it was unlikely. Besides, she wasn't Sherlock Holmes. It was rude to assume things.

    Her stomach dropped as the plane began to descend. Gripping the edge of her seat, she squeezed her eyes shut. She'd always hated flying. Heights never bothered her, but the feeling of not being on the ground and trapped in a metal tube did not comfort her. As the plane landed, she finally opened her eyes again and grabbed her small duffel bag in the overhead compartment. It was all she had brought--the rest of her things had been destroyed in the...incident. She shuffled behind the other passengers, already feeling claustrophobic. Sweat broke out on her brow, and she practically leaped out of the plane when she reached the front. A car was already waiting for her with a woman waiting with her hands behind her back--along with two muscled men who were probably there in case out of hand.

    "Ms. Darquee?" the woman inquired. Isabella nodded. The woman opened the back door of the sleek black car. Isabella climbed in, followed by the woman. The two men piled into the front, driving at a swift but comfortable pace towards the boarding school.

    More like my new, personal hell.
  9. Fūjin decided the best, and most exciting way would be to go by helicopter. He figured, why not parachute, instead of pulling up in a car or something dull. But it wasn't untill he was half way that he realized how far away Hawaii from Tokyo really is. To entertain himself, he started asking the pilot some questions. "Why is the school in Hawaii?" No response. "Hello?" Still no response. "Well, I'm glad I got the talkative one!" he yelled at the pilot. As before, no response. Within a few minutes, he fell asleep. After a few hours, he awoke to being just a few miles away from the school. "Wow. I sleep quite awhile, huh?" he asked the pilot. "Yeah, a few hours" he replied to himself, since the pilot wouldn't say anything. Once he could see the school, he figured it was a good time to jump. He walked over to the parachute and was about to fiddle with it, when the pilot said "Where do you think you're going?" "We're here, aren't we?" asked Fūjin, ignore the fact that the pilot just talked. "No, not yet. Besides, even if we were, you don't know how to put it on securely." After a few seconds of thinking, Fūjin came to the conclusion that it's best to listen to a trained pilot.

    "Okay, it's a good time to jump now." the pilot called. "How do I put it on?" asked Fūjin. "Just put it on like a backpack, and strap the buckle around you." Fūjin did as was told, and then got into a jumping position. "Remember, land on your feet, look out for trees, and don't land on anyone." the pilot advised. "Got it!" Fūjin said as he jumped. "WOO! OH MY GOD! THIS IS REALLY FAST!" Fūjin started spinning, doing somersaults in the air, and back flips as well. After a few seconds, he decided to pull the cord to activate the parachute. The sudden stop of the fall hurt a little, but he'd survive. Soon, he was close to the ground. "HELLO!" he yelled as he landed successfully.
  10. Shun Kyatazaki
    Shun was keeping to himself once he finally stepped on to the extremely large campus of the school. Shun could see a small figure falling from the sky rather quickly. He ignored the sight not really caring what it might have been. But his interest was piqued when he saw the larger shadow form. He then turned around and saw the figure now coming down from a parachute? He stood and waited, for the figure to finally land on the ground. There was not much interest towards him still but he let out a small sigh and shrugged it off.
    He kept walking down the campus then heard the figure yelled out “Hey!” it was rather laughable but he then turned to the man and walked towards him.
    “So whats up? I guess you’re one of the students like me?”
    He asked. He was only asking to try and get a read out and who he might have to be dealing with from now on. He didn’t want to find out everyone here would be happy, laughs and smiles. That is something he would have to kill himself over… Not literally but you know a metaphor. Shun looked over the man up and down and cocked up a smirk.
    “So? Tell me do you have any idea, what exactly we are supposed to do here?”
    He asked. Since he was forced up into a plane by armed forces, stuck with a rather weird assistant and a very very stern pilot who didn’t seem to speak English or any other language…. ‘Well if this guy doesn’t know anything I guess I have to start questioning everyone or wander around this monstrous campus alone.’ He looks around and lets out another sigh, before returning his eyes towards the man. There was a lot of things that seemed off about him but it was expected since everyone around here must have had a past at least close to his own.​
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  11. mr-dafoe.regular.png

    Alex stood on the stern of the ship, letting the saltwater occasionally drip onto his face. He has been standing there for the whole trip. Because of the small boat, the only space was a tiny cabin for the captain while the rest of the boat was open. So it was either sleep outside or stay awake outside. With water splashing upon him occasionally and the uncomfortable rope that he had chose the lay on, the answer to the choice was obvious. The boat hit a large enough wave to send a salt filled wave on the rest of the ship, leaving Alex wet and salty while also feeling like he needed a shower. All he could hope to get was slightly more dry from the sun that was beating down on the vessel. While the boat was made for fishing, it could still keep up with the sun that desperately tried to out speed the watercraft.

    Hours later, Alex could not stand any longer and sat upon his ropes as they approached Hawaii. A deep voice came from the open window of the cabin, "We are about five Nautical Miles away," the captain then let out a deep laugh presuming that the kid did not know what he meant. Alex did know what Knots and Nautical Miles was loosely, Knots was the speed a boat goes while Nautical miles is the distance between measurements on a map with the lines. He shifted around to find a better place in the coil of ropes before he got up once again; nothing was comfortable on this ship.

    Another hour passed before the two got to the dock of Hawaii. The captain almost slammed into the end of the dock - sending Alex into the back of the cabin. The man yelled towards the open window, " Well? Git off! " Alex steadied himself before attempting to get off of the boat, while the presumed angry man at the helm was lazily checking dials. Getting impatient, the man started to pull away from the dry dock while Alex was mid step. Alex lost his footing on the drydock: his feet was tossed under him with the motion of the boat. His new found motion sent him mostly sideways towards his right while also falling backwards, back onto the ship. With the captain more concerned about the expense of repairs to his boat then the safety of his now previous passenger, he turned the boat just enough for Alex to smack his head on the wooden railing leaving a small but loud crack upon the wood. With most of his motion gone and only gravity to take over, he fell into the water face up and bleeding from the head.

    "Look what you did you asshole! That is coming out of your card," The man yelled at the motionless body in the dock before speeding off on the water.
  12. Kira Nowaru.png
    Kira was being lulled to sleep by the ship's rocking... And when it stopped... She freaked out. A lot. "HUH?! W-WHAT HAPPENED?! ARE WE SINKING?! I BET WE'RE SINKING! OH NO... I DON'T GET TO START MY SCHOOL YEAR NOW!!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" And then the person who came in earlier burst in. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! I TOLD YOU TO GET..." He cleared his throat. "I told you to get ready." Kira looked at the man in white with a scared look. She stood up and saluted the man as a natural reaction. "Y-Yes sir!" The man in white walked out of the room and Kira grabbed her bags with tears in her eyes. WHY DID HE HAVE TO BE SO MEAN?!?!

    Kira threw on a set of clothes that she thought would match her. She usually wore something purple and white. And to add a little bit of a 'warrior' effect, she would sometimes wear plastic armor. She looked through her suitcase to find her favorite purple and white dress. The dress was somewhat frilly and poofy, which she loved. She loved frills and poofs, they just... made everything better! When she found it, she squealed in excitement! "YAY! I FOUND IT!" She put the dress on and spun around just to see how pretty it looked. It looked... Horrible. She put her face into her hands and started ti freak out. What am I going to do?! My favorite dress is... My favorite dress is ruined! And then a crazy idea popped into Kira's head. HAHA! I'VE GOT IT! I don't even have to go to school as a student! I could go as a cute baby dragon! I... Of course, can't talk, but... Minor details. Minor details. I'll look super cute as a baby dragon, instead of having to wear this hideous dress. "Okay! That's what I'll do!"
  13. cooltext121941108210657.png

    Keon walked out to the school pretty quickly only taking a few minutes maybe he took a deep breath this was pretty much the first time he had been to a place with people like him, he actually kind of wondered what those people would he like, "Well I do know that not everyone exactly wants their powers, or to be here, but still hopefully they aren't mean or anything like that."He muttered to himself as he walked around he might have been a little lost, running a hand though his silver hair teal eyes looking around slowly a small look of concern running over his face he kinda had no idea where he was supposed to go, or where other people were the place he had taken rest was somewhat barren.
    "Huh I actually wish that I had paid attention to that guy that was supposed to guide me around." He chuckled as he walked a bit slower he could have sworn he had seen someone fall out of the literal sky a few moments ago so maybe it was just the whole wait around and talk deal until something important happens. So to do that first he has to find people.
  14. Hale Becker

    Hale had spent the entirety of his flight with his head down and eyes occupied by his notebook. The man, who he begrudgingly learned was called Johnson, had done everything in his power to try and get him to talk. Of course, it hadn't worked in the least but that didn't mean Johnson gave up so easily. He actually managed to talk the kid's ear off for one hour solid before giving up. He probably assumed that Hale hadn't listened to a word he'd said, but that was completely contrary. Hale had listened to everything: Johnson's introduction of himself, his assurances that the school was the right place for a young man, the claims that Hawaii was not only exotic but also beautiful. Everything. It wasn't until the pilot announced that they were approaching the island chain that Hale closed his notebook and looked out the window, finding a dark set of dots greeting him from the expanse of blue. It was his first time flying over water and he found it pretty horrifying that the water and sky all blended into one miraculous blue. He let out an uncomfortable sigh before returning to his doodles and it seemed that the sigh had been invitation enough for Johnson.
    "What are you drawing there-oh." The man said as he looked over the teen's shoulder, only to find a caricature of himself that was less than flattering.
    The rest of the trip was met with silence, which Hale found much more preferable.

    It wasn't until the plane had landed that Johnson spoke up again, stating that they were to go straight to the school. Hale wasn't particularly surprised by that. After all, on a small island they'd probably want to keep constant tabs on him. He wasn't sure just how many other kids had the same kind of....talents, but if there was a significant amount then they'd want to keep a constant eye on them. Hale followed after Johnson in silence and after a short car trip they pulled in front of the school that was to be his home for God knew how long. He parted ways with Johnson at the gates, the elder man claiming that he had to consult with the headmaster straight away. Hale let out another sigh after the parting, but this was one of relief. He wasn't being pestered for conversation at the present moment and if he was lucky he wouldn't be for at least another hour. The young man started forward with a small map in hand, looking for the dormitory building. Apparently roommates were a must here, so it didn't look like he'd be able to be completely invisible. Well, if someone was patient enough then maybe things would work out? Hale shook his head at the thought, mentally convincing himself that it wasn't possible. He wasn't about to get his hopes up on the first day and with that thought he started forward once again.
  15. Valerie Cross

    "Attention, passengers," a voice started over the ship's PA system. The ferry was a short time from docking, and everyone was caught up in packing their things.

    "I guess that's your cue, huh?" His brother joined him on the trip, and knew well that Val had no intention of staying on the ship long enough to leave with everyone else. One of the reasons Jamie came along was to deliver the luggage. "Remember, they have a practical exam, so try to save your energy."

    "I know," Valerie sighed. He himself was in the middle of changing. If he was going to jump ship, he needed a new shirt. He pulled out a pale blue halterneck shirt that left the top half of his back exposed, and let his hair down over his now-revealed spine. "I'll try to get something to eat, too. Thanks again for helping me out."

    "Don't worry about it. I'm staying, remember?" That was the other reason. "I can drop your things off."

    "I'm off," Val finished as he left the cabin for the aft of the ship with a large white hoodie wrapped around his waist. With everyone else packing up, Valerie could get a good look at his destination, and he had an empty spot behind the ship to jump.

    Released to the warm ocean air, and ensuring that the deck was clear, bone and large brown feathers covering it began to sprout from Val's shoulder blades. He set his hands on the railing and carried himself up, briefly acting out his best impression of a gymnast before he fell for the sea.
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  16. After answering his phone, the army man left in a hurry as soon as Mycroft got off the car. He assumed that the man is about to be a father any moment soon. Mycroft picked up his bag and decided to wander around the campus before settling in his dorm.

    The campus was sprawling with different buildings, each one bigger than the other. The beach is just beside the campus and is easily accessible by students. Speaking of students, Mycroft didn't expect this many students entering the academy. Heck, he even saw one guy jumping off from a helicopter with a parachute. Most of them are probably ordered by the government to enter the school. Mycroft wonders if there is another student who entered the academy out of their free will. To be honest, there is no reason for Mycroft to be in this school at all. His power, which is simply quick deductions, is completely harmless and he can already control it with ease. However, he is curious about why this school was built. The government has already expressed their stance against Material Transformers so why build a school that can help them hone their abilities, making them a greater threat? Is it for militarisation? Experimentation? That's what he wants to find out.

    After walking around for an hour, Mycroft decided to head back to his dorm and settle in. While entering the Dormitory, he fished for the keys to his room. He was told that he will be assigned at room 365 and he will have a roommate. Mycroft doesn't mind sharing a room with other people, but he hopes his roommate won't find him weird or creepy just like those back at the orphanage. Just three rooms away from his room, Mycroft bumped into another guy with red eyes and black hair. As if it was a habit, his eyes scanned him from top to bottom and quickly looked for gestures that can help him draw out information: like where his feet was pointed, or where his head was facing, or which pocket was his hand digging through before he bumped into him. "I believe you are my roommate in room 365", Mycroft quickly announced his conclusion. "My name is Mycroft. You may call me 'Myc' or 'mike' if you want", he extended his hand towards him and expected a handshake.

    "And what shall I call you?"

  17. Matthew Rickson

    "You know... I fucking hate airplanes, so boring"

    A young man with red eyes sat in a rather comfortable looking seat, right across from this young boy sat a man in a black suit, with a blue tie. In between them was a small table, no longer than two feet in length, and 4 in width "would you rather coming here in a boat?" The Man in the suit asked "Fuck that, look I aint getting sea sick on my first day here, not good for impressions" Matthew spoke, he wore a coat of a worn material, with a furry hood and cuffs. His hair was messy as always, as if he had just woken up.

    "yes because you're so good on first impressions... " the man in the suit mumbled "was that a remark? You better take that shit ba-" Matt was halted by the jet being shaken, he looked out the window, they were on a runway, "holy shit, were here, yes! I can finally do something interesting" He said almost jumping out of his seat. The man in the suit only face palmed and shook his head in response.

    Once the door opened from the jet, out jumped Matt, and was only to be met by several other men. "hmm... looks like I'm gonna be escorted to my dorm... I think"​
  18. Despite her steely visage, Harumi did admit she was enjoying herself. It had certainly been worth the cost of hiring the vehicle, even though it was subsonic, if only for the satisfaction of seeing the looks on the faces of the other students when she arrived. The jet itself was a monstrous behemoth. 40 meters long and almost 60 wide, capable of carrying 20 people and an assortment of other items. It's surface was painted a dull khaki, and several heavy AA cannons were suspended from the wings. After a considerable length of silence, the pilot spoke through the PA system, notifying her of their imminent arrival. Accompanying this message was the solemn and unmistakable feeling of weightlessness as the engines temporarily disengaged. Before even a heartbeat had passed, gravity resumed and the VTOL gently descended, coming to a hover over the harbour, the sheer force of the engines offsetting huge quantities of water and creating waves several meters high. The locks clicked open, and the posterior door slowly opened to become a ramp.

    The girl was already stood in the center of the doorway, and began to walk slowly down the ramp, pleased with the somewhat stunned faces of the people who had come to see what all the noise was. The vehicle departed once she was on the stone of the dock, but the waves kept rocking for a length of time after it had gone. Her suitcase hovered next to her head, enjoying how it seemed not to be experiencing gravity. This enjoyment was to be shortlived however, since as soon as she started walking, the case fell to the ground, somehow creating a small impact crater, as if the hardness of the floor had been reduced to minuscule levels. She didn't stop to talk to anyone nor answer any of the cautious glances, simply proceeding to her pre-allocated dorm room, where she began unpacking her possessions.
  19. Hale Becker
    With the aid of the map, Hale found his way to the dormitory building with minimal human interaction. He checked in, finding that his assigned room was 365 and that he was to have one roommate. Well, only one other person might not be too bad. The young man made his way through the building, keeping his head down as he tried to scurry to his room and hide. However, this wasn't the best tactic as it caused him to bump directly into another person. Hale dropped the paper map in surprise, though there were no injuries to him or the other party.
    "S-sssory." He stammered as he crouched down to pick up the map.
    The young man stood back up and looked at the person he bumped into, only to find that he was being scrutinized by some guy with glasses. He felt his cheeks heat up under the scrutiny and he quickly looked away. What was with this guy? Before he could think on it too much longer, the other guy spoke up. He spoke very forwardly, introducing himself and stating that he was his roommate in room 365. Hale found himself wondering if Mycroft was some sort of mind-reader.
    "H-Hale." He replied, taking Mycroft's hand and shaking it. "H-Hale B-B-B-Becker."
    He removed his eyes from contact once again after struggling to say his own last name. Well, this was awkward. Introductions had been made, so the only other thing left was smalltalk, Hale's nemesis.

  20. Matthew Rickson

    Matt eventually found his dorm after being escorted by the man in the suit. The dorm number was 363, once he walked in, he noted that there was two twin beds, both made properly with sheets and pillows provided by the school. The room could use some touching up, at least that's what Matt thought.

    The young man wondered if his roommate would clash with him, he normally never got along with people, so it wouldn't be new.

    He walked in, closing the door behind him, and threw his bag off to the side before jumping onto the right mattress, and laying down on his back, eyes on the white ceiling. "Not bad...maybe could use some posters...a little bit of trash, and I'll feel right at home" he spoke to himself. His thoughts then went to the gym, something he visited often when he back at home. He heard the school had their own, so he decided wether or not to visit the gym, or stay in bed till his roommate came... "Wonder if it's a he or she.... "

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