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Is this weird?

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  1. Alright y'all, this was a role-play that I thought of in my sleep. I've actually had this under my sleeve for a while, but this, hopefully, is going to be an awesome Fantasy/School RP. Though it will be more Fantasy than School hopefully. Unless the players want it to be more school than fantasy. And this may be a weird idea, so don't listen but please bear with me. The mechanics of this can be changed; they are not set in stone. If it wouldn't be too much trouble also, I'd like to keep this RP going for a while. So if you know you can't commit, please don't. Sorry to be blunt. >.< Alright... Here goes.

    Some of the people of our world have a secret. A secret that not many know of. Some people born into our world are able to harness a power, which not all can wield. They can use the power of magic. And guess what? Whether you know it or not, you are able to use it.

    You have received a letter with a red engraved seal. It says,

    Dear Material Transformer,

    It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to the International Material Transformation First School. We pride ourselves on our first class facilities donated by the gracious United States of America to be the neutral ground that this fine establishment rests on. You will be able to find a multitude of athletically and academically enriching activities.

    Our academics here at the Material Transformation First School include the finest material transformation training programs available anywhere courtesy of our brilliant staff. We do not slack in our other, more traditional, areas of school functions. On your arrival, you will be required to take 3 tests; our own social aptitude test, an academic aptitude test, and a test of your abilities as a material transformer.

    After completing these tests, you will be free to move yourself into the dorm building that you are assigned to. Let me warn you now to abide by any and all regulations for your dorm area. Any person found to be in violation of these regulations will be sent to the detention center for 3 days of solitary confinement. We find that our rigid disciplinary code augments the training to those more unruly students we are sent.

    We look forward to seeing you soon at our school and welcome you with open arms,

    Dean of Students, Zander Alexander

    Each person who has received this letter has a unique power. A unique power which the government of your country has recognized. And dislikes. So, they have decided to ship you off to Hawaii to attend this 'prestigious' academy. Each one of you has a potential for something great inside of you, but some people do not understand that and wish to exploit that power for their own benefits. Material Transformation First School was made so that you "Material Transformers" (Or their more commonly known name "Matter Thieves") may explore your power and make your power better. As such, different levels of Material Transformers have been categorized together to allow certain types of students to train together. The classes and what they are referred to are as such:

    • Terrestus "Terrestrials" - Control of Land/Water Animals
      Aerius "Aerials" - Control of Air Animals
      Elementus "Elements" - Control of The 4 Basic Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)
      Imaginus "Imaginers" - Creation of Illusions
      Accelerus "Accelerators" - Acceleration of bodily ability
      Decelerus "Decelerators" - Deceleration of bodily ability
      Irregulus Originus "Not any official name, not usually spoken to" - Any other power that doesn't fit into any of the other categories

    • Animus "Animals" - Animals
      Magus "Mages" - "Mage"-esque things
      Anatomus "Buffs" - Combination of acceleration and deceleration of bodily abilities
      Irregulus Primarius "Primaries"- A more concentrated form of an irregular power

    • Ani-Anatomus "Animal Buffs" - Combination of Animus and Anatomus
      Anato-Magus "Buff Mage" - Combination of Anatomus and Magus
      Ani-Magus "Animal Mage" - Combination of Animus and Magus
      Irregulus Progressus "Progressors" - Even more concentrated form of an irregular power

    • Combinus "Combiners" - Combination of all of the other powers, except Irregular powers
      Irregulus Supremus "Supremes" - An Irregular power of near perfection

    • Ultimus "Ultimates" - Only obtained under special circumstances

    To rise into the next class, you must meet a number of prerequisites. (Which are yet to be determined.)

    This will be more of a character driven RP. I will still have things that I provide you, but it all depends on what the players do.

    Your Co-GM is Azeroth Margican. He helped me out so much hammering out the details and such.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

    And please let me know if you're interested below. Thank you.
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  2. I just wanted to let you know that I can answer any questions people have as well :D I have little life outside of the internet so I am usually on :P
  3. *Flies in and sits on people's heads*
    This. I want this.

    I'd want either an animal buff or magus / imaginer... I'll think more once I get back from school today. :D
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  4. *looks up to person preched on head* Glad to here yoru as excited about this as we are :D
  5. This seems interesting but I'm a bit confused. So we would choose a power from one of those five classes?
  6. You chose your power independent of your Class and then when the rp starts their will be placement exams where you will be separated based on how powerful of a matter thief you are. But yeah generally you are picking some sort of variation of what are on those lists and you can put your own throw on it for fun :D such as a anim-magnus who can transform into a wolf and manipulate fire.
  7. Cool~ Definitely interested then.
  8. I am joining myself! I am forced to by someone. >-> Or some people.
  9. Well either way I am glad your interested :D we are getting a good number of people already :D
  10. Actually I'm curious. Would the power to be able to draw something and then bring it to life-rather temporary life be a valid power? So basically summon what the character draws?
  11. Yeah it would be :D I think it would fall under some sort of irregular classification but your character can certainly do that if you want :D
  12. Yay! That means character decided.
  13. I'm interested in this! Would summoning demons be classified as irregular?
  14. Ya it probably would :D summoning might also fall under some sort of Magus I just realized but most likely it would be an irregular :P
  15. I'm in =3 Nice to see all the classes nicely detailed out! Think I may already have some characters with powers that'll fit exactly for this!~ Great job you two!
  16. Wow! Unfortunately, I didn't get email notifications for this, so I'm sorry that I couldn't answer any of your questions. I was busy with school and such, but that is no longer an issue. Just to let all of you know, I'm working on the OOC right now. Please don't expect too much of it because I'm such a crappy GM.
  17. Alright. The OOC is up. It's not much, but as I come up with more ideas, I will have more to add to it. In the meantime, you all can get your character sheets done.
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