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  1. Matched.. Placed.. Perfection..

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    WELCOME SUBJECT #937546-78 to Society's Database.

    In the society before ours, everyone had technology, too much of it, and the consequences were disastrous. Now, we have the basic technology we need – ports, readers, scribes – and our information intake is much more specific. Nutrition specialists don’t need to know how to program air trains, and sorters don’t need to know how to research diseases. Such specialization keeps us from becoming overwhelmed. We don’t need to understand everything. And the Society reminds us, there’s a difference between knowledge and technology. Knowledge doesn’t fail us.

    The Society chose to build itself on the motto that Perfection is the only thing that truly keeps you safe.


    • [​IMG]
      Modern Warfare was always a growing concern for the world back before Society existed. Nuclear weapons were owned and operated by almost every country in the world and could destroy land and families with a single push of a button. Though the world kept spinning and the world leaders maintained a peaceful composure a secret was with held from the public. That secret would later change the fate of the world. May 18th 2016, The day the world ended. It was on this very spring day that the first nuclear missile was fired. Though the country that fired first was never discovered, the first hit was Saratov, Russia. The Russian government returned fire on the United States blowing up Los Angeles, California. The United States was outraged and the world was sent into a state of panic when the two world super powers began to fire rapidly, each trying harder and harder to out do the other. The violence didn't end there and it spread to hitting Western Europe and Northern Asia before the entire world was brought into the matter. That secret from earlier? Was an underground bunker made specifically for protection from nuclear warfare. Several thousands of people were taken and safely transported to the underground bunkers and kept safe under the world for 2 years. When the last bomb exploded the group emerged from their underground bunkers to see a world that had been destroyed. Animals had gone extinct, radiation was heavy in the air, and the world seemed dark and bleak. This was when Society was born. The thousands of people used the technology they had left to re build and begin a new life, one with out war or nuclear weapons. This new world was built on the foundation that war was evil and perfection must be maintained at all costs. Feelings became 2nd to perfection and the world was rebuilt and renewed in the year 2024.
    • [​IMG]
      Society today is a modern and sophisticated utopia based on perfection. It is in Society that people are safe, equality is always there. The government provides you with everything you need to live a perfect life. Everyone has the same house, which has a government installed video camera which monitors you at all times. It also allows you to be able to communicate with the government when needed. You no longer work for money, only to help further the community. Pets are allowed if you put in a request form. Allergies no longer exist and most medical diseases are treatable, if they are unknown they are killed off. Schools are controlled by the government and only teach children general knowledge. When they turn 16, Children are considered adults and are given a specific job and begin training for their job. When people reach the age of 17 they are matched with their spouse and are given a time of courtship, in which they are allowed to somewhat determine their spouse as acceptable or unacceptable. If acceptable they are married at the age of 21. If not they are re-matched and then married. You work. You raise a family. You die. But of course with every perfect society there will be rebels. These rebels call themselves, The Resistance. A petty group that tries to take Society down and "restore the world to its original graces" Society outlaws this and anyone caught in the Resistance will be treated as traitors.

    • Here in Society we have certain rules that must be obeyed

      1. No Running
      2. No sharing of food
      3. Members of the Society have to abide by curfews. There is a warning bell that rings five minutes before curfew.
      4. All food preparation, distribution and clean up cannot be handled by machines. Only people are allowed to complete these tasks.
      5. Picking flowers is forbidden.
      6. Growing food without Government authorization is forbidden.
      7. Trading is not allowed.
      8. When you reach the age of 16 you will be assign a job in Society and begin training for 3 years.
      9. When you reach the age of 17 you will be matched to your future spouse
      10. Courtship will last until your 21st birthday and then you be married
      11. Children may be conceived after an application is okay'd by Society
      12. Retirement is received at the age of 75
      13. Nobody may live past the age of 95
      14. Anyone caught breaking any of Society's rules will be eliminated.

    • Main World Overview

    Now that you know about Society.. Tell us about yourself..
    (Not that we don't already know..)

    ::Character Sheet::

    ::Full Name::
    ::Nickname:: (If one)
    ::Age:: (Everyone is 17)
    ::Match:: (Leave this blank for now.)

    ::Appearance:: (Human Pictures Only Please)
    ::Eye Color::
    ::Hair Color::
    ::Birthday:: Month, Date, 2028
    ::Friends:: (If any)
    ::Crush:: (This can be another character or an NPC, not required)
    ::One Unique thing about you::
    ::Sexual Orientation::

    ::Thoughts about Society:: {Optional)

    ::Other:: (Anything else you'd like to mention)

    General Plot (open)

    ::General Plot::
    My Basic idea for this role-play is that 8 teenagers arrive at their matching banquet, a coming of age banquet in which the person, now aged 17, will be matched with their future spouse. (I will assign your match) Upon meeting your match you either take a liking to this person, or you don't. Perhaps your heart belongs to another, maybe you love your own gender, maybe you have no desire to even get matched. Of course your opinion doesn't matter, nor doess it even exist, in Society. You do as you're told and nothing more. But you can't help wondering that maybe, just maybe, there's more to life then just Society. What lays beyond the rules that bind you to your everyday life? Well you're about to find out. Resistance members have taken a stance against the corrupted Society government, and now you're a part of it. So, are you brave enough to fight for your own voice? Or will you fall to the perfection that Society demands of you.

    *Inspired by the Matched Series*​

    Rules and Expectations (open)

    My Rules and Expectations::

    My Expectations for this Role-play are that we have 7 active members who can make 5 decently constructed sentences so that we can keep this role-play moving. I do not wish for this role-play to fail and die, which is why I would like to keep the group small and manageable. I promise to check this role-play daily and ask that you make an effort to check at least a few times a week. I want this role-play to be a fun experience for everyone involved and wish that we will all get along and maybe walk away from this role-play as friends. This being said I'll list the rules below. Please don't break the rules, they are there for a reason.
    Rules and Expectations (open)

    1. No God modding or Controlling other's characters. NPC's are allowed to be controlled.
    2. Swearing is allowed as long as it's not intense. Using the F word every other sentence is a bit too much.
    3. No Mary or Gary- sues. Mistakes and weaknesses are what make you different from Society
    4. I'm going to ask that you post at least 5 sentences, you may however post 3 sentences if you are having writers block or the likes.
    5. If you for any reason need to drop out, lose interest, or need to take a break. Please don't be afraid to contact me or post here about it.
    6. Fighting and violence will be a part of this role-play, this being said please don't be make it gory or over the top. {No blood battles}
    7. Romance is a major theme in this role-play, however if it gets to steamy please use the fade to black option.
    8. There is no posting order but please don't leave people behind.
    9. Please post the words 'Perfection is our down fall' somewhere in your CS so I know you read the rules!
    10. Please use good grammar and spelling. {I understand little mistakes here and there, we are all human}
    11. Please Don't be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. We are all Human.

    Current Characters {0 Open Spots!} (open)

    Current Characters: 0 Females. 0 Males.
    1. Lily Mae Evans- Played by Adira
    2. Luella Cameron Granger- Played by Joan
    3. Devlin Joseph Lockton- Scout
    4. Esther Brooks- Played by Mikailgirl
    5. Gail Porter- Played by Lilpuff
    6. Alexander Sopa Davids- Played by Sashakiki
    7. James Dale- Played by Princess of the Teacup
    8. Lochlin Mason Penn- Played by Warrior Heart
    9. Aiden Gale- Played by Zenn
    10. Delilah Nash- Played by Punkyears

    Welcome to Society.
    Remember, Perfection is the only thing that truly keeps you safe...

    Unless you're brave enough to defy the odds...
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  2. I'd like to reserve a spot, if that's okay. I'll have the CS done in around 10-12 hours.
  3. Sounds good! I'll reserve your spot!
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  4. ::Full Name:: Lily Mae Evans
    ::Nickname:: Lil's or Lilypad by her dad
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Job:: Child Care
    ::Match::Devlin Joseph Lockton

    ::Height:: 5'6
    ::Weight:: 113 pounds
    ::Eye Color:: Light Blue
    ::Hair Color:: Light Brown

    ::Birthday:: May, 8th, 2028
    ::Hometown:: Lithentina
    ::Family:: Lauren (Mother), Kenneth (Father), Benjamin (Little Brother)
    Lily was born May 8th, 2028 to her Mother, a matching specialist and her father, a high ranking Society official. They welcomed their daughter Lily Mae into their home with loving arms. Lily grew up in the Lithentina, which is a larger town just east of the capital city. She attended regular school with her peers and learned general knowledge. Though in her 6th year of school she met a boy named Kyle, who had a harder time in school. She noticed him struggling to keep up and then one day, he didn't show up for school. Sickness was very rare in Society and later that night she overheard her parents talking about how the boy was "Taken away for the good of Society" Ever since that day her hatred and fear of Society has been raised to the extreme. She has plans to join the resistance when she's 21.
    ::Friends:: Just ask
    ::Crush:: Undetermined

    ::Personality:: Lily is a normal girl, she is as smart as her peers and has a bright outgoing personality. She has a soft spot for children and has always took a liking to working with little ones. She's a compassionate girl who, like everyone else, has her life perfectly planned for her. She is carefree and stress free. Though buried deep within her, she is a fiery, sassy, and headstrong girl just yearning to break free.
    ::One Unique thing about you:: Lily has never told anyone for fear of being deemed "Unfit for Society" But she is bi-sexual.
    ::Sexual Orientation:: Bi-sexual
    ::Strengths:: Lily knows how to put on an act, she's a good liar, she's compassionate and very good with people.
    ::Weaknesses:: Lily is a scaredy cat, terrified of death or pain, scared of lightening and thunder storms, and is a hopeless romantic.
    ::Likes:: Children, Her family, animals, sunsets, friends, romance,reading
    ::Dislikes:: Breaking rules, Society officials, Curfews, limited reading materials, death, danger.

    ::Thoughts about Society:: Lily is grateful to Society, but is very fearful of Society. She can't stand the officials that determine every aspect of her life. She wants so badly to be different, to be unique, but she is trapped and bound by Society and it's rules.
    ::Other:: Society is our downfall
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  5. I would like to reserve a spot too, if you don't mind.
    My CS will be up before the end of the day! :3
  6. @Scout I'll be more then happy to reserve it!
  7. Full Name:: Esther Brooks
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Job:: Nurse
    ::Match:: James Dale
    ::Height:: 4'11
    ::Weight:: 110 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Dark brown
    ::Hair Color:: Black
    ::Birthday:: May, 26th, 2028
    ::Hometown:: A.P.
    ::Family:: Jacinta (Mother), Sean (Little Brother)
    ::History:: Esther is of Russian background, and was born in A.P. She comes from a family who always didn't fit in society. Her father was an abuse drunk who had gotten her mother pregnant and ,her mother ran away from him and deified society when Esther was 7, she never saw her father after that. Her mother took work as a teacher and taught Esther to go to school and get a match so never had to go through what she did. From an early age she was hugely into baking and dancing but was discouraged by her mother and society. Her grade school years flew. She had wanted to become a baker but society made her become a nurse.
    ::Friends:: Just ask
    ::Crush:: No one
    ::Personality:: Esther is a very social, outgoing, and ambitious girl. Her head is always full of ideas, but of course, most of the people around her don't think they're as brilliant as she thinks, but she keeps a positive attitude and always does her best in everything she's a part of. She's a bit boy crazy. She appears to be happy all the time, but when she's not, she'll hide it very well. Of course, not much can get Esther down.
    ::Sexual Orientation:: Straight
    ::Strengths:: Good physical strength, solid pain tolerance, highly adaptable, intelligent,
    ::Weaknesses:: Food, men, impulsiveness, and her looks
    ::Likes:: Candy, parties, friends, food,singing,being lazy, eye makeup
    ::Dislikes:: Cold or cloudy days, rain, hard work,veggie
    ::Thoughts about Society:: She hates is but doesn't know what to do to change it. She does like the match thing, cause it takes the hassle out of finding love.
    ::Other:: Society is our downfall
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  8. @mikailgirl Accepted, but remember money doesn't exist in Society. Everyone is equal. Also if the Society ever caught her father he would have been determined "Unfit for Society" and taken care of.
  9. *reserving spot in RP*

    *waves frantically* HI ADIRA!!!!
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  10. *giggles and waves back*

    Reserved Lilpuff!
  11. I hope you don't mind if I wait for the other two to post their CS before I post mine.
    I don't want female characters to rule the rp, so I'll play a male if the other two play female. c:
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  12. @Scout thank you. I don't mind if you wait. I needed 4 females to 4 males so the matching system would work.
  13. @Adira It's not a problem, some girls don't like playing guys, so I'll take one for the team. n_n
    And it gives me a reason to look at cute pictures too. ;3
  14. @Scout Yeah, I might add a guy if it comes down to that!
  15. ::Full Name:: Gail Porter
    ::Nickname:: N/A
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Job:: Lawyer
    ::Match:: Alexander Sopa Davids (@Sashakiki)

    ::Height:: 5'6"
    ::Weight:: 132 lbs.
    ::Eye Color:: Hazel
    ::Hair Color:: Light brown
    ::Birthday:: April 23, 2028
    ::Hometown:: Tana Province
    ::Family:: Her mother, Tanya. Her father was eliminated after disobeying curfew.
    ::History:: Gail was born to a loving family. They followed all the rules, never went out of turn, and brought their daughter up to be the perfect little girl they had always dreamed of. Gail was always a goody-two-shoes, as we would call it, but really she was just Society's version of the perfect girl, average looking, never broke a rule, plus a perfect academic record. Her family was perfect, until one night when Gail was only 12. Her father stepped outside after hearing some noises in the bushes outside of the house. He was shot on spot, and it was later revealed to the family that there was a Rebel running loose, and they had orders to shoot anyone outside their dwelling after curfew. Gail was not saddened for very long. She knew quite well that he was aware of the risks behind breaking a rule, and death was the penalty he knew he would face. After this incident, her interest in the justice system was shown, and she was assigned as a lawyer because Society knew they could count on her to enforce the rules, no matter what.
    ::Friends:: Gail has made and kept many acquaintances over her life, but never really took the relationship to the level of friendship, as most people are intimidated by her power and intelligence.
    ::Crush:: TBD ;)
    ::Personality:: Gail is very logical and intelligent, which helps her to make hard decisions in her job as a lawyer. She is polite and well mannered, and will stay beside the rules set before her with no questions asked. Secretly, she is insecure, and she hates the fact that people are intimidated by her and wishes she could be more friendly.
    ::One Unique thing about you:: Her family is famous around the Society for being the family featured on the posters that remind everyone that, "Perfection is the only thing that keeps you safe." She is also colorblind, although she keeps this to herself.
    ::Sexual Orientation:: Straight
    • Logical
    • Follows all rules and guidelines presented to her (can also be considered bad)
    • Polite
    • Can pull her own weight and is a leader
    • Cordial, but not exactly friendly, to new people
    • Not easily trusted
    • Terrible liar
    • Can't make lasting friends
    • Intimidating
    • Unable to voice her own opinion or be creative
    • Cats
    • Having rules or guidelines to follow
    • Rainbows, even though she can't see the colors
    • Apple spice cake, a treat her mother prepares for her with special permission on her birthday
    • Spicy food
    • Rebels, as deep down she feels they are the reason her father was killed
    • Hot days
    • Loud noises
    • Bugs and spiders
    ::Thoughts about Society:: She is neither for or against it. Sure, there are definitely rules she would love to change or abolish all together, but most of the time she agrees with the rules and does not question them. Although, there is always a nagging thought in the back of her mind that too much perfection might be their downfall.
    ::Other:: Nerp! :3
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  16. @Lilpuff Society proudly welcomes Gail as an official citizen
  17. :Character Sheet::
    ::Full Name::Alexander Sopa Davids
    ::Nickname:: (If one):Alex
    ::Match:: Gail Porter (@Lilpuff)
    ::Appearance:: (Human Pictures Only Please)
    ::Eye Color::Blue
    ::Hair Color::Black
    ::Birthday:: December 1st 2028
    ::Family::James (Father) Eve (Mother) Jessica (Younger sister)
    ::History::Alex was born into a family that tried their best. They weren't by any means part of the famous or powerful types, but they did well enough. His mother was a Care Giver and his father was a Carpenter. He was brought up in school with his fellow peers where he did exceptional well but was not able to learn more since everyone was taught the same. He originally wanted to be a match specialist since he loved statistics, and was sightly disheartened when he learned that he would instead be a baker.
    ::Friends:: (If any)Just ask
    ::Crush:: Not one at the moment
    ::Personality::Alex can be shy and can be socially awkward. However, when he feels up to it, he can be quite talkative and friendly.He tends to downplay his intelligence as to not gain attention.
    ::One Unique thing about you:: He has a genius IQ, He also likes guys
    ::Sexual Orientation::Bisexual
    Quick thinker
    Knows how to read people
    Is able to hide pain
    Isn't very athletic
    Tends to not voice his opinion
    at fighting
    ::Likes::Animals, Reading, the cold
    ::Dislikes:: Strict rules, Getting yelled at, being thought of as dumb
    ::Thoughts about Society:: {Optional)He doesn't like it but will deal with it.
    ::Other:: Society is our downfall
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  18. ::Full Name:: Devlin Joseph Lockton
    ::Nickname:: Dev by his friends, Joe by his parents
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Job:: Medic
    ::Match:: Lily Mae Evans


    ::Appearance:: [​IMG]
    ::Height:: 5’9”
    ::Weight:: 150lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Green
    ::Hair Color:: Dark brown


    ::Birthday:: April, 5, 2028

    ::Hometown:: Acadia Province
    ::Family:: Norah Lockton (Mother), Thomas Lockton (Father), Joseph Lockton (Grandfather – deceased)
    ::History:: Devlin lived a normal life; he went to the standard school, where his mother teaches at, ate the standard food, did the standard activities. He followed the rules without complaint, but deep down he hates the rules. He hates the standardized meals. Hates the standard lessons they learn in school. Hates the standard clothes they have to wear. He hates being confined to the rules of society, but that doesn’t mean he will break them. With his bright smile and twinkling eyes, it’s easy to believe that he’s happy where he’s at in life and more than willing to follow the rules.

    When he was young and his grandfather was still alive, his grandfather would tell him stories from the time when he was a medic, which sparked Devlin’s desire to help others. It was said that Devlin would follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and be a medic instead of being a regular information sorter like his father.

    But there was a dark time in his life. It happened when he was young—too young to really know how bad it was. His father physically abused him. A few hits every so often; bruises, cuts. The abuse went unnoticed, and when he was taken to the hospital it was chalked up to clumsiness. Though, it didn’t help that he actually was clumsy, and was frequently taken to the hospital from cuts and bruises that happened when he legitimately fell down. He was a frequent visitor to the hospital. So frequent the doctors and nurses knew him by name. Lying about the beatings was also how he learned to lie so well.
    ::Friends:: Too many to count.

    ::Crush:: None, as none of the girls catch his attention.


    ::Personality:: Devlin has a bright personality that people seem to gravitate towards. His smile can put people at ease; he’s usually the one people go to when they want to talk about their problems and he easily puts them at ease. But as bright and uppity as he looks, he’s got a dark side in him and secrets he doesn’t want anyone to know.

    ::One Unique Thing About You:: Devlin’s ambidextrous.
    ::Sexual Orientation:: Bisexual
    ::Strengths:: Physical strength, sweet talker, easily trusted, extremely approachable, can lie well.
    ::Weaknesses:: Tends to lie, doesn’t trust easily,
    ::Likes:: Swimming, running
    ::Dislikes:: Following the rules, the food, the clothes, school. Society.


    ::Thoughts about Society:: Society is our downfall.

    ::Other:: Nada.

    If you want me to take out the part about the beatings just say so. And if there's any other problems with it feel free to tell me. n_n
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  19. @Scout because you explained that the beatings were covered up it is fine. Interesting to see the rings that Society misses! Accepted!