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    Just like that, the fight was on and she was definitely willing to act her part. Her little taunt made him smile ever so slightly, it was a little bit of laughter creeping up though his throat. "You really think I'm pretty?" He had a very hard time preventing his laugh from creeping through, a little bit of a snicker escaped from his lips. "Shouldn't you be the pretty one?" It was a gentle tease, hopefully she wouldn't feel insulted with him throwing her words back at her. Then again, if she found it offensive she'd likely just take it as a bit more taunting to make it seem more real, as it should. Mat laid himself on the bed and let his body rest before the fight.

    The wait for this fight was very stressful, it had been 3 days since he asked Meg to a duel. Finally the two were ready to be thrown into the arena, Mat would have to win but he knew that if the fight were to look real, he'd have a hard time making it believable. She had a reputation, killing anyone that faced against her, and Mats reputation was the opposite. There were many guards, most wielding powerful dual elements, one of which was a reputable mind wielder. That made sense, if Mat used his Omniscient element to pull a mind trick that particular guard wouldn't be fooled.

    "This skinny kid wants to fight that other little girl, what was her name," Spoke one of the guards in a deep and rough voice

    Shortly after, another guard spoke up, this one wielding fire. "Her name is Meg, right boy? You're gonna get your scrawny ass broken. We'll have a body to clean up after this for sure!" The taunting was followed by a loud belting laugh that seemed to vibrate the room. This guards mistake was that he tried talking so big while being a fire wielders. Fire wielders were all the same, arrogant jackasses just wanted to look like they were on top. No exceptions.

    Mat smiled and spoke back with sarcasm, "Only if you intervene, but I don't think you've got the balls to do that!" That was a very odd feeling, talking back to a guard like that was very unlike Mat. It came with a certain rush, it felt good. But the punch coming towards his face didn't feel nearly as good as it drew blood from his lip.

    "Shut up you whelp! I could burn you to ashes!" Veins popping from his skin, the guard was unreasonably angry from such a little comment, but he succeeded in making Mat quiet down. For now, Mat grabbed his old blades and mounted them on his arms like always, testing if they still worked. They worked, but not like they used to. The springs were wearing out and there was nobody to properly maintain such a unique weapon other than himself. It was such a shame, but should this fight go well, he might not need to use them at all. He stepped out into the arena, the sun burning on his skin at first as he had been under the shadow of the prison for so long now. On the other side of the arena he could see the opponents gate, but the darkness contrasted from the light and he was unable to see any figures emerging, but he knew she was there, and she was just as ready as he was.
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  2. Meg was indeed standing at the other side of the arena. Was she ready? She wasn't at all sure. She'd had enough time to think about it, and she knew that even if she wasn't, she was going to go through with this. She had to lose, somehow, yet make it convincing. Not an easy task for someone who was known to fight both with her element as well as any other way. Meg didn't fight clean; she was a dirty fighter and expected other to be the exact same. And, most of the time, that was what she got. Everyone wanted to live, it was an instinctive thing. She really hoped Mat had found a way to overpower her. When the day to fight finally came, she was half relieved. The wait usually got to her more than the actual fighting. Negative thoughts would cloud the mind, making her second guess her resolve. However, she'd end up casting a glance to the other cell and renew it. She wasn't someone who broke promises, and she wasn't going to start now.

    The guards on Meg's side had trash talked quite a bit as well, but she remained silent for the most part, a simple smirk on her face. It was the usual way she dealt with them, and she didn't need them to think today was any different. However, there was a moment when she spoke. One of the guards came close by and leered at her. "Today might be your last day," he'd sneered in her ear, easily feeling her up as the gates open. "Sure you don't want some for good luck?"

    She gave him a mild look before smiling blandly. "You sure gotta be desperate if you're trying to pick up a dirty, smelly slave," she replied before elbowing him into the gate. With that she had walked out into the arena, not really giving a care if he'd get back at her for hurting him later on. She had more important things to focus on, like this fight to the death... or rather, near death. She looked up at the crowd once her eyes adjusted to the light, head tilted slightly, bangs falling partially over her eyes. She was rather used to their incessant cheering now. It disgusted her, but she found she was pretty much indifferent to it now. After a moment, she lifted a hand, as if acknowledging them. One day I'll be the one cheering, she thought as she let her hand fall down. She pushed her bangs away from her face as her eyes zoned in on Mat.

    Meg looked at him for a good moment before she lifted up her fists, much like a boxer would, close to her chest. It was, once more, her usual style. It had started out as a joke. She had been rather pathetic at fighting, 'not a fighting person', as she liked to call herself. It was all she knew to hold that stance, and that, in a very amateur and weak way. It was, however, a winning formula, so why change it? She started forward, hesitant, as if she wasn't sure she could do this. Yet another normal move for her... until she raced forward, lashing out at him wildly with her right fist, just like the crowd had probably expected her too. It was much too early to use her earth wielding after all. Her fist was heading for his face, though she fully intended to retract it; she would try to aim for his stomach with her left fist.
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  3. Surely enough, there stood his opponent. She was not an enemy, this was a spar designed to show off their abilities and he intended on doing so to her. Sure to her reputation, Meg attempted to land the first blow, though not using any weapon or her element. Hand to hand combat, was it? Mat was bad at this, hell he was bad at fighting in general, his ability was mainly the way he used every element at his disposal. Still, if they were to properly assess eachother he'd have to scale with her, she would need to know his lack in unarmed combat if they were to express their strengths and weaknesses properly. It was too late to dodge or block the blow, instead mat simply braced himself, flexing his abdomen as the blow connected. His muscles were far from impressive and her fist squished right into his gut resulting in a quick sound bursting from his stomach.

    The blow may have been good, but it wasn't enough to hinder his abilities. She was close now and between both of his arms, a perfect location for his weapons. One hand moved to grab her arm and he attempted to throw it off to the side and expose her back to him. His other arm released his blade, the rusty slide along the tracks and clang as it stopped on hard metal and extended beyond his fingertips. She wouldn't know this, but he wasn't really doing that. His element allowed him to create illusions inside the mind of his targets, the crowd would see the same as she did, a worn blade from his arms as he extended his reach and attempted to plant his fist right on her back. She could see it, but he made sure that should he connect she couldn't feel the blade slinging through her spine. She was safe, it wasn't really there.

    Unfortunately, if his attack didn't land, he left his entire body open for an attack, she could uppercut his jaw, backhand his face, or if she were a really dirty fighter, kick him right in his jewels. Despite how much whatever her response might hurt him, Mat found himself thinking 'Don't hold back'.
  4. Dangit, Meg thought to herself when she felt her fist against his stomach. It had to have stifled him somewhat, according to her, and she felt temporarily bad. She definitely didn't want to injure him much or cause too much pain; what if he thought she had changed her mind of their alliance and wanted to kill him after all? Gah, dammit, focus! She had to stop thinking so much, but paranoid was something that Meg was, and she couldn't just turn it off.

    She finally was able to break free of her thoughts when her arm was grabbed. She heard the clanging sound of the metal and her eyes widened. He had a weapon? Bloody hell! She hadn't known that, she had thought it would just be element against element, with a few punches here and there! Was he turning on her, deciding she wasn't to be trusted after all? Had she really been a fool? Even as the thoughts flooded her mind, she could feel his fist against her back. There was surprise in her eyes. Why couldn't she feel the blade? Then it came to her. It must be something to do with the element he wielded! In any case, she was rather relieved that she wasn't feeling the pain she had thought she would.

    Focus! She knew people would find it suspicious sooner than later if she seemed too much in thought of what she was to do next. She wasn't that kind of fighter, she struck first, or tried, and thought later! She was putting way too much thought and not acting natural! With a growl she lifted her foot and stomped on the ground. Behind her, a sizable boulder rose from the arena sand into the air before hurtling toward the two fighters. She leaped to the side, hoping Mat would be quick enough to do the same.

    As she had feared, there were a few in the crowd that were beginning to wonder if the money they had bet on the girl fighter might have been better placed elsewhere. Maybe it was time to changed their bets? For the time being they would wait and see, however, eager to see what the boulder would do.
  5. His blow landed, he felt his fist connect, there was a pause in her actions which was rather natural considering he just pushed the illusion of a blade into her body. Her next move was a very surprising one as a small bit of sand was suspended into the air and grown into a boulder. What the hell kind of earth attack was that? Something he'd never encountered before and he certainly was not prepared for right now. She managed to open distance, perhaps that was the plan, to distract him. However, as much a surprise as this was, Mat specialized in using all 5 basic elements to his advantage and in this moment he used wind to speed himself up. The ground beneath him also moved with the wind, he was pushing himself away from her and the boulder with 2 elements. The stone had missed the both of them and the distance was now greater than before.

    Earth was a tough element to beat, but he'd done it before. It was interesting, the way she moved. she must have learned these techniques from field experience rather than a proper tutor. It was sloppy, loose, and she was vulnerable. But it was strong as well, from an analytical standpoint she clearly had no training, but on a practical battle scenario she managed to live. That made a statement on its own. For now, Mat prepared the skies for some rain. The clouds clustered above the arena, but nothing would begin to fall yet, she'd surely notice he was up to something.

    Mat decided the best course of action would be to distract her, force her into a position she would be uncomfortable in, a defensive position. He wanted to see how she behaved at a disadvantage. Taking away his illusion the blade that previously appeared extended was drawn back, the position it was normally. From the palm of his hand fell red embers, the element of fire manifesting within him as well as water. The two would be invaluable when together, but until he could make the clouds dense enough to rain, he simply had to immobilize her. Flames grew from the barren, blood stained ground, and rather than encasing the pair into a smaller circle than they were already in, Mat had given her a straight line between the two of them. He would be able to see the next attack and counter it. At least, that was the idea, the flames could be snuffed with sand if she were clever enough to do so. For now, he waited for her next attack.
  6. Meg was surprised to see Mat had gotten away so quickly, and she was relieved as well; it didn't show on her face though. She couldn't take the risk of that. She was also mentally cussing at herself for forgetting that he had much more in his wielding arsenal that she did. S***, she thought to herself, but she wasn't worried. Well, not too worried. Seeing he had more elements than just one would at least give a viable reason as to why she would lose.

    She licked her lips for a second before starting forward, deciding the distance between the two was too far apart. She was a wielder, yes, but she liked getting into a scrap when fighting. Simply wielding the earth didn't take out her frustrations at the situation. For her, wielding had always been something too soothe and calm herself. But if her life depended on it, which it seemed to a lot these days, she'd use it.

    Her eyes moved up when she realized it was a little less bright than before. Clouds? Water, yes, of course he could wield that too. Ugh... Water and wind, a combination that she wouldn't want together, but she supposed there were other combinations that were worse. For now, she broke into a run. She had to get closer to attack him head on- She stopped in her tracks, eyes widening when she saw the wall of flames surrounding her and Mat. It wasn't like she hadn't seen fire before, but it wasn't something she liked at all, having affinity with earth and green life in general. Already she could feel the heat from the fire, and it made her more than uncomfortable. Was that the plan then? She slammed her foot on the ground, readying to drop a load of sand over the flames... but then she stopped. She was overthinking this. She couldn't overthink!

    She rushed forward, a decisive look in her eyes even though her movements were anything but. She shoved a fist forward and the sand she had been wanting to extinguish the fire with flew forward, some of it loose and some of it in lumps, heading toward Mat. She wasn't going to stop there though, as she continued forward, fist clenched, ready to at least get a hit or two in.
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