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  1. Vampire have taken over the world, however synthetic blood is an option each vampire may also have a pet. A human feeder for them and only them to have. However some vampire's take their pets to parties and share them but most vampires are territorial. This is about one vampire who catches a wild human, MC a wild human who grew up underground and caught while above trying to get food for the underground. YC registers MC and begins to train me to be a good pet other wise the government will and no one wants that. Romance blooms between MC and YC and MC must make the hardest choice in MC life, can MC stay a good little pet or will MC turn and hope for the best?
    Will start with YC capturing MC.

    YC: Male
    Can do either pm or forum; have no preference.
    Expectations: I will post at least once a day; I expect at least 4 posts a week and I like 2-4 paragraphs. Minimal is 5 sentence's and please make it so I can read it once and understand what you're trying to say. Okay with bad punctuation as mine is not always the best, please try hard to spell correctly. If you have any Q's I will gladly answer them!

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Clara
    Age: 20
    Personality: Clara is spunky and will fight tooth in nail for what she believes is right, she is strong and can make most people uncomfortable with just a look. She is also a sensual being and actually likes sex but just because she fools around with you doesn't mean she likes you!
    Bio: When the vampire started to take humans as pets Clara's parents gave her to a family friend who said they knew a safe place. She has lived with them ever since and don't know what happened to her parents she only prays they died and were never enslaved. This happened when Clara was 13 and she grew up in the underground with a rather large group of human's who also made it to the old train tunnels. At 18 she was made a runner who scouted and got food for the underground. Clara loved her job as she loved the sun and enjoyed running, Clara had no boyfriend but a few 'friends' who kept her entertained while in the underground. She has never fallen in love or even truly felt the need to be always around someone.
  2. Still looking please pm if interested :D
  3. I'm interested if your still looking.