MasterxSlave/DomxSub rp anyone...? looking for dominant M.

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  1. So, I haven't rp'd in awhile so I might be a bit rusty, I am on my phone the majority of the time so it may take awhile for me to respond. I prefer to play female and let's keep it at a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs but you can go longer. I have nothing against gay rp but I prefer to keep it fxm. Well, here is some suggestions, if you have any idea you'd like to share, please feel free. I'd like to do some sort of a master slave type thing going, I prefer sub.

    These are all sort of master x slave/pet arrangements, if you have no interest in that sort of role play then this is most likely not for you.

    Angel x demon
    Human x demon
    Neko x demon
    Neko x human
    Princess x hunter
    Vampire x hunter
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x demon
    Vampire x angel
    Human x incubus
    Human x succubus
    Kidnapper x kidnapped
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  2. I can play Dom too but as I said up there! I prefer sub
  3. I'd like to do an RP with you.
  4. Do you wanna play Dom or sub?
  5. Would you mind if I wanted to be sub?
  6. Not at all.
  7. Mind if I PM you?
  8. Please do.