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  1. Name: Lucius Calarell
    Age: 24
    Personality: Lucius is a calm, calculating sort of person, by habit and by necessity. He's learned to keep his reactions inside and to keenly observe everything and everyone around him to use to his advantage. Allowing anyone to get 'close' to him has never been a thought in his head, with the way people seemed to disappear the moment he even appeared to like them. Overall, he's a cynical realist, and has a tendency to outwardly view matters as statistics and probabilities, while on the inside he keeps his emotions trapped.
    Bio: Somewhere between the ages of 4 - 6, Lucius was stolen from wherever it was he had been born and 'taken in' by the King and Queen of a human kingdom called Jorrel. For years he was kept locked away, beaten and chained and conditioned until magical energy stopped coming from him and he no longer remembered anything of his previous life. He became an obedient boy befitting the title of prince, and from then on questioning his situation had never come into his mind. It was all just normal life from there on out.
    As time went on Lucius grew into a strong young man and refined everything about himself, from his swordsmanship to military tactics to simple physical strength. All of this was known to his parents and anyone that mattered, though Lucius hardly attended the social events his parents were meant to be part of - he was only a potential scandal to them, outside his work. The one thing he kept to himself was the small bit of magic he found within him, a penchant for being able to shift around metal, melt or mold it into anything he wanted. That part of himself he refined as well, but kept it a safely guarded secret. All the while, he studied and trained and became the King and Queen's highest ranked and most influential general and tactician, guiding their armies in whatever new seemingly endless war they enter. Jorrel has seen many victories under his guidance.
    It has, on occasion, occurred to him that magic isn't supposed to exist outside the kingdom of Ferrim, a place mortal kingdom have known not to stand against for hundreds or thousands of years. Still, as much as his own mind rejects magic, Lucius only theorizes that some magic bloodlines spring up outside the kingdom and are snuffed out without anyone knowing. He despises the magic in himself even though he worked to gain control of it, and he keeps himself a secret. He'd never expected to be taken straight to Ferrim itself.
    Other: Among his many forcibly honed skills are military tactics, sword fighting, fencing, horseback riding, jousting, hand-to-hand combat, and the social niceties he was forced to learn as a member of the royal court. The only 'useless' talent he possesses is the ability to play the piano, a talent his parents had stopped caring to show anyone once he was too old to be considered 'cute' anymore.

    So I've been wanting to use this character for a while now, because I miss him and haven't used him in a while. The main plot for the rp is that the King and Queen insist on their troops staying in one place for the war efforts, and Lucius obeys because they're the king and queen, even though he knows the troops are too close to the undefeated magic kingdom. Once Ferrim beats back Lucius' soldiers, they demand a price as recompense, and take Lucius to give as a present to the prince/princess of the kingdom. Either gender is fine with me. I'm not really looking for much of the rough stuff like some MasterxSlave rps, though, don't be mistaken. Dubcon is okay, but let's not go too far. Please let me know if you're interested ^_^ But be warned I tend to PM for discussion in response to comments instead of commenting back to people here on the thread.

    I would prefer someone who could respond at least once a day, but I'm open to discussion. I know life is busy right now, for me too.
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