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  1. A new dawn rises on the galaxy. It is quiet.

    Existence is long.

    And on this new light, a new Ambrosia was born within the stars:

    Alyss Bae Catun, heir to the Empire of Skyke.

    How long will she last? Will there be peace or war?

    Only time, as inconsequential it is, will tell - along with the will of the predecessors.

    You incarnate an Ambrosium - a being that has, through some means or another, achieved functional eternal life. And with that, you overthrew, replaced or simply took under your control the/a government.

    While there IS an overarching plot to discover, there is no defined goal - the RP is limited only by the time you want to spend on it, and the imagination you have (for reference, this RP is a 2.5 on this scale.)

    Furthermore, the theory of panspermia (life being introduced to planets from outside influences) is assumed true here, which means that two players sharing a species on different parts of the galaxy is possible.

    The RP will follow three formats: Report, Combat and Diplomacy.

    The Report format is simple. As the head of an empire, you get to direct, initiate and request for construction of items and research. One real-life day is equivalent to twenty years. Development is suspended in case of Diplomacy event until resolution. All Development actions are PM'd to me, and I will post them as a development list once a day. In-character, this report is available to all empires - and as such, a message to another empire can be sent to report.

    Combat format is closer to standard RP - players post directly in the thread the actions that their fleets wish to do (along with any desired reactions to events) and I, with dice, determine the result of the actions. It can be very basic, but depending on where the RP goes it might get pretty complex so I'll explain as it goes.

    Diplomacy is as direct as it gets. Players interact with characters (either their Ambrosium or an emissary). They debate and talk, and can trigger events - trade exchange, war, peace, and so on. Once the diplomatic exchange is over, each player can (or doesn't) send a report to be filed in the Report phase.

    One last thing: this IS an experiment. It is not exclusive to Iwaku, and as such I cannot guarantee fairness - as there IS some inter-website interaction. The main thread will only upgrade on the progress of Iwaku players.


    Alyss Bae Catun - INTEREST CHECK - Masters of Via Lacta |

    Mobimak Fusion Technology
    Near-Field Drive
    Gravity Field
    Gauss Cannon Technology
    Materials Science
  2. I'm interested in this. Is there a character template I'm missing, or am I supposed to just go at it?
  3. --Character--




    The Unity

    Izzy is apart of a sup-species of Human who have ran her empire since it's inception. Only three are born every three thousand years. They go by the titles of The Dark, The Light, and The Unity. Along with the inability to age, it is believed that they possess incredible powers beyond human imagination. This is untrue, but they do possess a natural elegance and a talent for rule.

    Isolation- According to the Empire's religious doctrine, the three leaders are kept isolated in the Tower, a massive spire in the capital city of the Empire, called Ishtar. The only people allowed on the top ten floors of the massive three hundred floor building are the leaders, and they only leave the top fifty floors in cases of extreme emergency or to be led to the hangars below the tower, which occurs only under heavy escort of at least three hundred soldiers, including multiple body doubles from the White Magic unit.

    Method of Control:
    A cult-like religion that has been dominating the empire for millions of years


    The Monochrome Intergalactic Union (MIU)


    Number of Colonies:

    Dominating species:
    An AI slave race called Aerox's

    9,000,000,001. 2 Aerox hive minds that speak through a central computer in the upper-most regions of the Tower, 9,000,000,000 Humans

    Starting Technologies:
    Gravity field
    Soldier tempering
    Railgun technology
    Aerospace technologies

    Current roster:

    Human Soldiers, called Emissarys (Equipped with Standard ballistic handguns and Railgun rifles, often in lightweight armor)

    Aerox Soldiers, called The Clergy (Outfitted with weapon-arms that carry the same loadout as Emissarys, and are made of a heavy, but durable alloy)

    Special Forces Units Black Magic, and White Magic (Black Magic: Black Ops unit. Equipped with genetic modifications to enhance physical aspects, as well as top of the line railgun sidearms and rifles. White Magic: Intelligence operatives. Usually only equipped with small caliber ballistics or one-use railguns and genetic modifications to enhance mental processes)

    Golem Tanks (Low mobility, high armor, equipped with railgun MGs and a single railgun cannon)

    Viper Transports (No weaponry, low armor, high mobility, no roof to allow for use of small arms from all directions)

    Mole APC (Burrowing transport, high armor, no weaponry, low mobility, but can go underground)

    Falcon Interceptors (High mobility, medium armor, front-facing railgun MGs and ballistic dumb-fire missiles, aerial units)

    Colossus Sky Tank (A massive sky-fortress with ten 360 degree railgun turrets, air-to-ground missiles, a carrying capacity of a thousand men and four hundred Falcons, low mobility, and high armor)


    Dagon (Command and transport ship, high armor, low mobility, over thirty railgun point defense turrets)

    Shoggoth (Built for ship-to-ship combat. High mobility, medium armor, a 360 degree point defense railgun turret and ballistic missiles. Requires two pilots)

    Azathoth (Royal transport ship. Multiple anti-ship missile boxes, fifty railgun turrets, high armor, low mobility. One exists for each leader)

    (I hope this is satisfactory)​
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