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  1. Entropy, the driving force behind everything. No resource is eternal. All will perish eventually...

    Except you, for now. You may or may not know how it happened - but you have gained functional immortality. You lived among people, for a while - but saw only chaos and destruction, long term.

    With effort, you labored towards power. First locally, then at a larger and larger scale.

    And now here you are. God, Emperor, King, President or simply Leader, you have a whole empire at your fingertips. And the stars are ripe for the picking.

    Be aware, however: there are already powerful forces in play.

    This RP is, most likely, unlike most things you'll have seen. It's not exactly a Nations RP, but it's not a regular RP either.

    You incarnate an Ambrosium - a being that has, through some means or another, achieved functional eternal life. And with that, you overthrew, replaced or simply took under your control the/a government.

    While there IS an overarching plot to discover, there is no defined goal - the RP is limited only by the time you want to spend on it, and the imagination you have (for reference, this RP is a 2.5 on this scale.)

    Furthermore, the theory of panspermia (life being introduced to planets from outside influences) is assumed true here, which means that two players sharing a species on different parts of the galaxy is possible.

    The RP will follow three formats: Report, Combat and Diplomacy.

    The Report format is simple. As the head of an empire, you get to direct, initiate and request for construction of items and research. One real-life day is equivalent to twenty years. Development is suspended in case of Diplomacy event until resolution. All Development actions are PM'd to me, and I will post them as a development list once a day. In-character, this report is available to all empires - and as such, a message to another empire can be sent to report.

    Combat format is closer to standard RP - players post directly in the thread the actions that their fleets wish to do (along with any desired reactions to events) and I, with dice, determine the result of the actions. It can be very basic, but depending on where the RP goes it might get pretty complex so I'll explain as it goes.

    Diplomacy is as direct as it gets. Players interact with characters (either their Ambrosium or an emissary). They debate and talk, and can trigger events - trade exchange, war, peace, and so on. Once the diplomatic exchange is over, each player can (or doesn't) send a report to be filed in the Report phase.

    One last thing: this IS an experiment. It is not exclusive to Iwaku, and as such I cannot guarantee fairness - as there IS some inter-website interaction. The main thread will only upgrade on the progress of Iwaku players.

    But enough talk, here's the character sheets (in a nice copy-pasteable format):

    [b]Name:[/b] Self explanatory.
    [b]Age:[/b] How old is your character?
    [b]Title:[/b] In regards to their rule on the people, how does it call itself?
    [b]Species:[/b] What species is your character? If not human, describe it.
    [b]Ambrosia:[/b] How did your character acquire immortality? Choose from an example below, or choose your own.
    [b]Method of Control:[/b] How did your character get in power? Examples below, or choose your own.
    [b]Name:[/b] The name of the empire.
    [b]Homeworld:[/b] The original world of the empire.
    [b]Number of Colonies:[/b] How many worlds does your empire control?
    [b]Dominating species:[/b] What species (one or multiple) compose the majority of the people? If not human, describe. Does not have to match Ambrosium species. Does not have to be organic.
    [b]Population:[/b] How many individuals is there in your empire? (Note: in eventuality of hivemind, one individual is one 'voice' of the mind)
    [b]Starting Technologies:[/b] Aside from the technology everyone starts with, what techs has your species developed? List of possible starting techs below.
    [b]Current roster:[/b] This is a list of all the types of units (soldiers, vehicles and such) that your Empire currently possesses, including equipment on the units (if some things are unclear, explain). Keep in mind the technologies that your empire has.

    Luck: You simply happened to get the genetic mutations needed for it.
    Miracle: An event has occurred giving you your immortality.
    Chemistry: You found a safe set of medications that, when taken regularly, prolongs life indefinitely.
    Carefulness: Your species is already immortal; only through an extensively careful life has events and pathogens not claimed you.
    Other: Nature has, by other means, allowed you to be immortal. Explain.

    Genetics: You managed to genetically engineer immortality and apply it to yourself.
    Mechanization: You transferred yourself into a machine, and can maintain it indefinitely.
    Brain in a Jar: You managed to develop a way to extract and preserve an intact brain indefinitely.
    Anomaly: Studying anomalous materials has transformed you, granting you immortal life.
    Other: Technology and science allowed you to live indefinitely. Explain.

    Methods of Control:

    Cult: You have managed to convince the people that you are an important spiritual figure.
    Deification: You have managed to convinve the people that you are a god yourself.
    Canonization: You have managed to rise in the ranks of the established religion until you controlled it.
    Ascended: You have convinced the people that you are a being that has ascended to a higher plane of existence and returned.
    Anima: You have found a way to control the very essence of people.

    Regicide: You killed the previous ruler and assumed their role.
    Consular: You have become the "right hand person" of the ruler and can now trick them into doing your bidding.
    Dictatorship: You were elected in place and assured, through propaganda or law, that you would not be ousted.
    Democracy: You have managed to win the population over, winning election after election.
    Meta: You have found methods to suggest things in a way that makes the people want to do your bidding without fail.

    Overthrow: You have completely destroyed the previous ruling power and have established your own.
    Occupation: You have managed to get a strong enough military force to incapacitate the ruling body and to be able to give orders in it's stead.
    Thorian: You have developed methods or devices that allow you to control the population through pain.
    Big Brother: You have successfully instated a regime that eliminates the people who oppose you, causing fear to disobey you down to the core of the ruling body.

    Authority: You have become such a renowned scientific that no self-respecting ruling body (that values it's place) dares to disagree with your suggestions.
    Soma: You have developed a mix of chemicals that allow you to subdue and control the population.

    Starting technologies:

    All empire start off with modern technologies (industrial machines, computers, robots, so on), along with alcubierre drives(allows 2c speed travelling - which still means several years to the nearest stars) and cryogenics. You may pick up to six of the technologies below:

    AI (it's AI. You know what it does.)
    Advanced chemistry (Better medicine and fuels)
    Materials Science (Allows construction of bigger/more armored crafts)
    Quantum Fusion technology (cold fusion power generation, small to medium scale)
    Mobimak Fusion technology (Mobius-shaped fusion reactor; large scale power generation)
    Quantum computing
    Near-Field Drive (15c light speed drive)
    Gravity field (allows having proper gravity on-board)

    Railgun technology (High projectile velocity, standard fire rate)
    Gauss cannon technology (Standard projectile velocity, high fire rate)
    Vacuum-ready ballistics (Medium projectile speed, medium fire rate, large projectiles)
    Oblong Alcubierre technology (faster-than-light rockets)
    Magfield (faster fighter deployment)
    Inertial Dampeners (less recoil from weapons, safer for crew in FTL deployments)
    Soldier tempering (better ground soldiers)

    Sub-field storage (multiplies by four the storage for any item - ammo, cargo, so on)
    Tunelling storage (Eight times the storage, but with a 10% chance of violently failing until researched further)
    Aerospace technologies (allows most craft, including space-built ones, to enter atmosphere and land)
    Space Docks (allows building larger craft)
    Space Elevator (accelerates production by making resources accessible)
    Nanomanipulation (allows construction/synthesis of items if materials are available)
  2. @Yiyel
    Wow, okay, science fiction that makes actual sense to me, this is a first! :D

    This looks interesting to me, though I have a small question about the age of the ambrosiums.

    Is there an age limitation on how they appear (like say can a 15-year old girl rule a country, or do they need to be closer to 18?) and also how old would these ambrosiums be as an average (considering their immortality and all that)?

    Either way, I'll hopefully put another post up tomorrow, that is if that's alright with you?
  3. Name: August Octavian Autumn
    Age: 25
    Title: Lord-Imperator
    Species: Human
    Ambrosia: Tissue-restorative nanites issued only to top leaders.
    Method of Control: Meritocracy but effective dictatorship through immortality.

    Name: Solus Order
    Homeworld: Ortus
    Number of Colonies: A dozen worlds across 3 systems
    Dominating species: Human
    Population: 90 Billion across controlled planets & spacial territories
    Starting Technologies:
    -Gravity Field
    -Railgun Technology
    -Soldier Tempering
    -Space Elevator

    Current roster: This is a list of all the types of units (soldiers, vehicles and such) that your Empire currently possesses, including equipment on the units (if some things are unclear, explain). Keep in mind the technologies that your empire has.

    - Orbital-Drop Bipedal Striders
    - Drone Land troop carriers
    - Fortified Assault Troops
    - Drone Conscript Troops

    - Highrise Orbital Defense Battery
    - Nanite 'tripwire' array
    - Space-fighter drone swarm.
    - "Occasum" Capital Ships
    - Crusiers
    - Frigates

    Not really sure done declaring everything, so subject to changes or additions.
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  4. Name: Alyss Bae Catun (ABC, always wanted to do that :p)
    Age: Stopped growing at age 16, is really 18.
    Title: Honorary heir to the throne
    Species: Choble
    Ambrosia: Her father experimented with the idea of immortality, somehow successfully changing her genes so that she can no longer age, therefore becoming immortal.
    Method of Control: Big brother theory; while she is not technically royalty, she has created an android based off of the brother she never had, "convincing" the royal family to let her be honorary heir to the throne.


    Name: Empire of Skyke
    Homeworld: Aquarium, a planet mostly consisting of a vast underwater landscape, with a few large islands which humans inhabit (exactly 3)
    Number of Colonies: One
    Dominating species: Chobles (humanoid aliens that vary in species as they are based off of Earthen aquatic animals. Can only live in water.), Humans
    Population: Around 50,000,000 Chobles, and 3,000,000 humans.
    Starting Technologies:
    ~Mobimak Fusion Technology
    ~Near-Field Drive
    ~Gravity Field
    ~Gauss Cannon Technology
    ~Materials Science

    Current roster:
    ~Battleships (literally large metal ships with multiple Gauss cannons. Medium-high armor and speed of about 30 miles an hour)
    ~Laser cannons on each island. (High armor, high power)
    ~Choble Soldiers (equipped with miniature Gauss Cannons and a pair of robot legs. Low armor)
    ~Human Soldiers (equipped with miniature Gauss cannons and a lightweight metal armor)

    ~Command Ships w/escape pods (1 large Gauss cannon, high armor, moderate acceleration)
    ~Fighter pods (equipped with two Gauss cannons, low-medium armor, speedy acceleration)
    ~Decoy ships that auto-pilot towards enemy, do zero damage unless they actually crash into enemy ship. (No weaponry, low armor, speedy acceleration)
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  5. Sorry for late answer, I'll be honest I lost hope and forgot it after so long. @Raven Haruka - One would assume that, unless something is terribly wrong with how the ambrosia happened or the society that allowed the ambrosia to happen, an ambrosia-affected person would be above the age of maturity for a given species. Average age, right now, is ~5170 years - on the other website, 1400 years has passed, so the youngest ambrosium is 1588 years old right now. Average STARTING age is, however, just over 3700 years - but it's skewed because there's 3 ambrosium above 5000, 2 of which are above 7000. So basically, anything goes.

    @CrossJustX - Sheet is mostly good, there's just a few tiny details:
    -You don't have, yet, the technology for orbital-drop mechs.
    -I'd like you to detail better the capabilities of your fighters, cruisers, frigates and occasums.

    @Raven Haruka Looks good too, but again, please define your craft betters - with an approximate amount of cannons and how much propulsion and how much armor they have.
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  6. @Yiyel
    I think I fixed it, not too sure about the spaceships' speeds though.
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  7. Silly bird. You have the 15c FTL speeds. Under the speed of light, speed doesn't matter - acceleration does. :3
  8. I'll be posting the main thread by friday.
  9. Sorry, but I have too many things going right now & I'll have to rescind my interest to join.
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  10. Would be perhaps interested in a certain Avali character joining? One that kinda embodies that quote "Those with the biggest hearts hurt the most."

    I have to say I am really interested in this rp, and would love to use one of my characters named Krew who's entire stick is leadership.
  11. The Avali sounds good - though I'll let it be known that they won't be able to start out with their full technologies. But otherwise - go for it!
  12. Perfect, I'll fill out the info once I get home tonight. Can't wait to do this.
  13. Name: Numi Shaar (Called Krew by her pack(Family), and close friends)
    Age: 5268(appears young for an avail. Early adult)
    Title:Lord Shaar
    Species: Avali (A small fluffy space raptor)
    Ambrosia:Cloning (Similar to a capsuleer from EVE, where clones of her are made, and only come alive once the first dies. From natural or outside influence. Only given to Krew’s most trusted.)
    Method of Control:Dictatorship. Krew has actually helped to influence the social environment of her empire to promote a healthy, and happy population.

    Name: White Star Order
    Homeworld:Karst, a super mercury on the edge of the systems goldilocks orbit. It is a rocky, snow covered world with long cold winters and short summers. The planet has a metropolis that covers half its surface.
    Number of Colonies: six worlds across five systems, two of which are specifically resource gathering, and exploration bases.
    Dominating species:Avali, and Humans
    Population: 40 billion Avali, 10 billion humans.
    Starting Technologies:
    *Quantum Computing
    *Near-Field Drive
    *Meterials Science
    *Railgun technology
    *Aerospace Technologies
    Current roster:
    Enforcers: The police force that keeps order and peace in the WSO. They are identified by their white and blue coloration. Their forces consist of-
    *heavily armored organically controlled mechs for planetary defense against possibly hostile empires.
    *Combat armored officers, consisting of avail and humans equipped with hand guns, railgun rifles, and equipment for stunning, and knocking foes unconscious.
    *Computer/AI controlled drones work to monitor, and search possibly dangerous citizens, along with provide support to officers.
    *Heavily armored non-FTL warships built simply for defense patrol controlled systems, and push out any pirates, and hostile vessels.

    Military: The military of the WSO is far different from its Enforcers. Their forces focus on speed, E-Warfare, and detection to fight opponents. Preferring a sort of Guerilla warfare. However, they are capable of more direct assaults using help from the Enforcer forces. They are identified by their white and orange coloration, and their forces consist of-
    *Light weight mechs that are equipped with long range railguns, capable of on planet flight.
    *Heavy weight mechs that are heavily armored with large shields, ballistic weapons, and duel railguns for long distance fighting. These make up the front line forces
    *Recon, and combat drones controlled by the deployment ships AI, powered by quantum computing.
    *Power armored avail and human soldiers that wield rail guns. They act as support to the mech soldiers, and are told to keep their distance unless absolutely necessary.
    *Command Starships, that relay orders, and control drones that support the troops. They are built with armor and speed in mind. It is to stay away from the battle, and has strong sensors to detect anything that gets near.
    *Troop carriers, armored starships that focus on speed and armor, only to move troops from place to place. They can fly in atmosphere. They have some smaller weaponry for simple point defense.
    *Warships: These ships are smaller than expected, however they are an attempted to create the best of all worlds, acting as the main workhorses in space warfare. Having fairly strong armor, good speed for evasive maneuvering, and rail guns to shoot at targets from a distance. Most are controlled like drones from the command starship in the system. They can act on their own as improvised scouts, and have two avail or human crew members abroad.

    (Please let me know what to change here, got carried away with writing about the forces.)
  14. Looks mostly good, with a few exceptions:

    -You can't start with either the technology that results in mechs fast and accurate enough for law enforcement, nor with brain-machine interface. Unless you meant force-feedback analog controls?

    -You can't start with full-blown AI either. Yes, you have quantum computing - it just means insanely fast parallel computing. So the drones are possible - not the ship AI.

    -I'll need an approximate number of patrol warships, with their capabilities.

    -No energy shields, at start, either.

    -Your power armor will be clumsy and stuffy.

    -"Being built with armor and speed in mind" is an oxymoron. The more armored, the slower the ship will be. Take a pick.

    -Stats for the warships in general would be good.
  15. Today I had something come up that will cut me off from rp for some time. I won't go into it as it is a personal issue, but I sadly will have to decline joining now. Sorry for wasting your time, and I hope the rp goes well. Take care :p
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  16. Don't worry about it - it's pretty much the story of my past Iwaku stays that everyone involved in awesome things have personal issues that keep them from it.

    Best of luck - and, most likely, this will still be here when you're back!
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