Masters Of The Elements

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  1. I was actually considering making my own group or thread I don't know what it's called really but I'm new?

    At a young age children were experimented or were born the way they are now: Elemental Beings. They always knew something was different about them, although they could never pinpoint it. Their Elemental Powers didn't show up until they turned 15. At that Age they were sent to a special school where they learn how to harness their powers. Follow the seven of them in their journey to become Masters of the Elements.

    Is this Idea worth anything? I know it isn't very detailed but I would mostly likely need help making it more detailed.
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  2. Would anyone be interested?
  3. You can message me about it if you want
  4. it seems cool :3 id be willing to join
  5. Posting interest~
  6. im interseted as well if you are still going to create this
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