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  1. Well hello there beautiful. I am seeking out a special young lady to play the role of a human princess in victorian ages. I prefer females of the advanced/Adept range, as for I do not mind my partner's playing style I do wish that they at least post 1-3 paragraphs at least.

    You see I have a very set way of doing things. You post first and then I will copy your style, maybe I'll copy length maybe I'll be shorter or longer, but that all varies about what the plot gives me. If it is conversation or I am looking for a quick reaction to my character's actions I will post a very short post maybe one to two lines so you can respond the same way or with a longer post.

    In other words I do not mind either way and I ask that my partner not mind it either. I will be playing a vampire male, now not the sparkling kind I will be playing some thing of my own creation.

    Vampire Info (open)

    Vampires are very old Mystical creatures, their body structure differences include;
    • Increased height
    • Enhanced Appearance to attract humans
    • 4 top fangs including the Primary fangs and Droolers
    • 2 bottom fangs aka the Secondary fangs
    • Increased strength Varies really until puberty when it really kicks in
    • They have a very strong Hormone in their scent known as Cuppedo
    • Eye colors: Red, Silver, Green, Light blue, hot pink, and Grey.
    Droolers are the secondary top fangs that release hormones into the blood stream making their prey feel a sexual rush a little more advanced then the feeling of intercourse it's self. The Droolers are hollow fangs that are very small but very sharp. The fluid released from the Droolers is like a drug to the brain, the brain reacts to the fluid just like it would any other drug except they stimulate a high production of Endorphins.
    The primary fangs are hollow and are the main feeding fangs. They have two small sacks above them that can release Venom, the Venom it's self can alter a human's bloodstream and brain, aka turning them into a half-blood. Secondary fangs work the same but instead of venom they release a hormone if the vampire is feeding during a Black Bite.
    Black bites are when a vampire is involved in a sexual act while feeding. During this act it can release a hormone through the Secondary fangs the hormone is a gel substance that instantly will make the victim and the one feeding reach their peak aka climax.
    Latin term for Lust its meaning has the term Masculine and/or Feminine to it, it is also a hormone released through the skin to attract prey such as;
    The hormone is weak to;

    The only weakness they have is Anti-Venom. Basically a royal vampire's venom, it's deadly to them. Hunters use it inside a special type of bullet that if broken inside the vampire will lead to death no matter what. If they bullet is removed without it shattering the vampire will live. They are just like human beings their life span is just a whole lot longer. They aren't immortal but they can't die from natural causes or old age. They can mate with any species but it is very dangerous with humans mostly just human females. A human female's spine can be broken in the act, causing instant death. They do reproduce sexually and they only stay pregnant for 3 months.

    Children grow very rapidly until puberty when they slow down extremely. It is very uncommon for a human female to carry a true half-blood. See when Vampire females get pregnant by a human male the children are still vampire, but when its the other way around they are half bloods. Human female's usually die within a month of being pregnant...And going through labor theres a 93% chance of death. If the mother lives it will take a long while before she can walk again.

    Alot of times there are complications with the pregnancy causing the child to have E.F.D [Excessive Feeding disorder]. Vampires can't get human diseases, they have their own diseases, Even their own STDS vampires cant get those from humans only other vampires. Half-Bloods can get STDS and human sicknesses and then pass them onto a vampire but other wise vampires cant get those diseases even then its not the same disease its a hybrid of the disease alot worse.

    To be a royal blood you must be born into it. To keep the blood line going alot of times royal bloods will have to reproduce with their siblings if they wish to keep their blood line going. Incest is very common in the vampire world and there are no bad outcomes in the children they have.

    *Takes my fedora off softly and tips it to you* Good day to you my queen... I will see you... in my beautiful nightmares~
  2. I'm interested gonna pm you now
  3. I am interested if it is still open
  4. Sounds super super interesting!!!!!! But alas, I am only a beginner at role playing. I hope that you have lots of fun with your partners!
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