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  1. Hey! Me here! I'm looking for maybe a long term partner, depending. I'm looking for preferably a male because me character will be a girl. But if you really want, I can do gxg. I'm looking for a mystical creature, I usually rp with demons and vampires, but I guess it does depends. I would like the character to be 18-28 in human years. Here's the plot I'm thinking of below. If interested, please PM me or reply!

    Nasy (NASE ee) wondered through the cold nights tonight brought, walking left and right down sidewalks, wondering where they would take her. It was almost midnight, but she was wide awake. She snuck out around nine, barely. It was hard but she managed to do it. She was supposed to meet up with a friend and hang out, but her parents did not approve, let alone her friend. Her parents believed they were a bad influence, but whatever. She was supposed to meet him at this club, which she just found. She let out a sigh, sending a white puff of air into the atmosphere, and walked into it through the back. She was wearing a short black leather skirt, a pink spaghetti strap tank top with a black cardigan over that stops under her breasts, and wore black high heels that wrapped around her ankles. Her hair was worn in a style of being braided over the top of her head like a headband and spiral curled in a high side ponytail. She looked a bit old for ger age, she was only fourteen, hanging out with a sixteen year old. She tried to fit in with the 'it crowd.' Unfortunately for parents didn't want her to fit in.

    As she entered the club, she squinted as strobe lights hurt her eyes, and people bumped her unknowingly while dancing and walking. You could tell some people were drunk. She wasn't used to these things, this wasn't who she was, but whatever. She made her way through the dancers and conversationalists and made her way to the bar, and sat in a spinny chair at the counter. "What can I get you?" The bartender asked, but Nase (a nickname) just replied with, "Nothing at the moment, thanks" The bartender nodded and left to give services to someone else, while she rested her chin in her palm, watching the strip dancers for a second before looking at the DJ. She's never been to a place like this before. She was zoned out, too in her thoughts to notice you some seats beside her, your eyes glued on her. The moment she sat down, her presence was unignorable. Her thoughts invaded your mind, and its like... well, you couldn't even bring yourself to say it. Anyway, she was interesting.. she would be fun.

    You're a ___, obviously not human, so of course you are a stronger race. You find it interesting to have weaker races, usually humans, as slaves or pets. Or sometimes just your toy. They're like puzzles to you. To experiment with them and see different reactions. Sometimes you like to see what they're limits are, and see if they are trainable. The variations have been... fun. The last one you had is well... gone. You just like to tell others, if they ask, that there was a small conflict. Tonight for once, you weren't at this club for fresh meat. Just here to relax and drink a little. You were glad you weren't drunk yet. Maybe she can be your new test.

    Okay, so thats it! Byeeeee!
  2. I'm probed by this! But I'd probably have my character be the girl-in-disguise-as-boy kinda girl xD
  3. Lol sure!
  4. And I'd want to be a vampire, quick reflexes, pale skin, bloody tears and a hate for sunlight xD
  5. Haha okay!
  6. Can you start it? Since it was your idea.
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