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  1. Does anyone wanna do a petplay/master slave rp with me? I would like it to be only girl x guy but I'm okay with girl on girl if it is required.
  2. I would be interested in doing one with you. Are you looking to be the female or male? And which one is master or pet?
  3. I'm looking to be a female pet if that's okay with you but I'm cool with being either tbh
  4. That's fine, twas why I asked the questions, wanted to see what you were looking for. Are they both human? Maybe anthro and human?

    I'm okay with guys and I would be more then happy to explore it further with you.
  5. I am cool with whatever as far as whether their human or not... But I think I'll make the pet human just cuz humans are just.. So special
  6. Okay, i'll make him human. I haven't played a good male in a while. Do you care what their personality was like? Sweet and affectionate or more dark and dominant?
  7. I kind of like the idea of him being dark and dominant and treats her like she completely belongs to him... But not like... Abusive to the point where he's so horribly horrible but just enough.
  8. Okay.. I can try that... Haven't played many dark males. As we go, you can tell me if I need to change it. Where should we start the rp? Are they just meeting, have they been at it for a while?
  9. Like I said at the beginning. I'm open to an auction. A slave sale. Just having been bought.... I'm up for whatever works for you
  10. Hello~!
    Are you still looking for a partner here? I would love to partner up if you are~!
    Send me PM if interested ^^

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.