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Original RP Prompts | Master Thread
Last Updated: 3/10/20
Three Slots to start out! We'll see if I can take one or two more once things get settled.


MERAKI (A.) | Greek
The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into your work.

  • Hello, Starshine I hope you all are doing well! My name is Hannah, but most people online call me Hanns. I am an English Major who currently works at a IT Company in Colorado Springs. Oh, and in my free time, I love to create art and write roleplays! I’ve been roleplaying for about 9 years, but I’ve been writing stories and creating characters for as long as I could remember. All of the ideas and pairings in this thread is for original stories, as original material is what I love to write about the most. But I might set up a fandom document.

    One of the wonderful things about roleplaying is that it's a chance to escape from reality, even if it is through words on a page. You create worlds and characters who love, who hate, who bleed and who can heal. You'll find I take my stories pretty seriously and I'm really hoping to find others who feel the same way!

    I don’t want to waste anyone’s time as I’m sure you’re here to roleplay! Thus, I’ll try to make this document’s rules and guidelines brief. I’ve got a table of contents set up below, for easy access and clean assortment. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

  • I do consider myself to be a pretty lax writing when it comes to writing with other people involved, However I do have a few general rules that I like to follow when it comes to roleplaying.

    • Be Nice and be Invested - Seriously inquiries only, please! The most important rule for me when it comes to roleplaying is that we're having fun and if you or I aren’t excited about the roleplay, then it’s going to be a real downer. So all I ask is for a partner who is friendly, invested and contributes to the story. If I feel like I have to step on eggshells around you or if I feel like I am having to do all the work, then you're not the person I am looking for. Note that this it's not first come, first serve!
    • Quality over Quantity - My writing style is novella, meaning that I will write on average anywhere from four to eight paragraphs at a time. At the same time, I know some roleplayers write shorter responses and can still produce quality content. Thus, I don’t want you to stress out over your length. As long as you are trying your best, that’s all I can really ask for. I welcome all types of writers/roleplayers. But I feel like I should set up some sort of limit, so all I ask for as a bare minimum is one full paragraph.
    • Respect my Rules Regarding Mature Content - I'm looking for all types of relationships - romantic, platonic, family, friends, enemies, and everything in between! That being said, I don't mind smut as long as its tastefully done and and fits within the plot. It should evolve naturally and it has to be consensual - rape can be mentioned or used in a backstory, but I will never act it out. Both parties have to be consenting adults and I will never do incest or underage sex. Overall, our stories must be story based, not smut based.
    • Good Grammar is a Plus - I am by no means a grammar nazi. I make plenty of spelling mistakes, so you don’t have to worry about me correcting you! All I ask is that you roleplay in third person and that you are trying your best when it comes to grammar.
    • Character Sheets and World Building - Not really something mandatory, but I figured I add this just to tell everyone my own preferences/opinions. I personally prefer character sheets and character mood boards, but I'm definitely not going to make you do one! But I would like to world build a bit first before we hop in. Honestly, I could talk about characters or world building all day so if that isn't really your thing I don't think we'd get along as partners.
    • Multiple Characters - Now, I can't really force this one. I understand that some people prefer roleplay one or two characters and that's totally fine. But for me, I really enjoy when multiple personalities, backstories and motivations come together to shape the plot into something interesting. Don't get me wrong, I get the importance of main protagonists. But think of your favorite books, movies and games - many of them don't have just one character, right? So while this one is more of a preference than a rule, I'd really like to have a partner who can write several characters appropriately.

Writing Samples & Roleplay Examples

Below, I have provided some writing samples that I think best exemplify my writing style. If you are able to send a writing sample, you'd be my best friend! I always ask just because it really helps me gage your writing. Honestly, anything that lets me know what your length preference is as well as your writing style. It’s not mandatory, but it will help me a lot!

  • The door opened without a sound. As if the maiden's invitation were already expected. And already welcomed. But the Wolf did not follow her inside - his paws rested at the threshold of the forest clearing, where the shadows' edge met the sunlight. He need not go any further. He need not burn within the light of the sun.

    Among the scent of the old willow wood, the most curious of smells were enclosed within the small willow hovel - their scents finally freed by the opening of the large door. Sweet, soft jasmine petals mingled with the firm, crimson essence of elderberry wine. Cinnamon, hot and seasoned, prickled with tart lemon and mingled slowly with slow dew of fresh honey. And all around these wonder auras, the glow of dancing candle light within tiny lanterns were scattered all over the tiny, single bungalow.

    Crystal vials and rose glass bottles were lined up as far as the eye could see - made up of all sorts of wonderful colors and hues, that glowed and twinkled at the candle's glow. Their caps were tied in silk ribbons or tiny hemp cords, with labels written in a beautiful black ink. Between these marvelous creations, opalescent crystals and the tiniest of gems scattered about the wooden shelves, keeping company with the delicately tied bundles of wild flowers. All about was clutter - but it was a witch's clutter. Up upon the window's bannister, a sandy coon cat was cleaning her paws against her sharp, white whiskers. On a nearby shelf, a cat as white as a winter's frost reclined between two large bottles of a clear, sparkling potion - his tail twitching this way and that as yellow eyes lazily turned to gaze upon the hovel's latest visitor.

    'O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
    'O' willow waly' till my lover return to me."

    A voice came from the hearth, where the fireplace crackled and popped - the cauldron's skillet bubbling with a delicious smell of fresh buttered cornbread and a sizzling stew. Someone was bent over the cauldron, stirring the pot softly with a wooden ladle. A dog, with a wiry snout and scruffy ears, laid at her bare feet - raising its head to stare with beady, inquisitive eyes at the maiden.

    "We lay my love and I beneath the Weeping Willow.
    But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree."
    Singing O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
    Singing O' willow waly' till my lover returns to me."

    Her hair was as red as a rising fire - redder than the crimson leaves of the fall forest. Loose curls, tied up in a messy bun that looked as if it were ready to unfurl itself. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were soft and thin and blushed in a tulip pink. She tapped the ladle before cleaning her hands with the end of her ivory apron.The dog's tail thudded against the wooden floor as his realized that the maiden in the doorway was, indeed, a guest. He rose from the feet of his master, brushing the ends of her skirts as the beast trotted over to greet the strange traveler. A cold wet nose nudged against her hand, his ears floppy about as the dog requested a pat on the head - his stubbed tail wriggling about.

    "Oh! Another visitor. Welcome, welcome to my apothecary." The lady with the red curls had turned to face her now - the glow of the fire's hearth dancing about her ivory skin and rosy cheeks. "And what is it you need, traveler? A healing ointment? Perhaps some peppermint to freshen up?" She tucked a few strands of wild fire strands behind her ear as she surveyed her newest visitor. It would appear, based on the maiden's appearance, she was a peasant from the village. Perhaps a beggar, looking for a single ounce of kindness to last through the night. The poor child.

    "Oh my. You must have come a long way to get here, haven't you." Her voice was kind. Yet, buoyant. Full of spirit. Her face and her voice were youthful, but her eyes were old. An elder's - blue and clear perhaps, but ancient. Perhaps, even wise. And they were not swayed by the maiden's haggard appearance. "Well, you are just in time for supper. Come, sit, sit!”

  • When Milo found his way back to Chartier, he found Ivan sitting by himself. The blonde man had his head propped against his hand, elbow resting on the small, round cafe table that contained nothing else but a half-finished drink. Milo took the seat in front of him, expression unchanging even when the other man made his irritation plain.

    “You're blocking the view, brother.” Ivan had been making eyes at a middle-aged woman a few tables away. She had a lovely pearl necklace, and a set of matching earrings. He could think of more than one way to take them off of her.

    “I have a job for you.”

    “You know, it's really only a job if I get paid.” He rolled his eyes.

    “You will. Handsomely. My employer will see to it himself.”

    Ivan scoffed at the remark, but Milo had succeeded in getting his attention. “I have no use for riches.” The man waved his hand in dismissal. At a thought, the bored look on his face became undone. Instead, an impish smile took over. “You know, I will do anything for a title. Duke Marchand has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?”

    Milo shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tried to contain his frustration. “Do me a favor before I discuss the details with you.”

    “Anything for my dear brother.”

    In reluctance or in contemplation, Milo took a deep breath before he found the will to respond. His head turned towards the stage, dark eyes transfixed by the woman with the sultry voice. “Get me a private meeting with Tanja Marković.”

    At this, the younger man burst into tiny fits of laughter. “I haven't had too much to drink, have I?” Ivan lifted his drink, swirling the contents. “So your parts are functional, after all. I just lost three different wagers.” Ivan raised his hand to beckon a waiter over. “Would you be a dear, and give the lovely lady over there a glass of your Chardonnay Icewine?” He gestured towards Tanja. 'Tell her Ivan misses her. You can put it on my friend's tab.”

    Milo said nothing, only threatened Ivan with a sharp glower.

    “Actually, if you could bring the rest of the bottle here for us to drink, that would be lovely.” Ivan handed the waiter his half-empty glass. “I've had enough of this cheap swill.”

  • It was as if the door was an opening to another world – the color and the warmth of the sum washed away the dreary motel room the pair stepped outside, Mr. Frost locking the door behind them. The explosion of colors and sounds was overwhelming.

    On either side of the street stood tall, old, beautiful buildings – apartments and motels as far as the eye could see, decorated with blue canopies and in green plants that lay nestled upon the high balconies. Tall street lamps guarded the paved cobblestone paths, their soft glow still welcoming within the soft morning hours. The streets were quiet, except for the birds hopping about the high tree tops and the sound of a distance and a motorcycle roaring to life in the far distance.

    With Layla in hand, Mr. Frost lead her down the sidewalk and onto the large cobblestone pathway. It was still early in the morning. Not many people were out yet. Good. The last thing he needed were too many prying eyes.

    "This way, dear.” He turned a sharp corner, down a narrow ally way before descending a cobblestone stairway that took them between the buildings and towards another cobblestone pathway. Several pigeons hooted at them, taking flight into the treetops as they passed.

    On one side of the street, the pair was welcomed to a large and lush park. Short stone walls wrapped around lush green grass, with trimmed bushes and flowers so colorful and pristine. Deep within the center of the small park was a pond, where several small ducks flittered about in the crystal waters that reflected amber from the rising sun. Several trees line the pond in unison, however one oak tree at the end of the line seemed to tower over the rest – its acorns were huge and its leaves even bigger. Sweet was its smell, its sap speckled about its trunk in small, crystal specks. On the other side of the street were shops as far as the eyes could see. Their wordings were writing strangely, in a language other than English. But their letters in golden and white cursive were beautiful upon the multi colored canopies.

    Oh, but the smell! Fresh croissants pastries and strong, dark coffee swelled together with the milk chocolate éclairs and lemon scented cakes. In one bakery window, a short, stubby man in a white vest was setting out fresh French bread in baskets in the window display. Another small shop down the street had lined up powered treats and jammed pastries upon their window display. Against the wall of the small shop, a fluffy dog with cropped ears slept only raising its head to stare at the pair as they walked by.

    Mr. Frost lead Layla to one of the small shop, with a green canopy with gold letters, at the end of the line at the corner – The little cafe was surrounded by a black fence where several small tables and chairs sat under a emerald green canopy. A small blackboard was written upon with white cursive right in front of the glass doorway.

    “Where would you like to sit, Layla?” Mr. Frost asked, “Would you like to sit inside or sit outside?”

Table of Contents (Original Roleplay Prompts)

You're going to find out that I put a lot of description, love and care within the stories I make. These prompts are very close to my heart so I’d love to find someone who can enjoy them too! I firmly believe that stories can have multiple genres and most of my prompts do as well. There is the central genre that shapes the story the largest, which eventually opens the door to other genres as well. I hope this helps with some of the confusion! Some prompts may be closed due to it already having a partner or even to the fact that it’s something I’m not craving at the moment. Note that these are just prompts. They can be re-written to fit our own needs. So if you have an idea or a craving, don’t hesitate to ask me! I may say no but I may be able to work something out. You never know until you ask!

  • _3__by_hannsthemanns_ddfjw36-fullview.jpg

    [X] The Children of Dawn
    "Carry the flame and set the world on fire! Even in the darkness, carry your torches."
    High Fantasy | Adventure | Mythology

    Short Description: “A goddess looks upon a young world and is disgusted by the growing wickedness and corruption. However, a curious earth spirit finds that five unlikely individuals who still remain pure of heart against all odds. In an effort to sway her mistress that there is still some good in humanity, the trickster spirits turns memories into magic and blesses each of the five with strange gifts. He instructs the chosen five that if they wish to be spared from his mistress’ wrath, they are to take these gifts of lost knowledge and journey to a world known as the Everdawn, where they can remind the goddess of pinnacle moments of humanity.”
    Optional Pairing: [Any pairing!]
    Genres: Fantasy, Adventure/Quest, Epic,
    Notes: This one definitely has more of a fellowship feel to it, so I’m looking for someone whose ok playing multiple characters. It’s also fluid with romance or platonic relationships, so let me know what it is your looking for! Also, your characters can be any age! Most fantasy races are fine (generic or fandom), though if that is the case then we should do a bit of world building to establish consistency/lore. For any clarification, the traits represent hope, compassion, pursuit of freedom, valiance, & wisdom.

    In the first dawn of a new world, before mankind was vast across the earth, the mortal races co-existed upon a small landmass known as Ardunia. A beautiful oasis, its first ancestors were blessed by the Emerald Mother, an earth goddess mankind called Enya. And for generations, the flourishing valley proved protection and nourishment for the people who resided there, watched over by the goddess and her faithful earth spirits.

    But as time passed, the whims of man overwhelmed their desire to do good. Selfish princes became ruthless kings who oppressed their people. Monks lined their pockets with bribes to lay false blessings upon sinners. Soon, slave markets lined the streets in place of fruit stalls and narcotics flooded underground dens to claim the lives of many. The promised land that was Ardunia had become little more than a den of thieves and murderers. Prayers to the goddess grew less and less.

    Enya looked upon the valley and seeing what had become of her children, she wept, regretting what she had made for those who no longer followed her. In anger, she planned for a way to wipe them from her sight completely.

    But a spirit named Cyphos, a vineyard spirit of mirth, wagers and mischief, stumbled upon five persons whom not even he could justify tampering with - while their mortal natures left them flawed and imperfect, Cyphos found much light within their hearts.

    The spirit relayed what he had found to his mistress, naming the persons the five lights and explaining the purity of their hearts. But Enya would not listen. For she believed that humanity by nature is tainted and that any soul regardless of their initial purity would eventually be corrupted. When Cyphos saw she would not spare humanity in its entirty, he offered his goddess a wager - a prospect of a new Dawn. if these five souls could show her the beauty of humanity, then she would spare them and any they saw worthy to live. If they could not, then they would perish with the rest of humanity. Enya, taking favor within her servant, agreed and gave him one year.

    As is his nature, Cyphos began his quest with a trick - luring his mistress into a peaceful slumber, he searched through her ancient mind to find memories she still held dear. Stealing five of these memories, Cyphos lay magic upon them and carried them to the mortal world below. Through further mischief, he lured the five lights together and placed each memory upon each soul in the form of a gift:

    To one, a silver star that shines even in the darkest nights.

    To one, a golden flower that gives healing through sacrifice.

    To one, a bestial strength that is untamed and wild in unbridled glory.

    To one, a flame that burned at the sight of cruelty and injustice.

    To one, a foresight that is heightened by humbleness and cautious pursuits.

    The five lights were to use these gifts to pave the path to the new dawn, to a land above the valley and high over the clouds that Cyphos called the Everdawn - a place untainted by wickedness, made for them and any they believed were worth saving. For one year, they have the task of proving the truth worth of humanity.

  • _6__by_hannsthemanns_ddqlq5u-fullview.jpg

    [X] The Guardians of Nern
    "Cover your crystal eyes - let your colors bleed and blend with mine"
    Fantasy | Adventure | Romance

    Premise: “A maiden, born with a heart made of magic pearl, sets off on a quest to resurrect four dead guardians trapped in a dreamscape called Nern. Nern, a realm lost to a curse, is under the control of a cruel wizard who plans to use the maiden's pearl heart to return to reality and enslave humanity through their dreams just as he did Nern. By awakening the four guardians, the maiden can stabilize the lost land, anchor it back to its true fate and sever the wizard’s grasp to the living world.”
    Optional Pairing: [MxF - but also welcome FxF or MxM]
    Genres: Fantasy, Adventure/Quest
    Notes: The guardians can be any gender and I'm fine with playing all of them or each of us playing a few of them. Your characters can be any age! As always, there doesn’t have to be romance unless you want there to be! And also as always, I’m good with playing either part of the pairing!

    Once upon a season, Nern was a vast and prosperous realm of mysterious beauty. The streets laid in moonstone, the poplar trees leaves shone like silver and it was said that the sun never set within the capital city of Larimar. And for generations, Nern was protect from all harm by the four great guardians - The Pale Knight, The Minstrel of Amber Run, The Scribe of the Silver Athenaeum and the Amethyst Huntress.

    But as all things come to be, so do they come to an end. It's said that, within a single fortnight, an overwhelming slumber numbed the realm and cast it into a mist. The once revered and prosperous kingdom vanished under a spell, never to be heard of again. Eventually, the land of Nern became nothing more legend and the world forgot about the kingdom of beauty and pearl.

    Years past and in the Hold of Arcsberg, the human kingdom within the woods in the west, a maiden is taken from peasantry to be betrothed to a prince. Though not by the love or pity, but through the greed of his thoughts - for this prince found, through news of his advisors, that the maiden possesses a wondrous gift. Through good deeds, she can produce pearls of wondrous wealth and beauty. And so the young prince, blinded by the greed of a luxurious life, takes the peasant girl to be his bride.

    But one rainy night, the soon to be princess crosses paths with a cloaked sorcerer - a cryptic enchanter who has traveled far to find the Ivory maiden, the girl with the pearl heart capable of fantastical magic. The stranger taps into her pearl heart, enlightening her with the fate of Nern: There was a wizard Phylox of Arcania who learned how to control others through the phases of their dreams and nightmares. Through the power of dreams, he could connect the dreamscape to the real world (or the realscape) and pass anything he wanted between them. Fearing of what he could unleash upon reality with enough arcane knowledge, the four guardians of Nern rose forward to vanquish the wizard - Phylox was weakened, but not before he could destroy the guardians and trap Nern within his own twisted dreamscape where he could feed on their dreams and grow more powerful to return.

    But hope was not completely lost. For in Nern's last moments, the four guardians gave their last good deed in the gift of their own lives. From their sacrifice, the guardians produced an iridescent peal of wondrous beauty and great magic that bloomed in the realscape - a pearl which is her. This pearl, the last remnant of the last land of Nern.

    As soon as he grows powerful enough, he will use Nern's fallen dreams to return to the realm. The maiden is given a choice. She can remain here, a servant to a prince's greed. Or she can can use her gifts through the power of her pearl heart to resurrect the fallen guardians and free Nern from the terror of Phylox.

  • _5__by_hannsthemanns_ddqlq6a-fullview.jpg

    [X] The Drowned Daughter
    "It is easy to be dead. Say only this; They are dead."
    Dark Fantasy | Adventure | Mystery

    Premise: “In a coastal colony, a young inspector arrests a girl accused of murdering a physician's apprentice. But darker intent is uncovered when a cult claims the girl is the offspring of a vengeful sea god, one whom will shape her into his champion to flood the world and raise forth a new civilization.”
    Optional Pairing: [MxF or FxF - I might consider MxM]
    Genres: Dark Fantasy, Adventure/Quest, Romance, Horror
    Notes: Romance is not necessary, but if you’d like that then I’m fine with playing either part! I feel like this one could range from Dark Fantasy to Steampunk to Historical, so let me know what setting you’d like. It definitely has some Lovecraftian influences! If you didn’t guess, this one is darker in tone so if you were looking for something super fluffy, this probably isn’t want you’re looking for.

    The city of Coldmouth, a settlement within the seaside kingdom of Ebonrest, is rebuilding itself after a disastrous rainfall known as The Long Weep nearly flooded the territory completely. Once a prosperous shipyard and trading monopoly, Ebonrest has become little more than a darkening marshland surrounded by cliffs and crumbling coast. Even after the rain had stopped, order still spiraled into further unrest. Poverty rises as children are left as parentless street urchins, young women are forced to sell their bodies, and once trivial crimes now earn the accused quick trial and an even quicker drop at the gallows.

    But worst still is the rising influence of a cult, a nefarious clan of white haired women who call themselves the Church of Evermourn. The Evermourners claim to be the disciples of a deep sea god, one whom they call Nepherion the Dark Father - A deformed, cruel deity often represented as an ever watching eye. Angered at the sounds of life above his waters, Neperhion has vowed to raise up a champion who will rile the waters and flood the world completely to wash away humanity, where he can then bring forth a new race that will worship him, and only him, as the almighty one.

    Were this all the cultists said, little notice would have been made. Madness is rampant, religious less relied upon these days. But now, the cursed sea has given the local fishing towns a bounty of strange fish - fish with deformed faces, stretched mouths and boils all over their fins. Villagers have begun to vanish from their beds, only for their stripped bones to be found in the nets of frightened fishermen. Rumors begin spreading of the cultist's preachings and fear of their true power has come into question.

    House Marñiques, the Ruling House of the Ebonrest, has sent three of its servant houses to secure stability within settlements. House D’Alvarde, the king's wardens, are sent to the Coldmouth coast to act as enforcers of the realm and to investigate the strange occurrences.

    A young D'Alvarde (male or female) finds themselves the town inspector, eager to please their overbearing father to bring glory to their House. But one day, their deputy calls them to the scene of a particuarly heinous crime. The body of a physician's apprentice has been found mangled and disfigured by the port docks. The supposed murderer? A frightened, doe eyed girl with a symbol marked upon her body; the mark of the Church of Evermourn. With the circumstantial evidence in hand, the inspector has little choice but to arrest the girl and takes her into custody so she may stand trial.

    Upon further interrogation, the girl reveals her side. She is indeed a daughter of the Church of Evermourn, the cult whom worships the Dark Father - The mark upon her body, a carving of a grotesque eye, holds gravity within the Evermourn cult. It is was told to her by the cultists that the girl was conceived by the dark god Nepherion, who planted his seed within the belly of a leviathan as it slept within the blackened waters. The pregnancy caused the beast great distress and it's fins thrashed the sea about. When the labor began, so did the Long Weep and the heavens rained for thirty days and thirty nights. On the last day, the leviathan washed upon the shore and died and the girl was found by the cult within the belly of the beast.

    From there, she was raised under the watchful eye of the Evermourn's leader, whom she is called the Mother. But instead of embracing the doctrine of the sea god, the girl wishes to severe her bound with the water god all together, wanting to save humanity instead of destroying it. The doctor whose apprentice was murdered is actually one of many under the employ of the cult, told to assist in awakening the girl's "true eye."

    The girl's trial commences and it's not long before the cult comes to reclaim their lost daughter, as the coastal skies darken and the deep god's anger rises. The inspector is eventually convinced by the girl's story and seeking to stop the prophecy, agrees to help the girl escape and find a way to remove the water god's curse on her.
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