Master/Pet Vampire Search

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  1. My character can be either male or female. I'm looking for a male or herm partner.

    I would like my partner to play 18 or older, maybe 17 at lowest and 28 as the highest. My partner is around 15 or 16 years of age in human years.

    Momoe is a pureblood vampire, who was born into the highest ranking family.

    Male and Female Plot: (Using she/her pronouns because Momoe is feminine both as male and female.)

    Momoe would be in the town her family had founded, that is full of monsters and demons of all sorts. Momoe was captured by some of these monsters and demons, then was taken to the underground city (which is much larger than the above ground city). One day Momoe would be found by your character, who could play as her father, or another demon/monster who saves her, then she becomes their pet (PET not slave, but she will be owned by your character which somewhat counts as a slave, but she is a pet).

    Pets are treated better than slaves and are kind of like eye candy, who goes almost everywhere with their master, unless they are told not to go. They stay by their master's side at all times, unless they are told to go somewhere else for the time being.

    I only but gore and graphic violence because Momoe is a vampire, she has to drink blood to survive. She also has another personality, a dark side. This dark side only comes out when Momoe loses to her hunger. She can't last very long, but since she was captured by the monsters/demons her tolerance has built, which means her other side gets more aggressive. Her eyes start glowing when she's hungry, when they're their brightest, she's either feeding, having sex, or has lost to her hunger and gone on a rampage for blood. Her fangs also grow to their full extent which can be seen when her mouth is opened slightly.

    Of course Momoe would become familiar to her master's scent, so whenever she rampages she would calm down when he was near, and become submissive like she usually is. So, the only way to calm her down is for someone she trusts in near.