Master and Servant?

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    Name: Annie Baskov
    Age: 18

    Annie was born in a small village, her family and all the people in the village are surfs, meaning slaves to the landowner and have no say in what happens to them or their family. Annie was chosen when she was eight to serve inside the land owner’s home.


    Annie is serving inside the home as a maid to the daughter of the owner and also doing house hold chores. She grows up alongside the daughter and the owner’s son. The son is a few years older than her and he enjoys messing with her and playing games with her. He goes off to school, whenever he is home he notices Annie less and less as he gets wrapped up in other things. However when he comes home to take over the owner ship of the house and land after his father’s death he notices Annie and see’s she is all grown up.

    At first he just wants to have her as a kind of pet, a little fun and nothing more, but something odd happens, he starts to fall for her and he is not used to this and so tries to brush the feelings away by sleeping with other girls. Of course this breaks Annie’s heart, for she has cared about him for a long time now. I was thinking that he then tries to regain her but she doesn't want anything more to do with him for what he did, but of course he wont give her up.

    I just want to have fun with this, you know loads of drama. Maybe he isn't even human; maybe he is into the dark arts or something. If you are interested hit me up here or P.M me!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.