Master and Pupil

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  1. Kalila made her way through the halls resignedly, her boots treading softly across the marble floor. She hated this time of day, really she did. It was almost noon, judging by the way the sun slanted across the floor through the windows and that mean only one thing. Practice time. She sighed and shook her head, her dark hair swaying as she did so, wondering what kind of crazy stunts the weapons master was going to make her go through today as she continued to make her way towards the barracks.

    Born into a family that ruled over the feudal lands, and being the only girl at that had pushed her to try and prove herself in a world full of males, wanting everyone to see her as a person, not just another pretty bauble of the court. She was a warrior, something that caused her mother no end of distress and amusement from her father and brothers, only indulging in her activities when it amused them. She would show them all what she could do and one day surpass them all. Maybe they would finally see her then. She just.....well she just hated practicing sometimes.....everyone was like that at times...right?

    "Practice again little sister? When are you ever going to give up? Go and play with your pretty dresses and dolls."

    She was roused from her thoughts by passing one of her brothers, a pretty woman on his arm as always. Dram was always chasing another set of skirts, and the one on his arm was his most recent toy. She stopped for him and eyed the woman up and down, her nose wrinkling in disdain. Another whore looking to weasel their way into the family. Lovely. "I have better things to do with my time, brother, than to indulge in nonsense. Now why don't you go back to what you do best. Picking up whore and filling their ears with with sweet lies and false promises,"she with a sneer, her hands tightening on the hilts of the katanas strapped to her waist. She sniffed and turned away from them before he or the woman could reply, their faces shocked.

    She finally reached what she was looking for, passing through the large oaken doors to the practice arena outside and she breathed deeply. Perhaps practice wouldn't be so bad today at all, not with the mood she was in now, no thanks to Dram. She did not see the master at the moment and so she headed over to a shaded area, nodding to a few fellow soldiers who were sparring and began to stretch, her leather armor letting her move easily.
  2. "Blast this sun to the hells and back."

    Yoren made the same disgusted face over and over again whenever the sun beamed down atop of his small tufts of black hair. The color of his hair did nothing for the sun's absorbency whatsoever, making the heat on his head worse by the second. However, he was doing this to himself. He had business to attend to, but before that business, he had more business. The training of a new pupil. Yoren made a disgusted face at first thought of his pupil. It would most likely be one of those pompous boys who thought that just because they could lift a sword, they were the greatest swords master of all times. Arrogance preceded their skills, if they had any to match it up with. Although Yoren was quite young for his age, he had seen and experience a good bit of the latter throughout the years. It was almost as if the council was purposefully giving him the problem pupils.

    In the heat of the practice arena in which he basked in, a good crowd of people strode from here to there with their heads high into the air, taking in the beauty of the morning. What a morning it was. His attire matched perfectly with the climate, a beige tunic vest over a a slab of long tan pantaloons, ending to where his toes stuck out from the leather and cloth woven sandals. Shorts may have sufficed as well, but it was far too late in the morning for him to worry about his charisma. The student would recognize him from a stick in the mud from the large sky beneath his cheek bone. The others around them choose to gather up their weapons and travel elsewhere once they were done with their 'dawn training'.

    Yoren envied them while he watched through slanted gray eyes as they left the arena, leaving him to toast. His day had just begun and he already wished for it to end in a spiced bottle of ale and some other strong liquid he did not recognize by name. All he knew was that the tavern had it every Tuesday and today was that day. Lifting a finger up to meet his small bristled chin, Yoren contemplated the fact of leaving the student, wherever they were. It would teach them a lesson in durability and responsibility. Of course, it was just an easy excuse for him to high tail it out of there, but whatever the matter; this little hot shot boy needed to learn some respect.

    Hearing a clang of leather armor, Yoren slid his eyes to his right to see a woman laden in the leather training armor of the Council's Pupils. His heart nearly went down his throat. Yoren muttered a prayer to some entity, hoping that this girl was not the hot shot boy he had just mentioned to himself earlier, however, seeing her dressed and stretching for preperation, Yoren knew he was living on that prayer for no reason at all. Just as such, he gathered his body away from the marble stone wall, taking tentaive yet authoraive steps towards the female.

    "A scowl on a hot day. Perfect for training conditions."he joked, lips curling into a small smirk. If this was to be his pupil, he had might as well toyed with a few emotions here and there.
  3. Kalila straightened at the sound of someone speaking to her, turning to find a young man smirking at her. Her eyes glanced over him, noting his light attire compared to her own and wondered why he was even out here in the training field with hardly any protection. A brief thought flitted across her mind, perhaps he was the Master she had come to meet. But he couldn't be, he was....too young. He did not look like the battle hardened warrior she was expecting, why he looked only a few years older than her. The thought caused her to frown even more before she cleared her expression, crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

    "Would you prefer something else then? Perhaps a false smile or a savage grin?"she asked a bit sarcastically, her mood still sour from her brief encounter with her brother. If he was not the Master then she felt no need to mince her words, and if he was.....then she would deal with that later. She did agree with him that it was incredibly hot, enough that she felt as if she was baking in her armor. But in the midst of battle one couldn't choose favorable conditions, there was only action and reaction and she tried to keep that in mind.

    She then reached into her pocket for a leather tie that she had forgotten about earlier, having put it in her pocket before she had left her room to pull back her dark hair in case she needed it. She then reach up and began to pull her hair back into a loose braid, enough so that it would not get in her eyes as she practiced. "If you are another that has come to tell me that I need to be sitting and knitting some ridiculous finery then you are wasting your time and mine. I have more important things to attend to,"she said as she tied the tie around the end of her braid, tossing it over her shoulder. "If you are the Master......then I apologize for expressing my thoughts and I think it is silly to be wearing sandals."
  4. Interesting.

    Yoren listened to the entire tirade with nothing but a lifted brow and the same unwavering smirk. His expression did not change when she said the words, though towards the end, his lips did manage to pull tighter into a wider smile. The pearls of his whitened teeth glinted and gleamed in the unrelenting rays of the sun until he finally got tired of stretching the muscles in his jaw to smile. The girl had to be the most defensive thing he had met in a very long time of his short life. Young or not, Yoren knew about people and the way they thought. He was far from being a psychological genius, but it wasn't hard to tell with her. She even had the deepening frown to prove it.

    "I have seen many of my pupils with a savage smile, and let me tell you, not a pretty sight. I'm still not sure why they made those faces in the first place because it did absolutely nothing to help their skills whatsover. I don't think it'll suit you too well, however. The solem scowl will do just fine."he replied, bowing his upper body in nothing but respect for who she was. "And I happen to enjoy these sandals very much so."he added, waving away her comment like a pestering insect or some sort.

    "Yoren Gerzock, or Master Yoren to you. I take it you are going to be under my wing for these next upcoming months?"he asked rhetorically, continuously scratching away at his chin to rid himself of an invisible itch. His gray eyes softened as he graced the girl with another smile. "Lovely. How may I have the pleasure of addressing the rising swordsm....woman to be?" he finished, leaning on his right leg as he dug his perfectly comfortable sandals into the ground beneath him.
  5. Ah. So he was the Master....well this was just great. Her lips thinned slightly at his bow, not sure if he was mocking her or deeming her an equal, but she did not comment on it. She had made enough comments today and she was surprised that he hadn't lit into her yet for them. She took that as a sign that he had a decent amount of humor, but wondered of he really was going to teach her properly or just indulge her because he had too. It was no matter though, she would soon find out and hopefully she would be able to surprise him.

    "I'll be sure to write that in my notes about the scowl then,"she said with a slight quirk of her lips, shifting her weight onto one hip, eyeing him up and down once again before he began to speak once again. She was still skeptical that he was a master, but she would not insult him by speaking her doubts outloud, not wishing to insult him once again. "Yes, I am going to be your student under the request of my father, Lord Gwaihir, the Bane of the South and lord of the lands. Perhaps I will be a proper warrior in the family,"she said with an incline of her head in respect towards her lord father and their home. She had much to live up to and she wished to make him proud.

    "My name is Kalila, and it is nice to meet you Master Yoren. I will not disappoint you,"she said with a small smile, reaching out her hand for a firm handshake in a proper greeting, the slight raising of a delicate brow the only indication she gave of his sandals.
  6. She was clearly disturbed at how nonchalant he was about the entire greeting. It took her a second or two to gather her wits when he bowed to her. Yoren never kept his eyes off of her as she fought with herself internally. It was clearly plastered all over her face when she commented about her scowling. Suddenly, the sun didn't seem so intolerable as it was before. He was much more interested and how dismissive she was being. That piqued his interest which was never a good thing with Yoren, really. Yoren was known to pile through the things that interest him, researching and doing everything in his power to find out things. Which, he assumed, wasn't really a bad thing. He just liked being in 'the know.' Yoren could not help but chuckle when the formalities ensued, looking down at her hand.

    "I forget why we're here. To train or to waltz in some ball."He chuckled deeply, taking her hand and placing a kiss on the back of it as he kept his gray eyes steadily on hers. A formality, really. "Kalila. Interesting. I assume getting a surname would be asking too much? Fine, I can live with Kalila for now, though my curiosity is soon to get the best of me. Fair warning." Yoren released her hand with a small smile on his face before turning away. He had been facing her for longer than was needed.

    "Return to your stretching, if you must. I can wait." He was lying through his teeth. The last thing he needed was another bundle of minutes under the blazing sun above. To think that the two of them had not even begun to train and he was already feeling fatigued. A master is not supposed to show such a complaining nature to...well, nature. It was a test of endurance to him. Yoren reminded himself to train indoors next time, however. No matter how much of a great endurance training it was, he didn't want his pupil dying of heat stroke, and he actually enjoyed the complexion of his skin.
  7. Kalila felt a faint blush rise to her cheeks and he took her hand and then kissed the back of it, his eyes seeming to watch her every move. She had expected a handshake of equals, not an acknowledgement that she was a lady nor the chuckle that followed. She didn't really know what to think of him, something that she certainly wasn't expecting and made her slightly unsettled. Her hand was soon released however and she let out a sigh or relief as he turned away, grateful to be away from his intense gaze for at least a few moments.

    "I don't think we are here to play twenty questions, Master,"she said sarcastically in response to him, letting her sarcasm mask her nerves that she was beginning to feel. Normally training did not bother her, she just went through the motions that she was told and that was it. This time however she was faced with someone who wasn't that much older than she was and made her balance, something that she didn't normally feel and didn't like. Their sparring would be interesting.

    "I do not need to stretch anymore, I am ready to begin when you are,"she said with a curt nod, her hands falling to the hilts of her blades and she walked out to the center of the training field. There were a few people watching the two of them, which she promptly tried to ignore and focus on the task at hand, a light sheen of sweat beginning to form on her brow. Turning back around to face him, she shifted her feet slightly and tightened her hands on her blades, her head slightly tilted to one side. "Shall we dance Master Yoren?" she asked with a slight raise of her brow, a smirk on her face.
  8. Yoren did nothing to feed into the girl's rash and toxic nature. He could have frowned and scold her about lack of manners and discipline. Just because she called him 'Master' did not mean that she respected him in the slightest. It was clear to see just by looking into those peering eyes of hers that she didn't take well to being pulled around. Her body alone was hard and rigid, tinges of sleek and fineness curves being hard to find under the armor. Yoren felt bad for thinking that a girl would be a tough thing to teach. He could barely get past the introductions without the lady wanting to sever his head.

    Still, entertaining was what he thought it was when she marched to him, hand on the hilt of her sword.

    "No practice bars? I'm not sure whether it's impatience that tempts you to slice me to bits or sheer confidence, though I fear the two." He brought his gaze over to the pile of unused wooden stakes and back to the intricate handle of the katana at her hip. Every sword, he knew, had a history. Kalila apparently wanted to mark some of that history all over him. "Thus, it is what we've come to do, is it not?"he said softly, not sure whether he was responding to himself or to Kalila. She didn't budge a muscle which brought out a chuckle from Yoren. Something he certainly hadn't remembered doing in a while.

    "Fine, I accept your invitation to a waltz."he called out, unsheathing the sword attached to his hilt with a simple swipe of his left hand. He quickly twisted it, testing it's weight and how it did in the sun. His sword reflected off of the ray of sunlight with the glimmer and gleam it always held in the morning. His weapon remained polish every dawn break, just to get scratched and buffeted at the end of the day. It was a weekly process that Yoren didn't mind so much. He always told each of his cleaning squires that if something happened to his sword, they would be training with him for the next 2 winters personally. With no armor.

    "Shall we start with stances and advances then?"he asked, twisting the sword again before standing in a bent stance, knees slightly bent but giving his feet some weight on the ground. "You have to feel the ground under you. If your opponent knocks you off balance, you can kiss your innards goodbye. The stance is what plants you to the ground. It steadies you. Understand?"he asked, remaining in the stance with a clean smile.
  9. "It is a thirst to prove myself, nothing more,"she said, removing one of the slender blades at her hip from its sheath, the subtle hiss of steal pleasing to her ear. She did not wish for him to go easy on her, and she meant what she had said about wanting to prove herself to him, not that she felt she could beat him, he was a master after all. But....she wanted to be acknowledged for what she could do, perhaps at least impress someone. "I would rather practice with my own weapon, preferring to know its own weight,"she said as he came out into the field to join her, her eyes widening slightly at his own sword.

    It was beautifully made, and obviously well taken care of from the way that it glinted in the sunlight. She hoped that she would be able to block it successfully. She then watched as he moved his body with practiced ease into a familiar position, observing his every move. She still thought his sandals were ridiculous, he might as well come out barefoot, but watched his feet none the less as he explained. She then copied his own movements and shifted her feet, one slightly in front of the other as she bent her knees a bit, feeling suddenly place. That was the only way that she was able to describe it. She held her sword loosely at her side until she was instructed what to do with it, sweat forming on her brow. She then nodded towards him to show that she was listening, switching stances to get a better feel of it.
  10. She mirrored his exact movements with her eyes set steadily onto his form. Just the way he liked it. Most of his other pupils tried to do their own thing, adding different twists and turns into everything he ordered when all he wanted was for them to do what he told them to do. That was what frustrated Yoren the most as a Master. Just because of his age, his pupils felt the need to defy his rules and rebel against them. They felt that since they were no older or younger than he, they did not have to obey everything he said right down to the tee. That was why Yoren never felt remorse for them when they were carried out of the training grounds in a cloth stretcher, reaching their blood caked hands at nothing.

    "Very good. You should feel the ground stay stable under you. Your weight should push and the ground should push along with you. It is this gravity, this balance, that will keep your head into the battle. When one tells you to 'stand your ground' it means doing this. If a sword was to come swinging at you, you should be able to knock it away with ease, for your balance is one with the Earth beneath you."he explained, shifting his feet side to side to show her how well his stance had been planted. Hers was not bad either. She squatted a bit more feminine like, but he surely wouldn't complain about that. At least she had gotten the gist of it.

    "Now, it's time for advances. Stay where you are, Pupi--Kalila,"he corrected, drawing his sword next to his hip while he continued to stand in the stance. The sun swooped around the two of them, leaving them to a blanket of shade for the moment. It was heavier than it needed to be in his hands, but a few swipes side to side emptied that thought. He kept his gray eyes to hers. "Find your own ground and advance. Attack."he said, bracing himself for surprises. That's what Kalila was, wasn't she?

    A surprise.