Master and Pet

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  1. Master X was a tall slender man, broad shoulders and a toned body, he wore a long black pants with a cream colored dress shirt with a few buttons undone to reveal his chest, long blonde hair rested above his shoulders. He sat at his desk waiting for the new little pet to come in, a smirk rose to his lips as he thought over what it will be like. A hand reached down to pull a drawer open making sure he had what he needed and closed it with a satisfied smile, upon hearing a knock at his door he stood up and answered with a grin, "Hello there. Come on in." his voice was soft but had a deep tone to it.
  2. A small male neko walked in as he held his coat in his hands. His left ear pinned back to his head as his tail flicked lightly. " Y-uyes sir. " he said as he stepped inside and looked around.
  3. He had a large home office, book shelves lining the walls and a large oak desk right in the middle of it. The man grinned seeing the cute ears and tail as he closed the door "I'm happy to see you'd made it alright." walking up behind his new pet a hand took on his ears gently massaging it "So soft."
  4. The neko would gasp lightly as his ears were one of his weak spots. " Y-yes master.. " He said as he breathed hard.
  5. Grinning to himself as he was called master, something he adored. "Good..." his fingers trailed down the pet's spine slowly "I've been looking forward to seeing you all day." leaning down his arms wrapped around the little one's mid-section and murmured against his neck "I've missed you."
  6. He just blushed as he looked down his purple hues slightly glowing. " And i have missed you too master. " He said looking up to him smileing.
  7. Pressing an index finger under the young man's chin he pressed lips to his in a soft kiss "Good..." he smiled and walked his pet over to his desk "You know what I miss seeing?" he asked whispering into those soft ears "See you bent over my desk."
  8. He just blushed deeply as he looked down lightly. " Would master like to see it again? " he said as he looked to him.
  9. Grinning down at him a hand took his coat tossing it aside, then gently pressing to the pet's back for him to lean "I really would." slowly his hand moved down his back and then his rear giving a soft squeeze "Mmm... Have you been good lately?" he asked walking over behind his desk and reaching into a drawer.
  10. He bent over the desk and blushed. " Yes sir i have. " He said as his tail lifted and swayed lightly.
  11. Grabbing something from the drawer he made his way back around and behind his pet. Fingers hooked into the boy's pants and underwear tugging them down without notice, his hand squeezed at the cheeks again "So cute..." parting the cheeks he put a drop of lubricant onto his finger and rubbed it against the pet's tight hole.
  12. He moaned lightly as he closed his eyes panthing softly. " Ohh master. "
  13. Slowly he pushed a finger in and out, after a moment he stopped just holding his finger there "Does the pet like it? Does he want more?" he grinned wiggling his finger for only a moment "You're so tight."
  14. " Ahhhh!! " He moaned out. " Yesss masterrrr! " He said as he panthed harder.
  15. "Good.." he said slowly pulling his finger out, a bulge starting to form and show through his pants, "Is there anything else the pet wants?"
  16. He just blushed and then looked back to his master's crotch his tail swaying with anticipation.
  17. Glared and gave a firm smack to the pet's ass "Answer your master!"
  18. " I want you! " He said as he was smacked on the ass.
  19. "That's what I thought." leaning down he kissed the red hand mark he left behind, slowly he unzipped his pants allowing the slow zipper sound to build up anticipation for the boy, letting his pants fall down with his underwear "Mmm... You think you're read for Master?" he teased covering his member with lubricant and pressed the tip to the tight hole.
  20. " Nnnnnnhhhhh yesss. " HE moaned lightly as he took a deep breath.