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    This’ll be a massive high-fantasy roleplay. It’s inspired by tarot cards, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Zelda, astrology, and draws elements from a whole bunch of different religions and mythologies. There will be different races to play as, different elemental alignments, different personality alignments, and a whole bunch of different categories and attributes to describe your characters with. I don’t want to call them “stats”, though, because “stats” implies numbers, and this RP really doesn’t have a ton of that — but I can promise it’ll still be a very complex RP world that I’ve been working on for quite a while now and I can’t wait to finally get things started. OwO

    There’ll also be a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses — and they (along with other supernatural entities) will influence all sorts of things in the RP world. Our characters will eventually journey to the realm of the gods in an epic adventure where the characters’ actions can have a huge impact on the forces that govern this world. Will you restore balance and harmony, or will you only make things worse? Or perhaps steal more power for yourself? That’s for you to decide!

    The specifics of the plot and the characters’ role in things — especially in the early stages — is a bit up-in-the-air for now (that’s where I need your help!), but, for now, let me tell you a bit about the RP world, to see what you guys think. I know all of this looks super info heavy, especially for an interest check, but, trust me, you’re only getting a taste of what’s to come… :P (Also, I apologize for the somewhat haphazard organization, here. I promise that the actual OOC will look much better than this.)

    There will be five races to play as. There are humans, and there are the very ethnocentrically-named “demi-humans”. I’ll continue to refer to the demi-humans as such for convenience, but, really, they are four completely separate races, rather than four classifications of something bigger. At any rate, the four demi-humans are:
    • Pyrans: Orc-like creatures with predominantly fire-based magic. They are technically less intelligent than humans, but they’re not all imbeciles, either. Still, they’re known for being aggressive and war-obsessed. They live in the mountains and train dragons to be used as mounts and for combat. Their culture as a whole strongly reflects traditionally masculine personality traits.
    • Avians: Bird-like humanoids. They typically wear long dark robes that cover their wings and other bird-like features, making them look almost completely human when they cover up — but they are still easily identifiable at a glance, just by their clothing and how they carry themselves. They travel in close-knit “flocks” and are highly intelligent. Art and literature produced by avians is highly valued by humans. They are also skilled magic-users, proficient in fields of magic that require a great amount of technical skill. In this way, they can be thought of as being similar to witches.
    • Terrans: Faun-like creatures that typically live in humble villages in forests. They are hard-workers, and they have a close connection with nature. They value profit and productivity, but never at the cost of the earth they live on. In this way, they maintain their humility and avoid becoming dangerously greedy. Humans often think of them as being “primitive”, but their capacity for intelligence is really about equal to that of humans. It is only their lifestyle and culture that is so easy to perceive as being “primitive”.
    • Aquans: Sea-dwelling humanoids. While the species is still divided into males and females, they are often mistakenly thought of as being all-female. This is not only because all members of the species are very feminine in appearance (by human standards), but also because their culture strongly reflects traditionally feminine personality traits. They are empathetic and emotion-driven, kind and nurturing towards others, but also perhaps a bit too sensitive, and often irrational. They are also not the least bit prudish, and are extremely casual about both discussing and engaging in sex and other intimate acts.

    Now, I mentioned that this RP was partially inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, yes, that means that a lot of the magic in this RP will be element-based. All beings are aligned with one of four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. This determines what type of magic each individual will have access to. Most of these are exactly what you would expect — except for earth, which has much more to do with nature and physical wellness than it has to do with rocks.

    As you may have already noticed, each type of demi-human is aligned with a particular element (Pyrans = fire, Avian = air, etc). But, even then, this does not mean that all members of that race are aligned with that element — only that most of them are. It is possible for a demi-human to have an elemental alignment that differs from the majority of their race. In any case, humans are special in that they are evenly split between the four elements — though this does not result in any element-based political/ethnic divisions like it does in A:TLA.

    It is worth noting, however, that these elemental alignments only determine what sort of magic one can use. They have nothing to do with one’s personality. Personality is determined by one’s “persuasion”. There are four different persuasions that one can belong to: wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. Once again, humans are evenly divided into different persuasions, while each demi-human race sees the majority of its members falling under a single persuasion (which is why each race’s overall culture strongly reflects a single persuasion). Each persuasion is also aligned with an element — most individuals of that persuasion also align with its corresponding element (more on that later). Here’s a basic look at the traits that come with each persuasion:
    • Wands: Passionate, ambitious, headstrong, aggressive. Reflects traditionally masculine personality traits. Those of the wands pursue their passions whole-heartedly and never give up — though they also tend to be stubborn and impulsive. Corresponding element: Fire.
    • Swords: Intelligent, well-spoken. Where wands is about having a strong will, swords is about having a strong mind. While wands rally people towards a goal, swords rally people towards an idea. May also be brutally honest or too eager to get into arguments/debates. Corresponding element: Air.
    • Pentacles: Practical, down-to-earth, hard-working. Interested in physical pursuits — material possessions, wealth, and physical health. May be too absorbed in worldly desires. Often anti-social, conflict-avoidant, and/or out-of-touch with the spiritual. Corresponding element: Earth.
    • Cups: Emotional and empathetic. Interested in relationships — both romantic and platonic. Creative and imaginative. Emphasizes the importance of mental health and closeness with others. At worst, they may be too sensitive, or emotionally manipulative, themselves. Reflects traditionally feminine personality traits. Corresponding element: Water.

    Each persuasion has a corresponding element because each element has traits that best compliment a particular persuasion (for example, the nature of fire best compliments the burning passion of wands). Cases where one’s element does not “match” their persuasion simply means that they will use their element in a non-traditional way. For example, an individual with a Fire/Cups alignment may use fire to warm and comfort others rather than using it to attack and destroy, and one with a Fire/Pents alignment may focus on the practical use of fire to produce heat, harnessing that energy to achieve other ends.

    Mythology: Because this interest check is already so info-heavy, I won’t go too deep into the lore surrounding the gods and goddesses (despite how fleshed-out much of it already is!!). But if you want a quick peek to get hyped up about, I can tell you that each of the gods stands for many different things, all going beyond their surface level descriptions, and creating a lot of overlapping themes regarding the forces that govern this world. For example, the two main gods are Apollo, the Sun God, and Diana, the Moon Goddess. But Apollo is also, of course, associated with fire, and considered the god of masculinity, while Diana is also associated with water (due to the Moon’s control over the tides) and is considered the goddess of femininity. And the two most important gods below Apollo and Diana are the bird-themed god of knowledge and the deer-themed god of nature… hmmm…

    Setting: I’ve been thinking of the setting of this RP as being fairly similar to the kingdom of Hyrule from Legend of Zelda — a kingdom that stretches to the end of the game map (meaning, there’s really no mention of any other kingdoms existing beyond it), and where the kingdom is definitely ruled by humans, but there are also self-ruling societies of other races technically existing within Hyrule’s borders, but still doing their own thing and often interacting just fine with human society.

    I’m thinking the humans’ kingdom in this RP (whatever I wind up naming it) will work similarly to that — practically shorthand for “the world as we know it”, without any mention of other kingdoms, save for the demi-humans which all sort of already exist within the human kingdom’s borders anyway.

    Plot: I do have some pretty epic plans for things that will happen later down the line, with everyone’s characters entering the realm of the gods… but, for the early stages, I still need something for our characters to do on earth. Also, it probably doesn’t help that I don’t quite have the details of this human kingdom worked out yet… I’m thinking the heroes’ initial quest will have something to do with some supernatural entity disrupting the balance of the physical world, and maybe also something to do with an attack on the royal family, thus prompting our characters to journey to the capital city to deal with the threat? Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Astrology: This is a bit of a side-note, but, in addition to the four persuasions, I was thinking that characters could also be divided by zodiac signs, to add another layer of complexity to things and lead to more intricate combinations of personality types (and I already have some vague plans regarding twelve “Zodiac spirits” working under the goddess of the stars…). But! I don’t know a ton about astrology, so this would require a bit of research for me to do it justice. If anyone here is really big on astrology and would like to lend a helping hand, I’d greatly appreciate it!

    And… ok, I think that’s all that needs to be said in the interest check. o_o Like I said, though, there will be a ton more info in the actual OOC. Regardless, feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments that you currently have on all of this, or just post if you’re interested! I would love to hear people’s feedback on this. ^^

    EDIT: If you're new here, you should know that, instead of posting an absolutely massive OOC with tons of info, I'm instead going to periodically post certain chunks of info ahead of time in the form of blog posts. This will help space out the info, de-clutter the OOC as not as many things are jammed into it, and it'll just make it easier for me to bring everything to completion. ^^ I'll keep the OP updated as more blog posts are added. I'll also include the dates they were originally posted on, so that it's easy to see how, despite how old this interest check may seem to be, progress is definitely being made. Here's what we have so far:
    EDIT2: I have now switched gears and am focusing on OOC completion -- hence why there haven't been any blog posts in a while. I've decided that there will be one more blog post before then, though -- which will include a map of Altera -- and I'll post that here once it's ready. As for the OOC, I'm thinking it'll be up around mid-July at the latest (but hopefully a lot sooner than that, if things go smoothly). So, I know this interest check is already more than a month old, but, this project is still alive and well, I promise! And still open to newcomers! ^^

    EDIT3: Final blog post:
    The OOC is still on the way. Still aiming for that mid-July-at-the-very-latest-but-probably-sooner 'release date' for it, and I think I'm well on-schedule in that regard. ^^
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  2. You KNOW I'm in, Kaga. I already have plans for my character!
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  3. Do I even need to say that I'm interested? :P
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  4. Awesome!! Feel free to post any questions or comments you have! I'd honestly love to hear them! ^^

    XD And that goes for you, too!

    I like comments! I like feedback! Shower me with words!! OwO
  5. Question: You say that there will be an overarching plot, our characters being heroes and whatnot. Does that mean that after the introduction part of the RP, everyone will be traveling together? And in a logical extension to this, will the RP be periodically closed for newcomers (seeing as it doesn't really make sense to join a traveling party while they're exploring a lost temple in the middle of the desert or whatever)? Or is it also possible to have a group of characters that just explores the world on their own terms without paying any attention to the 'Hero' plot?
  6. I'm thinking that will likely be the case, yes. Though it's all still very up-in-the-air, currently. I'm open to other suggestions.

    I hadn't thought of that until now, but I suppose it will be necessary. o.o There may also be periods where the RP is conditionally closed -- like, times where you can't really join and introduce yourself the same way everyone else did, but you might be able to join and take on a different role -- like a character with a different background (possibly even an antagonist?) who is just now meeting the rest of the group. Does that make sense?

    Theoretically? Maybe. At least for a while, anyway. But, I'm thinking I'll have to guide everyone's characters down a certain path sooner or later in order to transition the RP into the latter part of the story. :3
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  7. And now, anytime you hear someone ask that old riddle, "How is a raven like a writing desk?", just plainly answer "Swords". They will be confused, but don't react to that. Just quietly sip your drink.
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  8. Sign me up bruv, this speaks my language.

    And that language is unlimited awesome potential.
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  9. I'm interested.
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  10. Definitely piqued my interest with this; I'll be sure to keep an eye on it!

    Oh, and another question to add to the pot: Will combat be done in a freeform manner, or will there be some sort of system? And for PvP (if it ever happens somehow), I'm guessing we should do it in some sort of collab post?
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  11. Freeform. Like I said, it isn't really stat-based, I just thought people would have a lot of fun with the race/persuasion/element combinations.

    As for PvP... eh, it depends on the situation. If it's just two characters with no one else around then I suppose a collab post would make sense. But if there's a way that other characters could interact somehow (say, trying to break up the fight, or perhaps even choosing a side and joining in on it), then it would make more sense to just be posted normally so that that opportunity can exist.

    In any case, I don't see myself requiring collab posts in any situation. I guess it would just be your judgement call on that.
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  12. Wait, so our personality is based around your magic and choice of weapon?
  13. o.o No, sorry, the names of the persuasions are symbolic (more specifically, they're based off of the suits in a tarot card deck :P ). Being of the "wands" persuasion does not mean that you literally use a wand (and I have no idea how you would wield a cup in battle... unless we're talking about protecting some important male anatomy...)

    Additionally, the element types have no bearing on personality -- they just correlate with certain persuasions because some elements better compliment those persuasions (again, it's pretty obvious as to why fire goes with wands). The only real personality types listed here are the persuasions. Hopefully this doesn't come across like a limited set of options, though -- while these broad categories are important, there's also a lot of variation that can exist within them. (This is also the reason why I'm hoping to expand more on the astrology bit, so that there's a lot more complexity to the personality types you can choose from.)
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  14. So they're more religious icons than anything else?

    (Interested by the way, I'm just confused atm. XD)
  15. Eh... sort of. The origin of the names does have roots in religious imagery, among other things (which will be expanded upon more in the OOC), but, they're really just... names, for personality types.

    It would be like if I decided to re-name "type A" and "type B" personality types as being "type dog" and "type cat". While the animals themselves do sort of relate to the traits of those two personality types, that doesn't mean that people with type A personalities are all automatically dog people. It's just a symbolic thing.

    US political parties are a pretty good example. Democrats are blue, Republicans are red. Democrats are donkeys, Republicans are elephants. Why? No real reason -- those are just the colors and animals that we use to represent those political leanings. Actually, one could argue that the very names "Republican" and "Democrat" don't even really mean anything -- at least not in regards to one valuing the idea of a republic or one valuing the idea of democracy more than the other (especially not with those Democratic superdelegates, amirite?). They're just words that we use to describe a whole set of political views divided into two categories. I'm sure some historian could plausibly explain to me why exactly the Democrats are represented by donkeys and why the Republicans have elephants, along with where their names and colors came from, but, in terms of just understanding what the two parties stand for, their symbology really doesn't matter.

    That being said, political parties aren't exactly a perfect comparison because there really isn't an "independent party" for these persuasions. Persuasions are an important part of the culture in this RP -- or, at least, the human culture -- with all humans accepting that these persuasions are a thing that exist, and that they heavily influence people's personalities. ...Although political parties are a good comparison to explain why these persuasions are not all-encompassing of who a person is. Just because two politicians belong to the same party does not mean that their stances on every issue are exactly identical. The same goes for two people of the same persuasion -- their personalities and values may be similar, broadly speaking, but there can still be differences between them.

    Does that make sense?
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  16. So, it's more just a generalized descriptor for basic but diverse mindsets?
  17. Exactly! Except, instead of simply being names used to describe how people behave, the persuasions are seen more as being a great force of the universe that influences people's personalities -- again, similarly to astrology. This is why it's such a big deal in the culture of this RP.
  18. So... American Politics? :P
  19. Jokes aside -- no, not really. That's where the comparison starts to fall apart, because political parties are a social construct (and, hell, they aren't even consistent from country to country!), not to mention the fact that lots of people don't align themselves with any political party.

    The persuasions, on the other hand, are just seen as part of how the world works. People who follow certain persuasions have distinct personality traits, and the traits that each persuasion comes with are consistent across time and cultures -- unlike political parties, where the platform of a given party changes as the issues change. :P
  20. That said, which way does the circle turn? That is to say, do people give you a sign based on which personality you have (which could make it superstition, even if there's tons of other magic out there), or does the sign you are born with influence your personality (the 'magic' effects of this specific thing actually exist). I mean, it doesn't really matter all that much for actual gameplay, but it's an interesting thing I'd like to know about the lore :D
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