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  1. So Monday was my 21st birthday, legal drinking age in America. So today I celebrated it and guess what?

    I GOT HAMMERED. And my head hurts like crazy. Drinking is not as cool as it's cut out to be.

    So you guise! Do you drink if you're of legal age?
  2. Only socially. I also didn't get drunk on my birthday because it leads to hang overs.
  3. Legal age, huh...?

    What's that? XD
  4. Well not really XD

    18 is the - legal age - but that's just if you go yourself to buy the alcohols .. If not my other friend usually buy it at that time or my mom lol

    She is cool ;). So.. Anyways I drink now but not extra much. Just if I go for dinner normally wine. Or in a bar like baileys or shots :))
    So not necessary .. I first drink from 16 in my house ha ha ha
  5. Legal age in Bermuda and UK is 18, but I actually didn't start drinking until I was about 22. I've only been hungover once, because I was stupid and didn't hydrate. I don't believe in getting what I call 'ugly drunk', losing control, blacking out or passing out. None of these are attractive behaviours.

    I also try to make a point to not have more than one drink if I am stressed or upset. I don't want to fall into that trap of drinking to forget or feel better. I drink to relax, and because I like the taste of something. I enjoy debating beer preferences with my friends. And I enjoy remembering the fun times after.
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  6. I only drink occasionally, and I have never been outright drunk. I've gotten to the mildly lightheaded point once or twice and as I hate feeling even a little bit lightheaded I don't want to even know what comes after.
    I usually just have a single drink no matter what it is, and I have set rules for myself that I make sure to follow. :)
  7. I don't drink. I've tried a few different drinks, just sips, but I don't like bitter tasting things. Alcohol is VERY bitter. Besides, I drink soda and one bad habit is enough in terms of drinks.
  8. I drink every weekend for everyone else's safety. :|

    But you won't see me ever touch soda unless there is rum in it.

    Mostly I stick to the wines

    But certain ovations call for slightly stronger spirits.

    Honey mead has always been a favorite of mine.
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  9. I adore alcohol.

    Not the behaviors that occur when it's used, or the use of it as a way of managing your emotions, just... the drinks themselves. They're a social lubricant when used responsibly, and can liven up any gathering.

    I brew, too. When I was a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), I learned to brew mead. It's fun, interesting, and the end results can be delicious~
  10. I do not like to be drunk. It's fun for about five minutes, and then I want to sober up as quickly as possible. x__x I do not like pissing myself, puking, stumbling, and breaking things. I once sabotaged half a carton of eggs because I was like "OOOH I WANT SCRAMBLED EGGS" and dropped them on the floor. That's not even the worst that's happened, but wasting food like that just really upset me. lol

    I'll drink Red Moscato sometimes in the evenings, that's about as exciting as I get. I enjoy making White Russians for myself and Peter, but it's been a while. Spending money on booze is kinda wasteful to me.

    I'll stick to cannabis... I have better control and I can't get addicted to it. Also, I was pregnant when I turned 21, so I didn't get to have a fun party. I had to wait until I was 23 to do something like that. It was fun and memorable, but oh gawd the stomach aches...
  11. Eat pho for hangovers. It OWNS that shit.
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  12. I get the feeling I'd like some of the fruitier or sweeter alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately for me, I have the alcohol tolerance of a toddler. A few sips, and I'm giggling.
  13. Socially yes, and I'll pull a one-and-done if I've had a hard day (though not always because you can't have Tylenol and alcohol together and I usually need the painkiller more)

    A drinking game that isn't built around getting you smashed in under five minutes can be fun, too, if I'm with people I can relax around.
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