Massive Crater/Sinkhole was found at the 'end of the world'

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  1. shit just got real, In the isolated regions of Russia, a monolithic sinkhole was discovered sometime in early July of 2014.

    Here is the Article


    a video that, when slowed down, makes a rather annoying frequency so maybe make sure your volume isn't too high on your devices.

    This video is also found on the link to the article above.
  2. Exploding sinkholes, what will they think of next...
  3. Giant alien portals in fissures at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean? Oh wait...
  4. I don't even know wtf lol. If something like that happened in a heavily populated area it would really really really suck >;[
  5. Everything similar to this type of events always have to happen in either America or in the Russian lands xD lol


    I wonder if it's a huge Worm or something crawling from there or Inside there xD. This reminds of a movie scene with similar background but can't remember the name now ..:(

    Anyways, I guess well never know how that sh!t happened..xD
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Oh we know...I mean to me it's obvious that the barometric pressure and temperature is changing drastically especially in just this past two years, It's something that happens on some cycle of the sun. Some places that never get snow get hit with this intensely frigid vortex of snow. Now Reverse that, Siberia is a very cold place that in the summer months has been reaching temperatures considered very very high for Russia's beloved tundra. Something below the earth could very well have been building up as the ice melted at a rate that it hasn't in...god knows how long and then Popped like a Blister in the sun. Sinkholes are also very commonplace for weeks, sometimes MONTHS after an earthquake.

    Nah JK it's totally Aliens!

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  8. Entrance to Santa's lair.

    *locks thread*
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