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  1. For the record, I end up doing a lot of yaoi (M/M, whatever is used most often around here) but I'm very open to pretty much anything so if you want to bring a plot to my attention that's something different, feel free to! Lately I've made the horrible mistake of going through Sebastian Stan's acting career, which has gotten me into several TV shows that not many people seem to know about. I'm definitely craving Political Animals and a show that used to air on NBC called Kings. If you know anything about those two shows please for the love of all that is holy step forward and RP with me.

    As far as any other fandoms, I'm very big into Homestuck, Hannibal, and the Marvel Movie Universe. So here, have some plots.


    Bucky//Steve -- I would absolutely love to play Bucky.
    1-- After the events of Winter Solider, Bucky goes to search for the truth himself only to find out that Steve was telling the truth. With HYDRA "destroyed"--not that he would want to go back anyway--he had no idea what do with himself. Steve ends up finding him. We could have this where Steve takes him back to DC with him or takes him to the Avengers Tower to meet up with the others. Either way, we could have Steve helping Bucky with his memories and adapting to life outside of HYDRA's involvement. Maybe with a side plot of HYDRA trying to get back their ultimate weapon.

    2-- A sort of guardian angel AU. Steve died in the plane crash instead of going into a cryogenic sleep. When he wakes up, he's in the afterlife and due to his personality, noble heart, and bravery he's been elected for a very special job. He's going to become a guardian angel. Now most guardian angels are to stay out of their charges life, but Steve is instructed to get involved without revealing himself to anyone other than his charge. He's told that his charge is an assassin who's forced into a life of killing against his will and it's Steve's job to save the man from his fate. What Steve doesn't know until he actually finds his charge, is that it's Bucky, who somehow managed to survive the fall.

    -- I would gladly play either character.
    1-- Set after the first movie when Steve wakes up. Fury things it's a brilliant idea to let Tony help Steve adjust to the new world he finds himself in. I guess this would be a generic romance thing where they don't like each other at first but then grow on each other. I don't know, Steve learning about technology and shitty movies just sounds really cute to me.

    Tony//JARIVS -- Weird pairing, but I would love to be JARVIS.
    1-- Tony ends up pissing off Loki with his big mouth and as a trickster revenge, Loki turns Tony's household AI system human. It's a pretty cunning move considering JARVIS controls the entire house and helps control Tony's suits. It puts Tony out of commission for awhile. So we have a genius billionaire with a problem he can't solve and a manual household, and we have a human AI system that has to adapt to no longer being a machine. Neither of them are very happy about the predicament.


    Jack//David -- I would love to be Jack.
    1-- Takes place right after Jack's lover died, sort of an alternate timeline. With his mother's disapproval and his father's blatant unwillingness to let Jack lead, he's had to turn to his uncle. But he's starting to realize his uncle has no intention of really letting him lead either. Jack feels like he's pushed further and further back into a corner and blames David for it. But after David's saved his life, Jack isn't sure whether to be grateful or hate David further and David is starting to realize Jack's hostility has a lot of other emotions behind it. After cornering Jack to talk about it, many things are brought to light and David vows to help his new friend.

    Political Animals:

    OC//TJ -- I would love to be TJ.
    1-- I don't usually like canon/OC but let's face it, if TJ's ever going to be happy it has to be away from his shitty family. I don't have much of a plot for this besides TJ meeting someone that's actually going to help him get over his addicted and support his life. Just be warned that TJ will probably have some relapses and things won't be exactly perfect.

    Avengers // Political Animals Crossover:

    Steve//TJ -- Once again, I would love to be TJ.
    1-- To be honest you wouldn't need to know a lot about Political Animals with this. As far as background for PA goes, Thomas J. Hammond is the son of Bud Hammond, a former president. As far as the public knows, TJ is gay, an alcoholic, there's suspicions of him doing drugs, and he's tried to commit suicide in the past. Now he runs a nightclub called the Dome. Everything else could easily be found out through the RP. Pretty much, Steve's fighting crime and he happens to crash into TJ's nightclub. TJ is played by Sebastian Stan, the same actor that plays Bucky Barnes, so naturally Steve would notice the resemblance. When he tries to get in touch with TJ to pay back the nightclub damages, he finds out that TJ is in the hospital for a drug OD and we can brainstorm from there.

    Original Plots:

    Witch's Familiar//Prince -- I would want to be the familiar.
    1-- In the kingdom, witches and magic are outlawed. Because even good magic comes with death and negative energy, it's something not to be tampered with. The prince, to show his faith, is sent to hunt down and kill anyone refusing to stop the practice of magic. About a month into his travels he finds out his father is dying after a witch's attack. Now the familiar's witch isn't evil, he directs all the negative energy back at herself and it's led to her recent death, so recent that no one really knows she's dead. The prince hears rumors of her and goes to hunt her down, only to get a grieving and very upset familiar. After a conversation in which the prince tries to get the witch's whereabouts, unknowing her fate, he founds out the familiar can help save his father at the price of the prince's life. Things, of course, don't work out in a way where the prince dies but the familiar helps. He decides to stay with the prince but because of the attack and fear of magic, he has to stay hidden.

    Celebrity//Not Exactly a Fan -- I would love to be the celebrity.
    1-- This particular celebrity isn't known for having one-night stands but after a hard day filming and a few too many beers, he wakes up with a horrible headache and someone else in his bed. At first he's afraid that this guy will cause trouble but much to the celebrity's joy, the guy doesn't seem to recognize him. They part with the celebrity gaining a phone number he never expects to call. A few weeks later, after another hard day filled with gossip and rumors, he ends up feeling frustrated enough to call the guy, who turns out to be a pretty good person to hang out with. Naturally the guy will find out about the celebrity eventually.

    2-- The celebrity in this one isn't quite a celebrity yet. He's done a few small roles but nothing major. Now he's working on filming something that will change his career forever. Nervous about it, he decides that staying in a hotel for the months of filming doesn't sound too great, so he ends up accepting a roommate position for a broke college student that needs the money for rent. The celebrity is cagey about his career but the two hit it off pretty well. The celebrity is stressed from long film shots and the college student has classes plus a part time job, so they both come home exhausted and frustrated. Eventually the college student finds out about the celebrities career after they hook up and this can move to a more long-distance relationship when the celebrity has to move for a different filming location if you want.
  2. I'm not sure if this would interest you or not, but I'm currently in a roleplay group on another site that's looking for someone to play Bucky for us. It's a marvel universe rp, but Steve's already in a relationship, if that would change your mind.
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