INTEREST CHECK 'Mass' One-on-One Cbox D&D/Pathfinder

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  1. So... I get bored sometimes. When I do, I get really weird ideas. While looming in the Cbox, there was a mention that no one really uses the other Boxes. Well... I sort of took that as a challenge, and ended up thinking of something for it.

    It's really weird though.

    What I want to do is have each person play a character. When I see you on, I can offer to 'steal' you for a bit for some one-on-one D&D session in the other Boxes. Or you can seek me out. Because of this, I can tailor the challenge and story for each character in question.

    Here's where it gets weird - the other people playing in this game are in the same world as you. If multiple people are on at the same time, we can include them into your game. You can choose to have a rivalry, or even pick up the role as a villain (there will be ways to bring back your character if they die, allowing you to play the same character for a while).

    The story can evolve based on the player actions, and as each other's tales and deeds grow or change, more can come across. The entire thing - including the actions of the players - will be written out story-mode by myself for the enjoyment of you all... or those not in the game.

    Now, this does mean that because of availability, some people might level faster than others. This isn't really a problem for me - adds some complexity to the game, and with the minimization of player death, might even be a major part of the plot. I'll adopt a 'sidekicking' ability, boosting lower-level characters who end up teaming up with a higher-level character for an adventure or two.

    So... thoughts? Interest?
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  2. This....
    Is very unique, and interesting.

    I feel amused by thinking of all the possible hi-jinks and wonders this could bring.
    Wonders being all the items my character could steal... heh.. heh heh.

    Gonna lurk, now.
  3. Interest indeed. If I understand correctly, basically you'll be a narrator and others will play the characters? Ooh, sounds fun. I'd probably be a villian, muhahaha *Cough, cough, hack, sputter, cough*

    Anyways, if you do set dates, this game would rely heavily on you, so you should have your friends as replacements, just in case.
  4. That's right. I'm going to be playing the Narrator of this little endeavor.

    Though the point is to not have set dates. It's pretty much a 'I am on, as is (player). I'll ask him/her if they want to play' and go from there. If there's more than one on, I'll grab more - either into a cohesive party, rival factions, or even a ludicrous free-for-all (owing people don't get bent out of shape about that sort of thing. I'm sure I'll allow the option to turn PvP 'off' on request or plot requirement).

    Characters and players end up with unique experiences because of this.

    It'll end up the greatest thing ever or my biggest disaster yet.
  5. Wow, that's pretty smart. GOOD THINKING, CAPTAIN!!

    Oh, don't worry. If it's a disaster, everyone will go down with you...

  6. I am very interested to see how this goes about~ If you get it started, feel free to grab me whenever I'm on.
  7. Well, for those of you wanting to give it a shot... Here it is!