Mass Effect: Synthesis (IC)

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  1. The Starfire T-7 was a fine ship, Turian made, it had the well sleeked frame of any sleath ship, and yet had the brute power in it's glow to be used as any ship desired to be on the front-lines. This made it an exclusive and elite vessel, and one that many top of the line scientists had worked on for years to perfect. The ship was run by a Turian named Admiral Hystron, a bit of a stubborn one, with no acceptance of anything less than perfection. He was the captian and corrdinator of the opts mission in which he lead. Him and his team had searched the galaxy for many months to try and build the ulimate fighting team. Whatever struggles they had faced were now in the past, and they had developed a strong fighting force. One that would reek terror on their main objective, "Project: Synthesis" run by a lunatic human named Egeus. Whatever they did they could not fail this mission..

    Failure was no longer an option.


    Axis did not like this, he didn't like this at all. This ship had been made for smaller humans, and other of those tiny species, not for a large Yahg like himself. It was crammed, and he found himself having to turn to the side whenever he would go through one of the doors. "Damn Turians." He would often mutter to himself, whenever he got stuck in one of the doors. More than once some of the crew even had to try and help him get through the doors, which was more and embrassing in itself. Though he knew that there was nothing that he could do about it, it was clear that they had not expected to find a Yahg willing to help them in their goals.

    The Yahg were pre-spaceflight, and had the technology of what the humans had about two hundred years ago. They lived in tightly-knit packs, with one alpha to watch over them all. This alpha was choosen when the biggest males would fight, and the stronger would come out as the new leader. The loser would then accept their defeat and follow their new leader with all the respect in the world, as was proper. Of course, this was only what Axis had learned from the Salarians and Turians who had raised him, they had implanted him with this knowledge, and often shocked him to see what his brain would react to this new information. This was some of the weaker testing that they had done on him. He once remembered a test in which they had shot him over and over, in the arms and in the legs, to see how much pain it would take for him to fall. It was intense, and the shock-bullets that they had used had done damage to his nerves in his limbs, often making him walk and move funny. For the first few years after the experiment he had, had a slow reaction time when using guns as his nerves wouldn't pick up on the signal from the brain until a few seconds later. This had been corrected by another body of tests, but still there was some damage that could not be repaired.

    One thing that Axis did like about this ship was how friendly the crew was, sure he probably looked like he wasn't in the mood to speak most of the time, though that did not mean that he didn't understand and thank others (silently of course) when they were being generous to him. You would never guess that he was actually a kind and brave soul, given his rough and dangerous looks. He had not been rasied with the Yahgs, and had instead been brought up in a place where brilliance was madatory. He had an advanced knowledge of almost everything one could speak of about races, and the galaxy itself. He knew the different systems by name, and could list off which planets had been explored, and which still remained unknown. Of course, he didn't like people knowing that he was more than just a brute mercenary, and so he played off the "aggressive and tough" act quite well. He wasn't sure why he didn't want anyone to know that he was actually a genius, he just figured... well, he'd figured that he should play his role as the only Yahg aboard the ship, and that, that role be as someone who desired nothing more than to fight.

    Fighting was okay, but only when it was an ends to a means. For this reason he approved of what was being done here, and he knew that they needed to stop Egeus. The main was clearly demented, and needed to be destroyed. But he would try and spare as many innocents as he could while going after the man. If the innocents had to bleed for getting rid of the wicked, then wouldn't that make you as bad as those you opposed? Yes, this was all very deep stuff for someone of his "nature" to ponder, but he couldn't help but think of life in the bigger scope like that. He would do as these people asked - for now, but if time came that they asked him to go against his better natures, and kill for no reason then he would leave the operation. No questions asked.

    Right now the giant alien was on his way to the com room, where he would be formally meeting with the rest of the members of this operation. He had seen a couple of them around. A Quarian, a Turian, a couple of Humans, a Drell, a Elcor, and a Prothean. What an odd squad, and yet he figured that they had all come together from different and somewhat extreme backgrounds to be able to prove themselves worthy to be choosen to be in this squad. It was that reason that Axis respected his fellows, even though he had yet to meet any of them truly. He wondered what they would think of him, surely they had seen him around on the ship, and yet none of them had yet to speak with him. Maybe they were put off by his size, and of the nature of his people. Of course, he would allow the stereotypes, as they ran off him like water now. As long as he knew that he was above the standards in which people claimed him to be, then nothing else mattered.

    As the only door big enough on the ship for the alien to pass through opened, he walked into the room with nine chairs set up. It appeared that he was the first one here, save Admiral Hystron who sat on the center chair, looking up at Axis as he entered, Axis growled softly. He was not happy that this mission head was a Turian, he hated them almost as much as he hated the Salarians, after everything that they had done to him. "Welcome Axis." The Turian said in a calm voice. "I bid you no harm." He spoke as if he knew what Axis had endured. He only knew what the records had said, he knew nothing off the pain, and agony that the years in captivity had done to him physically and mentally.

    "I am no friend of yours Turian. I am here only to fight."


    This place was.... well, terrible. Styles hated this ship, hated the crew, hated everything. Why? Well that is a bit of a board question. Styles had never been known to be the most happy and understanding of creatures, even before the Reapers had attacked her and her people and she had been forced into stasis. She had been a proud warrior once, one of the last in the remaining Prothean army following under Commander Javik. She had made a name for herself as one of the best, and a celebrated female warrior. Her father had been a Commander once, however he was killed when she had still been young. Her mother - a scientist had spent all her time on some project which she had was classified information whenever Styles would ask on it. She trained in all her spare time with her fellows, and soon shot up the ranks in the military, along with her lover and friend another Prothean named Advar.

    The two of them soon became two of the last of their species, and on one day they had been asked to go into stasis. However on the way some of those abominations came, those she had once fought side by side with, now turned insane. They had slaughtered Advar in front of her, but not before he had told her to get to the safety of her stasis, and so she did knowing full well that there was no saving him, and that she needed to think about herself. That always haunted her now, the fact that she had managed to survive, and so many others had died. She could still hear Advar's shrieks in her ears, and it felt like only a couple of months ago and she bore witness to the tragic fall of her people. But she didn't like to think on that, it always made her get more upset when she did, and when she was upset, she got angry, and no one liked her when she was angry. Well no one really liked her period, but that was besides the point.

    Now she was on this ship, mainly because she needed somewhere to hide from Cerberus, a bunch of idiots who thought that she was valueable. They had found her, and taken her out of stasis, only to be killed by her. However that didn't stop them, they seemed to send out more, and more people to find her, and eventually she had taken peace in a place called Omega. It was a slum, and the people there were mostly criminals, though she didn't care, she just needed somewhere to hide from those who were hunting her down. She found safety with a group of Krogan mercenaries, in which she had remained with for two months before being offered a place on this mission.

    Truthfully she didn't much care for their cause. The Reapers and this 'Cerberus' were the main threats, and they were both coming. No matter how much she had heard of this 'Shepherd' who tried to convince humanity that the Reapers were coming, it did no good. She had once or twice even thought to go public with herself, and offer information that this man was correct and that the Reapers had been what wiped out her race. But she had decided better against it, it would make Cerberus be able to find her that much easier. I know what you might say, was she that selfish that she would put her safety over knowledge that the galaxy needed? The answer was simple: yes. Styles was not a kind and considerate person, she cared not for what anyone else wanted or needed, as long as she was safe. The only ones she had cared about were her mother and Advar, and they were both long dead.

    But regardless of what she thought, she was here now, and she had to put up with them no matter what her personal opinions of them and their silly fights were. They offered her safety from Cerberus, and that was all that mattered. Now though, she had to put up with the nagging of the crew, oh how many questions they had asked her. She didn't know how many times she had said; "oh just shut up." To someone here. It seemed like some of them couldn't get it through their thick skulls that she didn't want to speak with them, and that she just wanted to be left alone. They were stupid little creatures, no wonder the Reapers hadn't destroyed them all those years ago. They were just as stupid now, as they were back then. Still she knew that they had advanced, (even though most of their technology was based off of what she and her people had), and as along as they were skilled fighters she would fight with them.

    Right now she was making her way to the comm room where she had been called to meet with the rest of those who she would be fighting alongside with. She was eager to get to see how they compared to the rest of the crew on her 'stupidity' scale. Of course her hopes weren't set too high, as she was sure that they would rank very low. Especially the fact that she had heard that a Yahg and Elcor were part of the crew. How silly, those two slow and stupid creatures. Pssh, she could do better if she was blind, deaf, and couldn't even hold a gun. But regardless it seemed that they had proved themselves good enough to fight alongside the rest of them, and as long as they were able to fire and duck then they were good enough for her.

    Entering the room, she smirked seeing that she was one of the first, only behind the Turian running the thing, and the Yahg. She rolled her eyes a bit at the both of them, and as the Turian welcomed her. "What? No hug? No kisses? No love for good ol' Styles? Ah, what a shame. This thing isn't starting off well."
  2. All this time fighting for the Alliance goals, putting his ass on the line for the ranks of the army and all of that for what? No, Allen, you go there and help them stop some weird guy experimenting with technology. No, let's not put our best assets in making the Terminus systems a safer place, or help those colonies that had been disappearing for apparently no reason. No, let's go catch a guy who likes to play with sires and chips. It was obvious to this point Allen wasn't all that happy about the idea of being moved somewhere else.

    But even then, it wasn't the idea of moving that made him uneasy, it was the idea of having to squad up with... Well, saying there was an Elcor on the team should be enough. There was also that crazy ancient chick and one of those old time creatures. Luckily enough, he had heard there where humans on the team too, so at least the conversations would not be as uncomfortable as someone may expect.

    But yet again, the Alliance command had to have a reason to put someone like him in a place like this, and if they said this was important, who was Allen to argue. So, trying to take all those grumpy old man thoughts off his head, he walked into the comm room of that ship they were living on now and looked around the place. It looked like he wasn't the first, yet he wasn't late. And for his deception, no humans yet. There was a turian tho, which was a pleasant view compared to a 50.000 year old relic and a two car sized beast. "Gentlemen." Said him nodding cordially at the present beings as he took a sit on a chair.
  3. The familiar sights and sounds of the Turian model ship made Felix feel relaxed for what seemed like ages. The Turian sat on his cot, alone for the time being, as he checked and rechecked his weaponry for any flaws or cracks in it's seems. A standard thing that anyone of his species participated in, well that, and making sure their armor was also up to par as well. Looking over his rifle one last time before putting it down, Felix got up from his bunk and began to make headway towards the comm room that they had all been called to meet in. He still recalled being pulled from his previous mission to partake in something bigger. Though the entice of credits was certainly an allure, it was his orders from higher up that he truly followed which led him to be grouped with a bunch of varying species. "If they had informed me of half of those joining I probably would have had second thoughts..." He mumbled to himself as his voice echoed low beneath his breath. Mandibles clicked against his face as he recalled first bumping into half the so called 'crew' of this mission. First you had the big guys, the Elcor seemed nice enough with all his paraphrasing and such. Not that Elcor were really known for actually conveying emotions through speech anyway...Then there was the Yahg who conveyed the impression that he wished to kill all Turians in sight. Yeah. That one did not go over too well when he had tried to help get the big lug through one of the doors that were too small for him. The guy acted like he was going to strike him then and there for even lifting a talon to help. "Note to self; Don't help Yahgs through doors. Apparently it's a social thing..." Of course he could tell it was something much deeper then that, but Felix did not know the Yahg's past, and after that little incident made it a point to stay out of the brutes way.

    Then there was the Prothean. Ancestors! He did not want to get started with her again. From the few conversations he did have with Styles he could not tell if she was flirting with him or offering to spill his guts later on. He just settled on her simply being cynical in nature- actually everything seemed cynical with her. Felix tried to recall who else he had seen or bumped into. "Lets see, there was those humans rights?" One female and one male. They did not seem to share much besides being the same species. Felix had gotten the name of the human female at least, Alana, and he also gathered she was the youngest of their group- though other then that, not much else. And last there was the Drell which he had yet to see and the Quarian male who was probably about tinkering with something for all he knew...


    Alana had been in her room which was segregated from the other male species on bored the ship. She had been bunked with a female Prothean as well, though she herself was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Styles was a Prothean in the first place! "Hm, and Alliance had said they were a myth. So much for that theory." She spoke softly to herself as she pulled on one of the regular issued uniforms from Earth's marines. A white plain short-sleeved shirt and dark blue navy pants were to be her outfit today. She saw little need to be all suited up for just a meeting and preferred lounging cloths for being on ship. That, and it also helped draw less attention to herself. She had been worried enough with the fact that she may appear too interested in the other species. This was her first time actually being immersed into alien society and their aircrafts. Though she knew of the other races, Alana had rarely any direct contact with them since she was twenty-two, and still only deployed to human colonies and the such. In fact, she was surprised she had been chosen for such a mission at all. Alana had insisted to her Alliance commanders that they had the wrong person for the job. She had no experience with Turians and Quarians! Why her? The only response they had given her was that she saw past the barriers that many humans suffered from. The barriers which prevented them from interacting with the other council races and actually working with them as a team. She could say otherwise really. Personally, the only reason she held no prejudice against the others was because she was so fascinated by them! To think, aliens had lived alongside them all their lives and it was not until the first contact wars that they had begun to realize it...

    Finishing dressing herself, she looked up at the small mirror situated on the back wall, wide silvery-green eyes looked back a her through strands of neatly cropped copper hair. Half the time she had been on this ship she had spoken non-stop to the Starfire T-7 crew. They were all Turians, even the captain, and she had insisted they let her work alongside them to get a feel for their ship. At first she had been met with mild hostility, their sharp predatory eyes bored into her as if to find some hidden agenda. But she had been nothing but honest and open with them these past few days. Her persistence was eventually rewarded, she had made sure to learn almost all of the crews names, where they came from, what brought them here, how their families were doing. She was surprised that their answers were not much different than what a human would give. They all had families, loved ones, children, grandchildren, and all missed and cherished them. They had opened up to her and gotten past their initial distrust for her being human. It was just something she had always done. Alana had the compelling need to know and understand the other races. If she was to work with them then she had to also be the one to open up first and show them she was on their side. Maybe that was why she was selected for this mission? Alana understood the hate her people had for the Turians, and in turn, why the Turians acted the way they did towards the humans. But all of that was in the past now, now they had to focus on something far bigger and that was Egeus.

    Walking out of her room and towards the comm area Alana took notice that some of the others on her squad were making their way there as well. Styles had already made it clear she would be one of the first to be there as she constantly referred to everyone and everything as primitive or stupid. Her past conversations with the Prothean made Alana smile to herself as she pushed past a few of the crew members nodding to them as she passed. Though the Prothean had proved to be quite a difficult one to talk to, Alana had perceived that Styles only respected the powerful, something she herself was not in appearance but hoped to prove later on. There was little point in making friends with her unless she actually proved her 'usefulness' as the Prothean had so aptly put it. "Fine by me." She spoke to herself at the challenge as she saw a human male pass into the comm room where she was headed. At least there was one other human aboard the ship, but Alana had had little time to actually get to know him. She had been far more interested in the Yagh and Quarian she met upon first coming here. Alana had never seen a Yagh before, but had soon learned that he was far more formal than most perceived him to be. But perhaps that was just cause she had only seen one side of him? She had heard the commotion a few days back when a Turian had tried to help him get unstuck through one of the doors. And then there was the Quarian with his environmental suit. She had wanted to ask him loads of questions about his species, but thankfully refrained herself from doing so lest she appeared too naive.


    Felix watched as the red fringed human female walked ahead of him with a clear gaze that indicated she was lost in thought. However, she was now currently blocking his and everyone else's way into the comm room as he raised a talon to tap on her shoulder. "Excuse me, uh....Alana was it? Mind if I get past you?" The human was a good foot shorter than him and looked up with a surprised expression, "Oh! Yes, I'm so sorry. I was just about to head in there Felix Talibus wasn't it?

    Felix clicked his mandibles into an amused smile, of course this human would know his name already. He had seen her speaking to others and exploring the ship like a young pup for days now. "Yes, at your service mam. Ladies first-" He extended his talons in a gesture to allow her to proceed before him, walking in after her into the comm room as well. Already Styles and Axis were seated. The Human male looked to have just come in as well while Alana looked back to him with a raised brow and placid smile, "Well take a seat Mr. Talibus. I don't know about you but I'm interested in what this mission is all about." And with that Felix watched the human walk over to styles and take a seat. As to why anyone would want to sit near that woman he would never understand. Instead he gave a brisk nod to the captain of the ship, a fellow Turian and one who was actually pretty well known in his society. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he took his own seat at one of the nine chairs. One which was far away from Axis, since the guy clearly despised him for no reason, and of course far enough from Styles since she freaked him the hell out. "Looks like were still missing a few." He let his deep voice reverberate across the large room as they all seemed to be clearly waiting for the others to show up before they could begin with the debriefing.​
  4. The slow, heavy footfalls of Kayzer's walk undermined any chance of stealth anywhere he went, the large Elcor striding through the ship, having to squeeze through hatches where necessary. They weren't exactly built with the needs of an Elcor soldier in mind, but he would never complain. Why shouldn't the Turians build doors big enough for Turians? Still, when he passed a crew member in a corridor, one of them often had to squeeze against the side to let the other pass, and the bulkheads seemed to often be just at the right height for him to bump his head if he wasn't careful. He did take note though, that if he had to suit up inside the ship, his robotic servant would have to carry the turret to the airlock for him, all in all it would just be too tall to squeeze through the ship mounted on his back.

    He had left his quarters early so that he could walk to the meeting at his own pace and not be hurried by the smaller species. He was used to their rushed habits though, always busying about. Kayzer was capable of snap decisions for an Elcor, but he could still sense that others felt he was dragging his feet.

    At last he found the meeting room and squeezed through the door, slowly looking over his other teammates before speaking. "Respectfully: Greetings comrades, Admiral." He gave them all a small bow of his head before he started to walk towards the table, his columnar forelegs swinging back and forth. He stopped in front of an empty chair, looking at it briefly, it being utterly inadequate for a creature of his size. He quietly pulled it back from the table and set it near the wall, leaving the space empty for him to settle in on his haunches, still eye-level with many of his teammates as his blinked slowly, though his eyes still showed a vibrant energy. Had another Elcor been in the room hey would have seen him beaming with excitement and confidence. But, there wasn't, and the others would just see him stoically sitting and waiting for the meeting to begin.
  5. Kol'Xerai stared out of the window into space. He had spent the majority of his life aboard starships, and it occurred to him that he had never just looked out at the stars. Quarian vessels were utilitarian in design, and windows were something seen as unnecessary and were rare. He looked at his omnitool. It was about time for the big meeting. He turned away from the window, and began making his way through the corridors of the ship. It was a good ship. Yes it was a bit flamboyant, but it was still an excellent ship. Kol'Xerai expected it could last for over a century without refit. that was at least if it never saw combat, but the chance of this vessel not seeing combat was as likely as Kol'Xerai living a long and prosperous life without his suit.

    Kol'Xerai made it to the comm room where they were supposed to meet. He arrived just as that Elcor was making his way through the door. "It must be hard for him." Kol'Xerai thought. He had hear that Elcor did not do well on interstellar voyages. Personally Kol'Xerai did not understand the reasoning behind hiring on one of his kind. Then again Kol'Xerai knew what it was like to be constantly stereotyped. He wiped the thought from his mind.
    Inakal sat in his quarters alone, just the way he liked it. He sat on his bunk meditating, reliving some of his past experiences. As of late he had been remembering the times he spent in combat. It was as effective for him, as training was for any other species. He came out of his trance, and started his way towards the comm room. He walked quickly and quietly, and surprised more than a few of the Turian crew. He quite enjoyed it really. He wasn't even trying to be stealthy, it was just the way he naturally walked. He arrived as Kol'Xerai did. The two had been in the same squad not too long ago, and personally Inakal was looking forward to working with the Quarian again. The two said their hellos, and walked into the comm room to take their seats.
  6. The Admiral didn't speak until everyone was in the room, he kept himself standing at the front of the room, and not until every last alien was in the room did he nod a welcome to them all. "Greetings friends," he said, his voice filled with respect for those in the room with him. "I know you all know why you're here, to take down Project Synthesis. Run by by a man named Egeus, he and the main base of operation are currently on an unknown planet. Our goal, to locate and find this planet, and untie the strings to his plans. As of yet we sadly have very few leads, however based on some information we managed to get from one of his operatives he has a central trading operation on the Citadel." On the table in the comm room a holographic version of the Citadel appeared with red dots showing in which the location of the black market buys were. "Our first task is simple, find the buyers, and the recipients and eliminate all means in which he can buy.... less than legal items. We have the authority to use any means needed to bring this transaction to a stop, C-Sec is aware of our position and has granted us their services should we need it. Since their are two well known sellers on the Citadel we'll break up into two teams. " He took a pause making sure everyones attention was on him. "The first team which shall be heading to a warehouse on the upper wards will be lead by Sanderson, and will consist of Axis, Kol, and Alana. The second team which will be heading down to the lower wards will be lead by Talibus, and will consist of Kayzer, Styles, and Inakal. Any problems with the teams? You can kiss my ass, you're all going to have to work together, so get damned used to one another." After a stern glare at everyone he finally nodded, the hologram vanishing. "Our ETA is twenty minutes. You may get ready by whatever means. Dismissed." With a nod the proud Turian walked out of the room, door shutting behind him.


    "Oh, you can kiss my ass." Styles murmered in her best impreasonation of the Admiral, the alien rolled her four eyes as she turned to look at the other members of her team. She found that the only other ones that she could stand was the human female, probably because she knew that female members were always more intelligent than males, because they thought about more than just guns and sex.

    The Elcor didn't seem too bad either, she just figured that it wouldn't be good to spend too much time around him, because she would no doubt mock him due to his way of speech. The Yahg was too big and she even found him slightly frightening, she wouldn't want to see him in a close up fight. The other human male just gave of this aura that he was a dick, and so she would no doubt have no fun mocking him. The Drell, well he was... a Drell, weird enough. With their gods, and their weird Hanar friends. Though the Hanar did worship the Protheans. Heh... That was great. The Quarian would be an easy target for her to pick on, considering that he was living his entire life in a suit, always fun to pick on. And then finally their was the Turian - Felix. He was just damn annoying, she knew that the annoyance factor was mutual, which was why she always loved tormenting him, knowing that she would always get a reaction from him.

    Standing up from her chair the Prothean smirked, "so this is awkward. I mean I'd say there's a bit of an elephant in the room, though some of us might find it a bit.. offensive." She said, gritting her teeth and pointing one finger towards Kayzar. "So shall we go along singing each of our names out in a musical fashion. I hear that's popular with your people." She said looking at Alana and Allen. "Or should we just all act like strangers and go out and possibly die. Actually you know what, screw the singing thing, I'd rather die. And with Mr. Talibus in charge that shouldn't be too hard, huh-huh?" She winked with two of her eyes at Felix, with a grin. "Oh but I don't know about your team Mr. Sanderson, I mean you look like you're quite the well.. you seem like a pisshead. And as a fellow pisshead, I think your team stands a better chance of victory."

    It was then that Styles decided that she would shut up, not because she wanted to, but because she would have to wait until she got some kind of reaction from the rest of the squad. She was like that, she was someone who would pick and pick, until she hit an emotional scab and it flew off. Most who knew her regretted it, and sometimes would even wish that she would jump off a cliff. Of course she had heard the average; "god why didn't you die with the rest of your people?" That was one that always made her laugh, of course she had lived! She was amazing, and she had deserved the right to live.... Well, that wasn't what she actually thought, deep down she was offended when people said this, and she held back her anger. There was something in making fun of her, but when you brought in everyone who she knew who had died, well that was just a bit much for her. But she always pulled it off like she had no "good" emotions, like offense, saddness, and all that stuff that she hated. Which was why she hid it so well.

    ( I have no muse for Axis. Let's just say he sat there, quiet. D8 )
  7. Felix watched with sharp green eyes as others of their crew slowly came in and took their seats. Soon all nine chairs had been filled and the Admiral began to speak. So, they were to dock on the Citadel, split up into two teams, infiltrate the target's buyers, and eliminate Egeus's supply source? Sounded like any good Turian tactic really. He had no issues with leading a team, it certainly wouldn't be the first time he had done so, the only problem was that these weren't Legion trained Turian soldiers. 'Lets see, I got an angry Prothean, an Elcor, and a Drell to work with. Okay...yeah, I can make this work.' ​He thought out strategies to best put their strengths and weaknesses towards when an incessant rude voice broke into his thoughts. Styles had stood to both proclaim to everyone, not only her thoughts on the whole situation, but to insult every single crew member that sat at that table. What was more blatant was her directed aggression towards him for leading the lower ward team. Felix simply clicked his mandibles into a sly grin as he glanced in her general direction, "Now now Styles, you heard the admiral? You've got to play nice." He casually pushed himself away from the table to come to a stand, absently pulling at his armor's collar while he rolled his head a bit to rid it of the stiffness, "Insulting your crew mates is not a good start to those who you will be counting on to watch your back. A little tip- You usually want try and make friends with your team mates. Not piss them off." Felix had no idea where her aggression towards him was stemming from. He had, what? Maybe two-three conversations while they had been here. He supposed it was for numerous reasons, the main one being they both had similar personalities to being in charge. Usually two negatives don't make a positive..."Then again, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to make friends. Or perhaps 'Piss off!' means 'Hello, how are you?' in your language. In which case- I'm fine, thank you very much for asking!" He smiled sweetly to her before turning towards the Elcor, Krayzor, and the Drell named Inakal.

    "I hope you guys don't speak in her language. Guess I have not really introduced myself properly- Felix Talibus, but I suppose you've already figured that much out." He leered over to Styles in regards for her wonderful display of showmanship and spitting out his last name like it was venom.


    Alana had watched with silent apprehension as Styles immediately broke the shell and jumped right into throwing insults at various crew mates. ' know this is actually pretty milled for her.' She had seen the Prothean say way worse things with far more profanity than what she was displaying here. Maybe that meant Styles was starting to get used to them all? 'Or maybe she's just in a really good mood.' Alana mused as she tried to hide her smile by casting her eyes down. She did not know why, but she quite enjoyed seeing a hard ass like Styles throwing insults about like they were nothing. From what she had gathered by being bunked with the Prothean, it seemed to be just the way she was. While she found it amusing to watch both Felix and Styles go back and forth, Alana quietly pushed her chair back to move away from the ensuing fray. No good would come of getting involved in their argument while the Prothean was on a roll. Instead, Alana focused on looking for the aliens she had been paired with.

    Allen Sanderson was to be their team leader? She looked for the well suited man to see him sitting silently across the room, wondering what his take was on the scene unfolding and the current situation that was to come. Another human like herself but one she knew little of. Though she had heard he was in the Alliance too, she had never come across him since he was quite a bit older than her. Still hearing the Turian and Prothean's voices ramble in the background, Alana made her way over to him and gave him a nod in greeting. "Sanderson? I'm Alana Avaleace, Alliance marine, and to be on your team for the upper wards infiltration." She preferred to be formal in her words as she addressed him but that soon wore off once the formalities were out of the way. "So- Vanguard? I've seen you guys perform amazing feats with just a simple blade. I look forward to working with you and the others." She casually crossed her arms and gave him an inquisitive smile, she was interested in getting to know and understand her team leader so that she could best work with him on the mission to come.

    She recalled Axis and Kol were to join them as well; letting her soft green gaze travel across the room till she saw the big guy sitting silently by himself. Then there was the Quarian whose name she had great difficulty in
    pronouncing. She hoped he did not mind her calling him Kol for short since- well, lets face it. Alana pretty much butchered his name every time she tried her best to adequately enunciate it appropriately. She had not wished to offend any further, so just settled on the first part of his name, which was way much easier to say. "I've never worked with the other races before. Or been to the Citadel for that matter. It's always been a dream of mine to go there...I just, um, did not expect it to be like this." Alana gave insight to her thoughts as she watched the comical battle continue on between Felix and Styles. Looking back to Sandersons with a half concerned glance while still focusing on the verbal exchange going on before them, Alana gave her crossed arms a shrug and shook her head a bit, "So you think they will stop anytime soon?"


    Felix had grown weary of his exchange with the unrelenting Prothean. Clearly this was not a winning battle and it was best they just all simply got ready for their mission since they only had twenty minutes to suit up before docking. "Look, Styles...As much as it would please me to indulge in your perverted pleasure of causing others a surmountable amount of pain by continuing this argument, I would suggest we all learn to get along and have fun. Besides, you wouldn't want to make poor Krayzer here cry now would you? Have you ever even seen an Elcor cry? It is the most heart wrenching experience that you will ever see. So don't do it!" Okay, the last part he may have exaggerated a bit but it was terrible to see an Elcor cry...really. He gave the big ol' lug a pat on the shoulder to show no hurt feelings before turning to the Drell, "At least you seem to have potential. Meet you all at the exit before landing. Best suit up while you can." That went for him as well as he turned from the group and headed back to his quarters. Then again he shared the same quarters with all the other male crew mates as well, so they were all bound to run into each other while they got ready. Felix made sure to get all his arsenal prepped and ready for fire, placing his pistol and assault weapons on the back of his havoc suit, while the magnetic clasp held them firmly in place. He was more than ready to get this mission started. The lower wards of the Citadel were nothing new to him and already he knew of a few shop keepers that they could... interrogate, for information.

    Besides, Felix had just been stationed there recently before joining this mission, with other Havoc Soldiers to keep tabs on some targets there. Who knew that they might actually be connected? But this also meant he could dispose of the bastards in the process as well. Half the black market dealt in slave trading of some sorts. Surely they would not mind too much if they set up a few explosives here and there to stop some of that traffic. Plus it would help diminish the criminal population a bit as well. "Well like the humans always say- Killing two birds with one stone."
  8. Kol'xerai shook his head at the argument. "We are going to die." he whispered to himself. He stood up and left the room, heading for his quarters. he arrived, and promptly began readying his gear. He was usually very selective when it came to preparation. He had set his weapons out on his bunk, and stood there quietly staring at them. He thought carefully about what the mission would entail, but soon he was lost in other thoughts. By the time Felix entered Kol'Xerai was still standing over a bed covered in weapons, thinking about space hamsters.


    Inakal sat silently observing the two he was to be working with. They both argued with gusto. They were quite literally emotionally involved with their insults. Felix ended it by giving Kayzer a veiled insult, then speaking to Inakal. "At least you seem to have potential." He said. It could be seen as either an insult, or a compliment. Inakal chose to take it as a compliment. There is never any use taking offense; especially when offense is intended. The Drell removed himself from the room, and found an observation deck that was empty. He knelt down and gave a prayer to ashara god of justice. Afterwords he began to meditate again.

  9. Seeing how those two argued was fun and worrying at the same time. They were supposed to work together, and even if they were not going to be part of his team, it wouldn't be of any use if they got killed so soon in their mission. "We are all intelligent species. Just treat them as you would treat a human and everything will be fine." Said Allen comforting Alana. "Come on, let's get ready now." Said him to Alana as he saw the people was starting to get to their bunks and get geared up.

    Allen took a really small time to get geared, being used to your own armor is great, and the light weight of the armors made for biotics only made it quicker. Taking a quick glance to Kai, Allen sighed. "Quarian, your people like to rely on your omni-magic and last time I checked, a warehouse was a tight space, so grab a shogun and a side arm and stop day dreaming, soldier. I need you here now." Said Allen. Then, he put his gun and beloved sword in their places and began to re-check the V.I. and other suit systems as he made his way to the exit.

    When a mission was ordered, Allen behavior changed slightly. One thing was joking around while not working, other completely different was behaving in a mission. Sure some puns here and there didn't hurt and helped to get the tension off the team, but Allen liked to get those at minimum. "Alright, listen up, people." Said him calling all his team attention once they seemed to be all ready. "You and me will sneak inside, scout the area first. Search for threats and get rid of them if there is a chance." Said him looking at Kai. "Both of you will be waiting nearby. If things get ugly I sure could use someone like you." Said Allen to Axis, making his words sound with respect and complimenting the Yahg size and strength. "Alana, you stay behind cover and offer him all the covering fire and assistance he may need. Don't get me wrong, but you seem too young to be experienced enough in combat and I wouldn't like you to die under my command." Said Allen.

    The time for them to get going was near, but then the Prothan girl catch Allen eye, who looked at her for an instant. "Hope all those years sleeping didn't rusted you!" Exclaimed Allen. As said, some light joking always helped.
  10. Alana raised a thin brow slightly at Sanderson's remark. She was not looking for comfort from the old man and having him tell her to treat the other species as if they were human was something she had done her whole life. She supposed he was right in a way, but she bit her tongue before she could say anything else. 'He's the boss, just let him do his job and you do yours.' She sighed to herself while she watched the others begin to leave and get ready. That was something she did not need an order for as she walked out after Allen and to her own quarters. At least here she would be away from all the tension that seemed to be rising while she began to suit up in her worn N7 armor. The armaments fit her body snugly and she felt her human vulnerability begin to melt away. Reaching under her bunk, Alana pulled out her N7 issued weaponry- An assault and pistol to be exact. Swiftly she clasped them to the magnetic fittings on the back and side of her suit before leaving her quarters.

    Alana turned her red head sharply at the sound of their team leader's voice. Already he was giving out orders and a battle plan before docking at the Citadel. She crossed her arms and cocked her hip slightly as she listened with the others nearby, eyes and ears attentive while Sanderson issued out who was to cover whom. She agreed on the Quarian's skill sets, Kol would be good for helping with infiltrating and she had no problem offering cover for Axis. She gave the big guy a small smile- she would much rather be paired with a Yahg any day. But suddenly Alana's posture stiffened while she threw Sanderson a hard cold glare for his last comment. Not only had he singled her out of their whole group and humiliated her publicly to the rest of the team, but he had continued to also demean her as a fellow soldier by saying she was "inexperienced" and too young to be in a fight. "And yet I was one of the few who were selected to cover your ass on this mission." She remarked evenly and understood she had just spoken out to her supposed leader of their group, however, she would be damned if she let this old man put her down in front of everyone before he even had the chance to see what she could do. It was unfair prejudice on his part to have even said it in the first place and Alana had to bite the inside of her cheek fiercely to stop herself from saying anymore. 'Die on his watch? Typical...most male humans always act this way with me at first anyway. Nothing I can do about it till I actually prove my worth but- My God! Don't throw me under the buss just yet because I'm a little girl, and especially in front of everyone else.' Alana tried to think back in case she had done something to show Allen that she was not worthy to be on this mission. Had she perhaps offended him beforehand in some way or shown she was not competent to be apart of this team? No. She could not recall anything to validate his singling of her out from the others besides the fact she was a female of his species. Most human males tended to be protective when a young female was in their group and she would not fault him entirely for simply going off his male instincts.

    Alana finally looked away from Sanderson, though inside she had been publicly humiliated by his show of concern for her well being, she decided that the mission came first before personal feelings. Instead she looked to Axis; Alana now understood a bit how it must be for him to be prejudiced against as well, no fun, but it was something they would have to deal with silently while they proved to the others around them that they were wrong. Letting Allen continue his talk on details with the Quarian Kol, she spoke softly to the giant Yahg to pass the time. "I suppose you will be happy once we are off this ship, huh? Despite what our leader says I'll make sure to have your back and provide you with a strong and sound defense as well as an offense." Alana's voice held conviction as she promised her comradeship to the large imposing figure before her. At least perhaps a Yahg would not judge her simply on first appearance and she was ready to go ahead and get this started and over with. Their real enemy was Egeus...Alana would never forget that, no matter how many side missions they would need to do before getting to him...


    The dark skinned Turian watched the other team with heightened interest as he leaned against the back wall in wait. It seemed everyone was under a bit of tension before beginning and he had no choice but to preoccupy himself since they all had to go out the same air lock. His usual armor was prepped and ready for battle while he crossed his arms and listened to the human male go over battle plans. Felix had his own ideas for what his team mates should do themselves. Earlier on he had passed the Drell, Inakal, prying on the way over here and had decided it was best not to disturb the man. Felix understood how seriously they took their Gods. Instead he waited for Kayzer and Styles to meet up with him when they were ready. Even though he and Styles certainly had it in for one another, Felix could at least say their potential rivalry was fun and entertaining, not the same could be said for the two humans though as the female Alana spoke back to her commanding officer. It was always interesting to watch how the others races worked, but he was glad that they were on a separate team so he did not have deal with their problems. Besides, he had an angry biotic Prothean to content with. As for the others, he would just have to see how well an Elcor with a canon strapped to its back would do. Felix secretly had always actually wished to witness an Elcor battle. From the stories he had heard, it sounded like they were walking tanks in their own rights. As for the Drell, well...Felix could sense when someone was dangerous. Though Inakal did not show it physically, Felix could see that he possessed hidden skills that would be deathly in any combat situation.

    He shrugged his armored shoulders once he grew tired of listening to the other group. Carefully he placed on his helmet which shielded his identity and immediately began to give him thermal readings from it's black visor. He wondered if his Salarian friend Kallos would be happy to see him again, last time Felix had paid him a visit, he and the rest of his team killed half the Salarian's men as a warning against his black market trading. Now he hoped the sad little alien would at least live long enough for them to get some information of who he had actually been selling his weapons to, and Felix had a lingering feeling that Egeus was the Salarian's buyer. All the more fun for them he supposed, and anything to get a bit closer to their true target.
  11. Axis had gotten up and left once everything had started in the comm room, he had no desire to be with any part of it. Instead he had begun to get ready, butting on his heavy black armor, and making sure all the thermal clips in his gun were at a good status. He perked up when he heard that his team leader - Sanderson was giving out orders. He would respect the man as a fellow warrior, and if he was to lead then Axis would make sure that he did whatever he was instructed to do, as was proper for someone to do when someone else was above you in the chain of command. After recieving his orders he nodded, he knew that he was basically someone that would be used as a tank, to come in and eliminate the enemy once everyone else was down and out. But what they didn't know was that the alien was actually a deadly sniper, able to pick off something from a great distance away. He wouldn't say anything because it wouldn't matter, he was the largest member of the squad altogether, even bigger than Kayzar! He wasn't quite sure what Sanderson thought of him, and he didn't quite care anywho, he was not here to make friends, he was here to make sure that the job was done, and that was what he was going to do.

    When he felt eyes come on him he looked down to see the human female, Alana look at him, and then made a remark about how he would be glad to be off this ship. That was true, he would be glad to be off, but he wouldn't be happy to be on the Citadel. His people were known for their attack on the council, and being brought into the center of their space, well it wasn't something that would be desired. The Yahg almost pittied the girl, as he could tell that she had been humilated by Sanderson's actions. Blinking with his multiple eyes he supposed that she seemed alright, and though he would never say it, he would trust her to watch his back. Though he didn't say anything back to the girl he turned to look at Sanderson and let out a small growl. "The first fight I ever had in my life I killed forty-two people. Twenty scientists, twenty-two soldiers and guards, all highly-trained. Don't consider the unexperienced to be unable to kick a veterans ass." He said in his low and powerful voice. Saying this was his way of telling the girl that he would make sure that she remained protected as well.

    With that he moved away from the group to go and look out one of the windows of the ship, he could see them nearing the Citadel's long arms, and they seemed to be slowing down, to move around a couple of ships that sped out of the Citadel, probably heading towards the nearby relay. The Yahg could feel tension building his chest, what would people do when they saw him? He stood out even more than Styles did, and no doubt people would stare at him with confusion and possibly fear. He didn't like the fact that people always thought of him as some kind of psycho animal planning to slaughter everyone. He was in fact planning to help them all in whatever way he could. Of course this usually didn't comfort anyone, and he was still labeled as someone that should be feared and not really respected. He knew that this mission was classified, and so it wasn't like people would know that he was part of the team that was helping bring down Synthesis. No, they would just see him as a giant freak.



    Styles had rolled her four eyes at what Felix had said, she just shrugged off it like normal, as if whatever he said would let her affect her in the least. Though she did have to admit that when he brought the Elcor into it all, it had been pretty funny, however typical Styles only shook her head and had given him the are-you-serious look. Finally when it seemed that everyone else was moving out to get ready, she hurried herself. She was already in her light red and white armor, and the only thing that she needed to do was to put a new thermal clip into her Harpy II pistol. Because she was an Adept she couldn't use anything other than a pistol, as she had spent her time honing in on her biotics instead of learning how to control guns. She left that up to the soldiers like Axis, and Felix to be able to weild a gun well, and she just hoped that they would do a good enough job with the aid of her and her biotic abilities. Of course coming from her advanced lifestyle, she had learned biotics differently than those today did, and her biotics were not blue, but instead a green-ish color. She figured that her biotics was what interested this operation in her the most, since outside of that she was pretty much useless on the battlefield.

    When Sanderson made a remark about how he hoped that her little nap hadn't rusted her up, she shrugged with a smirk. "Nah, I'm sure that if I wanted to I could still rip you limb for limb." It was a joke clearly, and the Prothean had no intention of hurting anyone on this team. That wasn't to say though that their safety came before the mission objective, any good soldier knew that people sometimes died, and as long as the job was done that was all that mattered. Sure maybe the team would die, hell maybe she even would, but as long as it could be said that they died like soldiers then there was nothing too bad about it. Some thought that this was a harsh way to look at things but she had watched as her entire species died, and she had seen many good soldiers perish. After witnessing something like that you could no longer be someone that would try and save everyone else, no, you became a person that rarely gave a damn about the welfare of others. But still with that all being said, it didn't mean that she wouldn't try and protect her team the best that she could.

    Walking up next to Felix she watched as Alana started to get mad at Sanderson for his comment about inexperienced soldiers. "I think they're trying to act us out." She said with a chuckle, "but they could never pull it off. Well Alana couldn't she's too... well Alana-ish. I think that Sanderson could pull you off pretty well though. I mean if we just glued some mandibles to his face and he'd be set to go." Styles said to the armored down Turian. She couldn't understand how one could wear so much armor and not be brought down by it all. "So what's the plan? Are you going to race us all into our deaths? I probably should have written a will before signing up for this. At least I hear that's what the humans do."
  12. Kol'Xerai sneered at Allen's remark. What the fuck did he know about Quarian tactics? Kol had been through the N7 program. He knew what humans believed were Quarian tactics. All humans had known about the way Kol's people fought came from videos of a young Quarian on her pilgrimage.

    Kol studied his weapons. Each one had it's strengths and weaknesses. Each one had it's own special purpose. One should not rush something like this. He made his decision, and took his chosen firearms. He placed the others back in their respective places, and headed to the airlock. On the way he did a quick check of his guns. He reached the air lock just in time to hear Allen give his plan. Kol slid his SMG onto the small of his back, and listened. He was shocked when Allen mentioned the human's inexperience. The woman was N7 trained for keelah's sake. She would not be a liability no matter how little experience she had. kol was getting a sickening feeling that this was not going to end well.

    Inakal finished with just enough time to make it to the airlock. No one seemed to notice him as he arrived. He stood behind Felix for a few moments. "When I worked in C-Sec We put some of these targets away." he said "We put them away for the same crime they are committing now. I would often think about how our system did nothing to prevent crime. We just threw them away fro a certain amount of time, and if they had good advocates they would get out early. They would get out, and go strait back to what they were doing before. The only difference was they were more careful. I am glad we will get to stop them once and for all."

  13. Kayzer politely excused himself from the room as they were dismissed, though not before being the subject of several jokes and jabs. He didn't respond, and almost seemed to be a rock against the waves of discussion before hurrying out at a rather faster pace than he entered. Now that he knew when they would arrive there was a real sense of urgency that one rarely saw in an Elcor. His quarters were by necessity larger and emptier, so that he had enough room to maneuver. As he entered he faced the small robot folded into a crouch in the corner, which was also a necessity for a species not bipedal.

    "Robot, wake up." He said, having learned in his first day of ownership that trying to preface his statements with any emotional intent would just confuse the machine.

    "Greetings sir! What can I help you with today?" The robot unfolded itself and stood up, the voice bright and chipper and with some Earth accent.

    "I need to don my armor."

    "Certainly, sir!"

    And there was a lot of armor. Freed from the constraints of his high-gravity homeworld Kayzer could carry much more than his teammates, and so had much thicker armor with a much more powerful shield generator. And that was not even factoring in the weight of his weapon. He mounted on the Vector machine guns with their thick, massive barrels and the Zephyr grenade launcher, both carried enough ammo to, as one human had put it amusingly, "Fire for days."

    Looking more like a tank on legs his armor and helmet, he made his way down to the airlock, his robot dutifully carrying the large turret structure that would complete the image. When he saw Felix and Styles trading jabs again he made his way to them, just in time to hear Styles speaking about making her will before heading off. He lifted his head towards her saying, "Gentle teasing: Do not be worried, Styles, I'm sure that everyone on our team will take great care to keep our fossil from being damaged."
  14. Alright, this was not going to be a pleasant journey, Sanderson could see that much now. A Quarian with a bunch of high grade weapons who was disturbingly silent and a spoiled brat who thought the fact of wearing a N7 armor gave her experience in the battlefield. Even if she actually completed all the courses and made it to the N7 qualification, which was really unlike due to her young age, that didn't made her the center of the universe. And that wasn't the first time Allen had seen some N qualified punk, who though he was worth a million, easily exceeded by the soldiers who actually had earned their ranks and not just given it by a letter and a number.

    So he further ignored any stupid quarrel that came out of their mouths and focused on their objective. The play should be simple enough; sabotage some 'production lines', punch some guys in the face and interrogate some others. Allen looked around, and even if there were only differences between all of them, everybody seemed ready enough to face whatever they may find, and that was something good. Lifting his barriers and starting to focus in getting his powers up for the task, Allen waited patiently for them to reach their destination and begin the mission.
  15. Felix looked up slowly as he was drawn from his thoughts. The female Prothean, Styles, spoke next to him as he returned her statement with an airy chuckle of his own, "Act us out? Nah. You've made it very clear already that you can out cuss us all without any provocation whatsoever." He turned his armored head towards her to indicate he was addressing Styles while his voice echoed through the comm in his helmet. "Madame, you insult me! There is no way anyone could pull off my looks. Especially a human..." He gave her a mocked voice of reproach before laughing softly to himself. He angled his head sharply up when the Elcor dubbed Kayzer soon approached, decked out in thick armor and guns that Felix himself could never hope carry alone. He smiled behind his helm, realizing that his facial features were obscured though, as the Elcor teased their Prothean comrade. "Ha! I like this guy already! Hell, anyone able to carry us much arsenal as you and make fun of Styles here, is okay in my books." Felix was glad to see those on his team seemed to be having a good tease before their mission. It was hard for the Turian to be serious about things half the time unless under fire. That, and how many chances did one get to hear an Elcor make a joke?

    While he was bantering with those two he heard a voice behind him which made him turn sharply at attention. 'How the hell did he sneak up on me like that?' Felix looked to Inakal with a confused glance that was gratefully hidden behind his visor. Usually he was pretty good about not having others sneak up behind him. He listened to the man speak about his experiences with the Citadel C-sec, to which, Felix found himself agreeing to the Drell's words as well. "So I take it you know the lower wards then? I could really use your expertise for something a bit...well- out of C-sec's usual jurisdiction." Felix could hear it in Inakal's voice that the Drell wished to finally put an end to some of the people who ruled that lawless place. Something he himself was also intending to do as well. As Styles questioned him on what their strategy would be, the Turian crossed his arms and cocked his head to the side a bit as he answered. "Race you all to your deaths? Please. I would have taken you all to dinner before doing something like that. No, I've got a better idea that will hopefully work out if we play our cards right."

    Felix spoke more evenly now as he moved closer for them all to hear, "I know of a supplier who deals in black market trading ranging from trafficking to selling illegal weapons and drugs. A skinny little Salarian named Kallos- before being signed up for this, my team and I had infiltrated his operation and permanently disposed half of his associates." A low growl trailed his voice as he continued to give them the details, "Unfortunately, C-sec deemed our methods too inhumane and stopped us before we could continue our methods of extracting information from that pathetic little man and his accomplices." He then looked to Inakal, "Just like you stated before. He got a few months of jail time, barely any law suites were placed against him, and his advocates bailed him out with the right amount of credits. I don't know about you guys but that does not seem like justice to me. The way we were taught in the Legion was to interrogate and torture our prisoners till we got the information we needed. Lives were saved, and the bad guy never got to see daylight again." Felix could feel the ship begin to buckle some as they entered the stations hemisphere. They would soon be docked at the Citadel and then the mission would begin. "So, I'm wondering if maybe you guys would like to not only stop Kallos, but perhaps make sure that he never gets the chance to do any of this crap again. C-sec had their chance. Now it's our turn, and I like to go out with a bit of bang, if you know what I mean." Though they could not see it the Turian grinned behind his helmet at the prospect of finally getting the chance to put this guy down. Felix had no intention of handing Kallos over to C-sec this time. No, this time he intended to not only get all the information they needed, but hopefully put on a few fireworks as well before they left.


    Alana had been quiet as she leaned against the ship's hull while others of her squad stood alone and distant from one another. Passing a glance behind her shoulder, she noticed the other group laughing and getting along as if they had been a team all their lives. She smiled despite her down mood, the others were made of a giant Elcor, a Drell, a Prothean, and a Turian. They were quite a weird sight, but honestly, she believed they would fit in well with the lower ward denizens. She looked back to those who made up her team, and although so far they were a bit on edge with one another, Alana could see how their races would actually fit with those of the upper wards. Well, except of course Axis, but she liked the big ol' dinosaur despite his odd appearance. She regretted speaking out against Sanderson, no matter how much he may have put her down she should have kept her mouth shut when he had referred to her as being inexperienced. It was one of her faults to speak back to others when she felt oppressed, but she had been surprised of the hidden support from the Yahg as he spoke out his views in part to his past experiences. Even the Quarian Kol seemed deterred by the scene despite not saying anything on the subject. It was certainly not the first time she had been judged on her age and appearance alone and she did not expect it to be the last.

    She felt the familiar jars and bumps from the ship as it got ready to dock at the Citadel. Alana could not fight the excitement which was encompassing her being at the prospect at finally seeing the Citadel in person for the first time. Slowly she moved towards the airlock in anticipation and peeked out one of the few port holes that lined the ship's frame. Axis was close by doing the same, but Alana got the feeling the alien was more anxious then anything. The young human's features soon lit up as the Citadel finally came into few. Her eyes reflected the light that emanated from the structure's four arms and the smallest of smiles peered through her features as she looked on. "It's beautiful." She whispered to herself more than anyone, but that child-like nature was soon replaced with the realization that it also held just as much bad as it did the good. Truly though, what fascinated her more than anything was the fact that so many alien races could coexist in one place. Creating one giant melting pot of ideals, religions, and technologies. "I wonder if they have any space hamsters there?" She joked lightly as she looked back to Kol and Axis, "Or maybe pet Varren? I've always wanted a puppy of those vicious but cute dog-things." She tried to lighten the tense mood with their group while she turned away from the window in preparation for the airlock to open.

    Her once foul mood evaporating, Alana turned away from the view to walk over to their leader Sanderson who seemed to be souring in a corner all by himself. She was not one to hold a grudge for long and thought it best to apologize first so as to not drag this out any further than need be. "I apologize about my comment towards you before Allen. As a fellow marine, we should be trying to work together rather than at each others throats." Alana extended a gloved hand to her companion with an even light gaze, "So how about it? Care to start over with me before we engage the enemy and put our lives at risk for the greater cause?" Her green eyes held a glint of mischief at the prospect of battling with what was to come while she kept her hand extended in her offer of friendship. "Or we could just sit here all day and see who can make the most grumpy face. But I gotta warn you- I think Axis would win and Kol's face is offense Axis and Kol!" She looked back to the Yahg and Quarian with an apologetic smile as she said that before turning back to Allen with a determined stance. She refused to let this go until they could at least get along for the time being. If not for their sake then for the mission at least.

  16. Well, that was something unexpected, or at least unexpected so soon. Human history did had a lot of battles between each other for many reasons, some more right, some others completely dumb. But since the first contact with the mass relays and the further discovery of aliens everything had changed. Where there was difference was now comprehension and respect. Knowing there was someone else in the universe gave everybody a different point of view, and thank God, becuase humanity was not far from destroying each other for when they found the Turians.

    "I never doubted about your combat skills, neither thought you were a lady in distress. But you must understand that the experience in the field gives a different point of view on things that books or vids cannot." Said Allen taking a firm hold of Alana hand-shake. "And don't worry. It's good to be reminded we are all in the same boat every now and then." Said him nodding firmly. Vanguards tend to forget about that, and although Allen knew a good team work was unbeatable, because of the tactics bound to their powers, Vanguards easily forget they weren't alone in the battlefield.