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  1. Hello, right off the board I am fairly new to RPing and this if it goes ahead will be the first RP that I have "run." So it will be a bit of a hit and miss learning process for me. So with that said on with possible ideas, I’ve thought of a few general premises and formats the RP could use and would like feedback for which you would think will be most fun/appropriate.

    Idea 1)
    The RP will be focused around the priority earth mission in me3 where posters will take the role of either rank and file soldiers or members of specialized strike teams. Obviously as every bodies ME play through lead to a slightly different situation on earth we may have to decide upon a canon ending. If we went with the rank and file soldier idea I thought it might be a slightly more plausible if character death is a fairly regular occurrence, (although not to the point we never get any ware.) Obviously given the context combat will be a fairly regular feature, perhaps during this each the post should be equivalent to about 4-6 seconds. Despite this however I’ll try to make sure it doesn't devolve entirely into monotonous combat. I'm thinking that if we go rank and file characters should be about 4th level whereas strike team members should be about level 12ish.

    Idea 2)
    The one I think will work better although I guess it has probably been done before is we take the role of council specters or some other organization of equivalent power and methods, (Open to suggestions, for a different perspective we could run a Cerberus operative themed RP,) investigating sites of interest in the gap between Me2 and Me3 or mid Me3. This would give a little more freedom for character choices and options, (although sadly not geth,) might use the traditional abandoned lavatory as a starting point and then move on from there.

    I will post the character rules once I see if any interest exists and which idea people would prefer. Feel free to suggest modifications or alternatives.
  2. About Idea 2. I might be interested if it was based after ME3, and we are a spectre/or spectre equivalent crew of a ship and we do a Space Opera type RP where we go on bunches of different adventures/missions that somehow are connected together. Anyways just and idea feel free to ignore.
  3. The only Problems with setting it after Me3 is that for most of the endings thier woundn't really be any threats left.
    The fiction doesn't really provide many other enemies other than criminals(which might be fun,) cerberous,(dead after me3 although the antagonists could be an isolated group or a splinter faction,) or reaper based stuff. Probably the best bet for post Me3 would be the antagonists being large criminal cartels.
  4. Erm well I've done some RP based in ME and we didn't really need Reapers. We could have criminals, terrorists, crazy scientists/biotics, mutants, new alien race, maybe the Reapers opened us up to something worsw? Obviously not directly after the setting would need time to rebuild, but we could deal with some interesting parts of ME3's ending (we would need to come up with the stories canon for what shepard did and didn't do in this setting); like the genophage? Was it cured? What are the effects of that? If it wasn't what are the effects of that? If the quarians and geth reached an understanding could the Geth maybe have an embassy on the citadel? Aswell as the quarians? Maybe some AI laws have be lifted after the Geth and EDI are inspected and people find they can be good. Their are lots of options if you think about it.

    We wouldn't do Synthesis ending though that just is crazy talk.
  5. Yep we'll do that then. Il upload the general chracter design parametres tommorow. Hopefully It will attract a decent amount of people(4-6 idealy).