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  1. So , after listening to a few songs from the soundtrack of the game and basically shedding a few tears , I'm 100 % sure i want to do a Mass Effect roleplay . Right now i'm just checking if anybody is interested . I have a possible idea set up , some kind of a sequel to the third game that doesn't imply Shepard ( though it might imply some of the surviving crew members ) . If you have an idea yourself , suggest it to me ! We can create something together instead of working on my old idea . Whatever it is , if you're a fan of the series and you feel like taking a trip back to the good old ME universe , hit me up !
  2. I'm also interested in ME an idea a firnd and I had was starting off either as low ranking mercs/low tier mercs and working our way up and up (this would've taken place throughout all three games as well as beyond) until they joined the fight against the reaper forces and afterwards could've become spectres after the battling was over. That's a very small blurb but the rest is easy to figure out, decent amount of fighting (both infighting and regular fighting) due to either the expansion of a well known or unknown merc group.
  3. ok im interested!! I have playd all ME and you think i will say No to this?
  4. I am interested, but might I suggest if it is set after ME3 then we should be trying to deal with the aftermath of the reapers, maybe we are a multi race group put together to put down insurgencies by the mercs going for a power grab or fighting rouge parts of turian/human/asari ect. armies going for a power grab.
  5. Hmm, I'm liking the suggestion Dakota made, tracking down the aftermath of the downfall of the Reapers, perhaps Cerberus remanents are being dealt with as well (Because racism against the aliens always justifies someone going around to kick their white and orange asses to the curb again).
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  6. Give me Quarians or give me Geth
  7. Or both.
  8. wait but one of them get COMPLEATLY purged from that means we would have one?

    or like Dak said...would we have both?...really whant to be Geth -3-
  9. Their is a ending where they both live happily ever after with each other, go paragon karma.
  10. .......*Slowli turns on game and places Mass effect 3 disc*
    i must..............have.......that.........ENDING!
  11. Remember no renegade.
  12. wait do i need to start ALL OVER again right?
  13. I had all paragon up to that point but I don't know how much you need, but since it is one of those games changing choices you probably need the max paragon you can get up to that point so in a long winded way, ya probably.
  14. ....damite...owell i was gona start a new anyway...well thanks ^^ really wana see taht ending!
  15. Legion dies no matter what.
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  16. Oh ok thanks for telling me!
  17. Also, you can do it with high renegade, too. Either way, you can save both of them.
  18. wait so i can go paragon or renegade and save them both?
    ( Finish my first game in Neutral)
  19. I never did a renegade run so...[​IMG]

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