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  1. My buddy HardcoreStraw started a mass effect RP and is looking for some interest. He will post what his vision is and I will post up character forms, logistics, and general info pertaining to the RP.
  2. Please read the intro! and message me if you need more deets!

    I figured the story can follow multiple arcs on various threads, and go through chapters with each one!
    My character, the one whose just crash-landed, can be the first arc, with other characters possibly searching for him/hunting him or tracking him to get to what my character ultimately needs to achieve, seeing the crash and deciding to check it out, or even being in the same ship! Every character is welcome to join or create his/her own party, much like the mass effect games themselves.
    The planet my character crashed in would be the planet Lorek, in the Omega Nebula: He was one of the alliance agents sent to investigate the claims of these wormholes and alien craft. A data monitoring station in Lorek promises to have information which can explain some, if not all, of the anomalies. And he's been tasked with securing the data. The first chapter will revolve around this task, and the other agents and individuals he bumps into along the way, and the initial beginnings of Aftermath.

    The thing about Mass Effect is that the galaxy is so open ended, story arc threads can be started about almost anything, since its not too long after the reaper war, people are welcome to start political story arcs in the cleaned up citadel, Rebuilding story arcs in planets that have been devastated, such as Earth, or Palaven, or Illium.
    There can even be horror arcs, areas where reaper indoctrination still exists, and where the husks and scions hadnt been cleared out or even found out about yet. The lost batarian homeworld would be perfect for that, since almost nobody knows about what happened to them really.

    I also welcome any ideas or criticism, as long as its constructive! Thanks for your time~
  3. All right man. I like the idea of multiple interlocking threads. But that is a lot to manage. So here is my idea. We stick with the mission that you have. We let each person build a charter that will be added to your characters crew. You are right. The Mass Effect universe is HUGE! We can do a lot with it. So, let's pick one run with it. It's a little over whelming to to people to try and do something that huge! Let's start small and try inviting new people.

    What do you think of that?

    So let's go with the Lorek arc!

    (That's my opinion any who)
  4. Yeah! the multiple threads is my futuristic aim! I'm just seeking to start out with the Lorek arc so that we can reveal more of the story in time~
  5. Sweet. I'll post up a character form tomorrow. Tonight, if you are on, you should hit up the new arrivals forum and start inviting people! I will do that tomorrow too!






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  6. Name- Elijah Derren

    Gender- Male

    Race- Human

    Class- N7 Slayer Vangaurd

    Personality- Elijah is very talkative. He engages in conversation frequently, sometimes even in combat. It’s astonishing that man so talkative can also be so stealthy. It’s his defense mechanism. The way he copes with what he has seen is to keep putting walls and diverting attention from the harsh truths. He is sarcastic and rarely serious. He can difficult to get along with if you can’t take a joke.

    Bio- Earth born. He joined the military out of high school because he was bored. Discovering his prowess for combat, it was long for Alliance to put him in the N7 program. He was one of the first people to be put in the slayer vanguard units. As stated before, Elijah (goes by Eli) has seen horrible things that he doesn’t properly deal with. He hides the trauma by compartmentalizing and diverting topics with witty banter or change of subject. He was tasked to Lorek as combat and espionage specialist.
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