Mass Effect: Rise of the Krogan (OOC, Sign Up Thread)

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  1. Rise of the Krogan
    Four hundred years after the defeat of the Reapers. Shepard killed them all, causing him to die in the blast. Or did he? This story isn't about Shepard, it's about what his actions have done to affect the future of the Galaxy. They were the best choice at the time, but what about now?

    The Krogan have rebuilt Tuchanka, they pushed for room on the Citadel and now have an Embassy. Along with the Vorcha and Quarians. The Batarians are still seen as hostile, as they are colonizing new worlds. Living on other Homeworlds. The main Homeworld that is accepting of the Batarians is the Krogan.

    The Krogan have allowed the Batarians to live on Tuchanka for the sole purpose of the Batarians having more knowledge in technology and science, the Batarians were also willing to help them advance into a new age.

    The Quarians have rebuilt the Geth after the Reapers, since the blast killed all synthetics. The Quarians took the current technology of the Geth and upgraded them, but they didn't try to control them anymore. They were free just as they were when Shepard saved them.

    The Yahg have invented Space Flight a hundred years after the Reaper Destruction, now part of the Galaxy and pushing for an Embassy on the Citadel. Other Races are becoming furious at the thought of the Yahg having an embassy. There was an uproar when it happened with the Humans, who were found underdeveloped and selfish.

    The Blood Pack has become one with the Krogan, they are more like the Vanguard of the Krogan. The ones that can do the dirty gang work without fingers being pointed at the Emperor. Whatever Vorcha are with the Blood Pack, are part of the Krogan Empire.

    Urdnot Wrex is the Emperor, his life has been long and full, but his time is coming to an end. Krogan are strong, but they aren't invincible and nothing can beat age. Nothing but a pure synthetic.

    Urdnot Grunt is one of his Top Generals, he has proven himself time and time again. He still runs with the Aralahk Company until he is needed.

    Every race is getting their hands on dead Reapers, trying to understand their technology. Make new weapons, ships, technology in general.

    The reapers were right about one thing. Without them, Chaos will ensue

    Character Template:

    Name: (Pretty Obvious. Please make the names go with your race)

    Race: (Pretty Obvious)

    Age: (Remember on this one. Humans and Turians live to be about 100, Asari and Krogan about 1000, and Salarians are around 40.)

    Gender: (Obvious)

    Class: (A Mass Effect Class)

    Abilities: (Such as Armor-Piercing Ammo, Pull, Warp, Singularity, etc. A max of 5-6 Powers)

    Weapons: (You may only have two weapons. So if you are a Soldier, probably Shotgun and Assault Rifle. Etc. Like Mass Effect 3, only Shepard could have every weapon but his companions could only have 2)

    Personality: (Preferred but can be describe IC)

    History: (Also Preferred but can be revealed IC)

    NOTE: When traveling between clusters, they take a few hours to get to your destination after the Mass Relay. Tell people when you are leaving that Cluster IC and also don't appear at another planet in a minute or two. Make it realistic.

    Also, Spectres have to be asked for. Not everyone can be a spectre, depending on the Character Sheet and etc. I may allow one or two spectres.
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