Mass Effect: Repossession of Organs and Space Elevators

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    • Fuck shit fuck, where the fuck is my ass? Could it be in the Weyland Consortium "Beanstalk," or is it on the end of Luigi Largo's massive horse cock? Maybe it's going through a mass effect relay, landing approximately in the middle of absolute bullshit between some Krogan females and their respective Vorcha suitors. Or maybe it's attached to my exterior, I don't know, and quite frankly I don't give a fuck, thanks.

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  1. Jake Snizick was tired, all these fucking mexicans were being assholes and he couldn't drink like 10 glasses of coke. He spouted some shit about feminists and was an asshole for his entire roleplaying turn.
  2. “Joe and I are having a meeting with the heads of the Mexican Mafia, a war has broken out between them and the Crips and if it gets out of hand the business will suffer. Do you want to talk to the Don of the Mexican Mob real quick? He asked,
    “Sure.” I said, I could hear him ask the interpreter to hand the phone to him and the Don grabbed it.
    “Hola, who is this?” he asked me in Spanish.
    “Hi, my name’s Jacob Snizik, I hear you’re having a little confrontation with the Crips.” I said to him in Spanish, Adam and Joe didn’t know I could speak it so I bet they were confused as hell right now.
    “Si amigo, those fucking Crips keep coming on our turf man, they think they own the place but we own the place you know. They killed a couple of our guys in a battle over some drug money, so we sent the F13s and they took down a whole posy of them on their own turf man. There’ve been hits all over town; I don’t you what to do.” He said to me in his semi-stereotypical Mexican accent.
    “Well… have you tried to negotiate with them in any way?” I asked, taking my usual philosopher mediator approach.
    “No man, we haven’t. That’s a good idea. We should call them up and see if we can make a truce or something. You’re a smart motherfucker.” He said; I smiled. He gave the phone back to Adam.
  3. [​IMG]
    "Cassima, I'm sorry, I've been working for Abdul Al-Hazared all along, turns out you are more profitable to us as a sex slave..." Alexander grimly looked into the eyes of his former flame, realizing the hurt that he had done to her

    She smiled, "It's okay, I knew this was coming for a long time, I just didn't want to say anything and ruin the surprise."

    He smiled, "What surprise?"

    She smiled, "I've been sucking Jollo's dick since the day we met. I never loved you."

    He frowned, "No?"

    She frowned, "Just kidding, ur funny."

    He smiled, "ur still a sexslave.
  4. The year is 2148. It is a golden age of human space endeavors, biotechnology, and computer sciences. A giant space elevator, known as "Jack's Beanstalk", named after designer Jack Weyland, extends from the American megatropolis of New Angeles over 22 thousand miles into Geostationary Earth Orbit, where a massive station christened the Castle resides. This structure, considered the pinnacle of human engineering by the Weyland Consortium and its subsidiaries, enabled massive colonization efforts as humanity expanded throughout the Sol System.

    While the Armstrong Outpost in Shackleton Crater was established as humanity's first permanent extraterrestrial settlement in 2069, the Beanstalk allowed for larger settlements to be created, notably Lowell City in Eos Chasma on Mars, established by the European Space Agency in 2103, which was then followed by similar settlements such as the United States' Mytikas City on Olympus Mons, Russia's Rurik Center at the North Pole, and China's Liwei Station at the South Pole. Following the much earlier 'Lunar War' conflict (a complex series of events following the construction of the Beanstalk that saw several US backed He3 mining corporations, notably Melange Mining Corp. experience alleged sabotage efforts that killed many workers. Colonists on the Moon blamed their Chinese and Russian neighbors. After a month of retaliatory strikes, a ceasefire was declared and the Weyland Consortium snatched up almost 70% of the orbital reconstruction contracts.), the colonists on Mars grew weary of the corporate influence from Earth, especially the Weyland Consortium. The Mars separatists have been gaining political footholds ever since, rejecting any perceived extensions of Earth's governance.

    Far beyond Mars, and even beyond Pluto, lies Gagarin Station. Built in a joint venture by US, Russian, European, and (reluctantly) Chinese space agencies, Gagarin Station, constructed in 2143, is humanity's first, great attempt at Faster Than Light (FTL) travel. In the five years since then, it has been considered a massive failure as every attempt fell short of practical, safe FTL speeds. Since rechristened "Jump Zero", most of the scientists there have given up, choosing to take the months-long journey back to the inner planets.
  5. On Earth, biotechnology entered an age of seemingly limitless potential. The great Organ Failure Plague in the first decades of the 22nd century ensured that governments would lift restrictions on highly controversial genetic programs including eugenics and cloning. Rotti Largo founded GeneCo, a company able to grow many different types of organs for a modest fee. The surge of organ transplants created the cultural drive to "Create the Perfect You", making elective surgeries a cultural norm. The relaxing of genetic experimentation laws also flooded the markets with many new drugs, including the highly addictive anesthetic, Zydrate, which is synthesized by necrotic brain tissue and comes in a little glass vial.

    With this surge in genetic study came the next great leap in computer technology: the synthesis of the human brain. By mapping the functions of cloned human brains, the Tokyo-based company Jinteki has devised a now-patented system of 'gengineering' human-like androids with limited AI abilities. Though the legal system is still struggling to catch up with this groundbreaking new technology, Jinteki has advanced their androids into the workforce, using them to replace costly human workers.

    Jinteki's main competitor, Haas-Bioroid, has taken their technology one step farther. By interfacing brains created by GeneCo's cloning vats directly with mechanical components, nearly sentient "Bioroids" can be created. These bioroids are also quickly leaving human workers unemployed, causing economic strife in the 2130's and 40's. As the path to a fully sentient AI becomes clearer, many ethical and existential questions will be raised, both by critics, and by the creations themselves.
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  6. As more humans become unemployed by Jinteki's androids or their competitor's bioroids, many are seeking ways to pass the time between jobs. Some turn to crime. Even fewer turn to hacking (and the new, implant-powered method of "Running"). Most, however, turned to the media. The cultural explosion brought about by the dawn of the internet over a century and a half ago was still expanding. New, safer neural interfaces created by Synthetic Insights allow true VR technology. This, along with the constant stream of content flowing from the massive media conglomerate NBN, has resulted in a revolution in hybrid-quantum computing, maximizing datastreams to inconceivable amounts. Terabytes of information can be downloaded, analyzed, and stored on a common consumer laptop in seconds. At the forefront of revolutionizing Earth's cyber-infrastructure was NBN, a corporation now feared for its omnipresence throughout the Sol System. Almost anyone, anywhere, at any time can be watched by this all-knowing company.
  7. It was not as if these corporations did not have conflicts of their own; for instance, Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki often fell into odds, both in legal pursuits and general marketing tactics. It was not long before these two massive corporations hired experienced criminal runners of their own, backed by the entirety of their bank accounts and legal interior permissions to access corporate files for the sole purpose of exploiting the weaknesses of the other respective company. The efforts to contain these intrusive measures were thwarted by the exposure from the NBN, causing further tension between both corporations, and predictably in the way of the Network itself.

    A massive assault, conducted primarily through covert bio-engineered agents, on the NBN headquarters brought the media publicity to a halt, and though there was no direct usurp of the Network's management itself, it became increasingly apparent to the public and private beneficiaries that the hands of these corporations were not as clean as one might hope.

    The benefiting party, of course, was the Weyland Consortium, taking up media applications of its own and providing alternative media outlets to compete with the NBN, much like Apple's intended subterfuge of Microsoft's business. The efforts were extremely rewarded, especially due to increased advertising from GeneCo on this medium. The same audience buying into surgical implants and prosthetic manipulation was tuning into the new network for its attention towards scientific advancement, satire, and entertainment. By 2147, NBN and Weyland Entertainment (WE) were almost on equal terms. In 2148, advertisements from Jinteki were exclusively released from NBN, while Haas-Bioroid placed its advertisements on WE.

    Car companies from around the world, primarily Chevrolet, Toyota, Hyundai, and Volkswagen announced the ceased production of wheeled automobiles, favoring instead advancements in He3 technology. Cars and bikes were now built for flight, or at least in Volkswagen's facilities, hovering...
  8. People of Note
    • Steven Hackett - (Born 2134, Age 14) As of 2148, Hackett has been enlisted with the Advanced Training Academy for Juveniles for 2 years following the death of his mother. Although originally from Buenos Aires, the ATAJ has him training in facilities all over the Sol system.​

    • David Anderson - (Born 2137, Age 11) Living in London with his mother, military nurse Ursula Anderson, and his father, flight mechanic Paul Anderson, David is the youngest of three children in the Anderson household. He is enrolled in the British Combined Cadet Force, early for his age.​

    • Jon Grissom - (Born 2104, Age 44) Captain Grissom of the United Nations Space Agency is one of the most experienced and skilled astronauts still in service. Born in Lowell City on Mars, Grissom has trained with every space agency operating in the Sol system and participated in the founding of Fort Charles Upham on Titan, the Cryo-sub operations on Europa, and the building of Gagarin Station past Pluto.

    • Emmet Williams - (Born 2102, Age 46) Colonel Williams of the United Nations peacekeeping forces stationed on Luna is a controversial figure. During the short-lived "Lunar War", Williams fought desperately to keep order throughout the Lunar colonies, having to make difficult decisions to protect the populace as well as his meager force. His actions are hailed as heroism to some, cowardice to others, and criminal to the rest. He now heads the UN Peacekeeping Division stationed on the Moon.

    • Katsuo Hiro - (Born 2096, Age 52) Chairman Hiro of the Jinteki Corporation represents the new era of the corporation's dominance of the android market. After taking office, Hiro relocated the company headquarters to the Root in the city of New Angeles. The traditionally privately owned company was made public and laboratories and offices quickly opened up on Mars and other locations in the Sol system.

    • Rotti Largo - (Born 2076, Age 72) The president and founder of GeneCo, Rotti Largo is considered a savior by many, ending a plague of organ failures in the early 2100's with his patented biotechnology allowing for the growing of cloned human organs. His legacy is in jeopardy as his three children, Amber, Luigi, and Pavi are set to fight for control of the company. His company is centered in the New York metropolis.
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  9. People of Note (Continued)
    • Jack Harper - (Born 2140, Age 8) A child living with his ailing mother, Alice Harper, in the slums of New Angeles, Jack has illusive dreams of a better world.​

    • Mateus Silva - (Born 2119, Age 29) A relatively young contract prospector working for Melange Mining Corp., Mateus is the captain of the small mining ship Lidenbrock. Born in Mytikas City on Mars, Mateus was sent to a trade school in Lowell City, where he was trained in engineering and extraterrestrial mining and geography. He inherited his father's ship, and has been doing contract work around the Sol system.
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