Mass Effect: Re-written

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  1. There will be a lot of violence and grotesqueness in this so be forewarned.

    The setting of this takes place in an alternate universe to the original mass effect, and in this universe thing's are a little different, the races have known of the reapers comeing, as the protheans managed to survive the reapers once, and have warned other races, surviving through cold sleep they unearthed forty-nine thousand, seven hundred years on. Appearing from their cold sleep the protheans set to work on their home planet to restore it to fully functioning order and sent out a message into space, alerting any other sentient races of their location and that they would inform them of what they knew.

    Due to the threat of total annihilation, interspecies relations have become much more stable, this does not mean that they get along however, most races still have deep seeded hatred but some have learned to look past this for the good of survival. Through advances in cloning, interspecies couples have had the chance to finally have children. Though the process isn't quite perfect it is much better than it used to be, seeing as now the clones don't die within a couple of years but instead live as long as the oldest members of their respective parent races would. However there are still a few bugs in the system such as, a turian/human hybrid having a very sensitive stomach, or being vulnerable to viruses thanks to fluctuating body temperature, meaning that the process isn't perfect but it is manage able, ( and that turian/human would never be able to handle a spicey curry, hehe.)

    Humanity's march into space much later on has left them with a much shorter time frame to build up their defences agaisnt the reapers and as such have had the protheans working with them almost directly to have them ready in time.

    The year is 2186AD , the reapers arrive very soon, is there enough time to save everyone ?

    The setting for the first part of this, is the planet kilum 4, a resort planet heavily defended by the, GDC ( galactic defence coalition)

    ( for everything you need: )

    Character sheet.



    Race benefits:

    Cross breed issue: (erase if not cross breed)







    (NOTE: when a cross breed combination is taken it cannot be chosen again.

    Turian/Krogan cross breed
    Salarian/drell cross breed
    turian/human cross breed
    asari/Prothean cross breed
    Asari/drell cross breed
    Human/Prothean cross breed)

    ( Three characters per person maximum. )

    ( if you wish to take a relation ship in this above and beond this tanding then make a seperate thread in the mature section, other wise hold your horses. )

    My character.

    Name: Markil Torinam

    Race: Turian/Krogan cross breed.

    Race benefits:
    Beign a turian/krogan, mar is resistant to almost all forms of physical damage whilst also being strong and faster than both of the respective races as well as having more stamina than both combined, being short for a krogan but rather tall for a turian, he is the best of both worlds. Being of krogan heritage grandts him multiple organs, as well as the "quad" and accompanying assets, his diet can consist of virtually anything given his internal organs.

    Cross breed issue:
    As a turian and krogan cross breed this means that he has both an internal skeleton and an outer exo-skeleton, with this comes the problem that his head hasn't developed any of this exo-skeleton, and as such it is a very vounerable point on his body.

    link, credit to the maker of the pic.

    Mar stands at 6'10, with well defined phisique shown off and accentuated by the dark red steel like plates that adorn his body, the uncovered skiin of his head beneath is a light red and he has the traditional turian face decoration in white, depicting a skull. though unlike the turains he has three fingers and a thumb. all of which are thick and bulky. around the collar and back of the semi hood his collar muscles make he has dark green slash stripes, and his eyes are a vibrant green which gets darker the further from the pupil it gets.

    When damages Mar's blood is a green colour, sort of a deep evergreen. other than that his physiology is similar to a turian which has bulked out considerably, he is lacking the severe hump of the krogans but it is distributed in the huge arch on the back of his collar to his head. he is thick nd powerfully built, his legs look closer to ta turians whilst hiarms look more krogan, his body also looks like a happy medium between the two allowing him the best of both worlds as sll his muscles are well fedfined but also compsct with both races explosive strength and long reaching stamina.


    Mar is gruff and tough, his anger and other emotions are explosive like most krogan however his turian nature reigns him in from doing anything too extreme. and also gives himmroom to listen to others opinions as well as views however he is not paitent, and doesn't have a very good level of patience with other people.

    Armor Bonus: +100.00% of maximum shields

    Tech armour
    Recharge Time: 12.00 seconds
    Duration: Lasts until destroyed
    Shield Strength: +75.00% of base shields

    Adrenaline rush
    Time Dilation: +50.00%
    Damage Bonus: +100.00%

    Mar is weak to biotics, something in his construct dna is very susceptable to biotics and as such he is averst to dealing with biotic users.


    M-96 Mattock
    M-22 Eviscerator
    M-358 Talon


    Mar's parents are a krogan father and a turian mother, they fell in love whilst both working in the GDC on the citadel twenty three years ago, after a sort of whirl wind romance, they decided to have a child through the cloning process so theat their child would be the perfect union of the two of them. Aft erhe was born the pair of them, moved from the sitadel and he was raised on a small colony in deep space where he was picked on a lot for not haveing either of his parents full heritage, although through the mocking he'd developed himself into a very respectable person despite, the hatred for his krogan side everyone showed. Even with his explosive temperment and harsh levels of extreme anger, he has managed to gain himself standing within the ranks of the GDC, right now he stands as a seargent.

    Going through life with a fifty/fifty gene split of his pearents he's never been fully content with how things have turned out. Always thinking he could have done this or that better than before or done it a differnt way.
  2. Name: Delta Broussard

    Race: Human

    Race Benefits: Few. Like most humans, Delta's greatest strength is her adaptability. She isn't the strongest, the fastest, or the smartest and her human body is weak and soft compared to most other races. However, she is able to survive several days without water and many without food, is a decent swimmer, and having four fingers and a thumb on each hand lends her dexterity in her hands that only Asari can match.


    Appearance: Delta is pale, and has never been able to get a tan; she goes from white to red with nothing in-between. Her skin contrasts with her jet-black hair and eyes, which are set in a sprightly face. Roller derby has given her strong, muscular thighs and well-defined calves. She considers them her best feature. Her pale skin is often littered with bruises from playing such a rough, violent sport, and there is a small scar on her lower lip where it was split during a match. She is on the short side and is considered skinny, which is why she is a jammer; she is able to maneuver quickly and easily pass slower, larger skaters. She has something of an alternative sense of fashion, most of her clothing and jewelry throwing back to the early twenty first century.

    Personality: Among friends, Delta is easygoing and has a great sense of humor. She's outgoing and loves to drink, smoke, and party, as most human university students do. She's somewhat crude and rough around the edges, cursing often and loudly.

    Delta has a very negative view of non-human races and she is barely tolerant of them at the best of times. When in the presence of non-humans, her normally fun-loving demeanor dissolves completely and she becomes sullen and aggressive.

    Weakness: Delta Though has never had any combat training. Though she has been in her fair share of scuffles and is a decently competent street fighter, she is no match for any type of trained combatant.

    Weapons: One three inch stainless steel pocket knife and a confirmed nasty haymaker punch.

    Biography/history: Delta was raised as a ward of the state in the smog-choked, overpopulated slums of New Orleans. She hasn't had much exposure to the other races in the galaxy, having never been offworld, and what little she's seen of them personally has been negative. Delta's mother, a botanist, was killed while doing research during the batarian raid on Mindoir in 2170 CE. Her father, unable to handle the grief of losing his wife along with the stress of raising a child alone, abandoned Delta when she was eight and has not been heard from since. This experience has colored her entire view of alien races.

    Delta majors in Ancient Greek Mythology, with an unusual minor in Vocal Music. As Delta is indecisive, she's switched her major several times in an attempt to find something that can hold her interest. She is also a jammer on the Big Easy Roller Derby team, under the name Susan B. Agony.
  3. Name: Kilik Verus

    Race: Drell/Salarian Cross breed

    Race benefits: Kilik has the near perfect memory of the Drell, mixed with the curiosity and need to learn of the Salarian. His mind is his most powerful assets, being able to recall everything and anything he's ever experienced and learned on a subject. Along with this, Kilik has kept the physical prowess of his Drell heritage, being quick on his feet, and able to throw a good hit. As he is a mix of the two races, he has no need to worry of the disease that plagues the Drell, while having a much longer lifespan than a pure Salarian.

    Cross breed issue: Kilik has what he would call "Brain Tics." where his mind becomes entrapped and frozen on one word or phrase. He will repeat this word/phrase until someone breaks him from the pattern, whether by physical stimulus or a sudden assault on his senses (flickering lights, sudden loud noises, ect.)

    Appearance: Kilik stands at a modest 5'8, average by both race standards. He looks as if someone had taken a Drell and wrapped them in Salarian skin, being white on his front till about his bottom lip, while the rest is a light green in colour. Kilik's eyes are large, round, and completely black.

    Personality: Kilik puts a lot of importance on his medical studies, and likely can be found with either his nose in a text book, or mixing chemicals in the attempt to make something new. While others tend to find his motor mouth difficult to tolerate, he's a generally likeable fellow, keeping a pleasant attitude in even the worst of situations. He embarrasses easily though, and will become frustrated with himself following his Brain Tics. Kilik prefers not to fight. Rather, his nature places him better suited for a Doctor, which is his chosen career.

    Biotics/powers: Singularity, Stasis

    Weakness: Once Kilik's shield has been taken down, he has very little in terms of defence, and a few well placed bullets or physical hits will drop him easily.

    Weapons: m77 paladin - Kept on his person in case of emergency.

    Biography/history: Kilik's mother was a Drell that suffered from Kepral's Syndrome. She was approached by a Salarian scientist who claimed to be working on a cure for the disease. All he needed were a few cells from her body to test on. She agreed, offering her cells freely to the Salarian. What she got in return was not what she was promised. Instead of a cure, or even a genetic adaptation for future Drell, she was presented with a hybrid child. A mix of her DNA and the Salarian scientist she had trusted. Though the child wasn't what she had expected, he was her's, and she fought bitterly against the Scientist, before finally being awarded custody of her son.

    Kilik's Brain Tics began early on, and though his mother brought him to many doctors, none were able to cure him of the genetic ailment. While this brought ridicule from younger members of society, he learned to live with it. Another part of Kilik that emerged early was his love of medical science, always wanting to learn more about disease, particularly that which threatened his people. This is now his profession, a medical scientist, looking for cures of the galaxies ailments.


    Name: Visoras Lunissa

    Race: Asari

    Race benefits: High biotic capabilities and resistance, the mind meld, and extensive combat training

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Visoras is a hard woman to get along with, especially when placed on a mission. Being a mercenary in her maiden years, she has a shoot first, ask questions later attitude towards most problems. It served her well in the past, but tends to land her in a bit of trouble with her superiors. She's brash, aggressive, and has a hard time following orders that she believes serve no purpose. Having no patience for those who get in her face, this Asari lacks the normal diplomacy and tact known in her race. Most believe it comes from her Krogan genes.

    Biotics/powers: Charge, Warp, Nova

    Weakness: Once her barriers are down, Visoras is susceptible to most physical damage.

    Weapons: Razor VII

    Biography/history: Visoras was born to an Asari "mother" and a Krogan "father". When she began to grow restless with her life on Illium, against her mother's wishes, Visoras joined in with the Eclipse Mercenaries, and found the lifestyle suited her. That is, it did, until she began to butt heads with the leaders of the group over unneeded civilian casualties. She was deemed soft, and the mercs decided they didn't need her. Hunted by her old gang, Visoras knew she couldn't face them alone, and joined with the law enforcement within Citadel space.
  4. Turian/Human cross breed coming shortly...
  5. Name: Leon Graves
    Race Benifits:
    Being that he is well trained he has a good amout of strengh and speed and agility as well. He isn't a brute guy so he isn't super strong but he's deffinitally not weak. He had combat tranning and was great at sports especially boxing and swimming.
    Shorter Hair and Dark Brown)
    Leon stands at the height of 6'3 with a well defined body. His dark brown hair his kept short at all times. He has a few tattoo's, one on his right arm , chest and on his lower left arm.
    Leon is a goofy guy around the people he knows and loves to hang out and drink. At other times he can be calm and laid back. He tends to have a short temper especially with people he dosent like which ends up in brawls or heated arguments.
    Being that he has a temper he is blinded by current situations and meaningful things that happen to being going on. And being that he's only human he's limited on certain things.
    A dark cutter blade, and a small knife kept in his boot.
    History: Leon's mother died in child labor giving birth to him leaving him with his father. They lived in the old projet party of the big city in Brooklyn, NewYork. His father grew ill when he was 10 years old with cancer. Through the years he devoted himself on helping his father beat the dealy cancer. When he was 19 his father died in the hospital bed in his arms. He then spent his time in combat tranning.
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  7. Name: Davick Vin

    Race: Drell/Asari (male)

    Race benefits: Dav's mixed blood both Asari and Drell have made him an exceptionally efficient killing machine, adding both races natural grace and strength with the Asari's exceptional biotic capabilities to make a potent and dangerous mix. He also has some of the Drells memory abilities, along with the Asari's healing abilities.

    Cross breed issue: Despite his Asari healing abilities Dav has not escaped the horrible Kepral syndrome, in fact his genetic tampering has managed to make the affects even worse causing him bouts of unimaginable pain, but he does not die, the healing may not be able to get rid of the syndrome completely but it has stopped its progression, leaving Dav in an agonizing twilight of pain without the hope of a quick, natural, death.


    Personality: Dav is a suave polite man generally, his first instinct always to help, and protect those around him. But he has a darker side, when killing his mind is blanked of all emotion, all pity, and he truly becomes the machine he was meant to be. He has a deep insecurity about his disease as part of the reason he was created was to see if there was hope for an end to the Kepral syndrome, the failure of his genes has molded, in his mind, into a failure of the self, making him unworthy of his birth. He has occasional moments of melancholy where he will fall into the perfect memory of the Drell, to recall every failing he has ever found in himself, the exact moment, the exact act, it can sometimes bring him to the brink of self destruction especially when combined with one of his bouts of extreme pain.

    Biotics/powers: Reave, Throw

    Weakness: Dav has trained almost exclusively to use his speed and power in close range combat, fist fighting, knives, blades, using his biotics to augment his attacks, all of it was drilled into him as a "take em down fast and hard." It is the way his training has always gone, the way every fight since has gone, add that in the fact that his body is a mix of Drell and Asari physiology, and it all gives him a surprising weakness, his body is physically brittle.

    Arc Pistol

    Biography/history: The truth be told Dav was the product of an Asari Matriarchs most recent conquest, and in extension her most interesting experiment.

    Matriarch Delaria, an influential mind in many of the Asari's current biological endeavors, is a leading member of Asari society. In her 893 years she has conducted countless experiments, learned untold amounts of lore and information, firmly buried herself in the galactic ring of scientists. She is skilled in many sciences, influential in politics, powerful in war. The epitome of all the Asari strive to be.

    In her long life she has taken multiple lovers birthing children with a multitude of races and partners, each one that she found she mesmerized with her beauty, captured their heart and soul, and brought them firmly into her control, refusing to let go until they, each and every one, died of old age, disease or other causes. Yet with each death she would merely find another to lavish her affections upon, another that piqued her interest. Dav's father was her latest in that long line of men and women for whom the Matriarch had taking a liking, a skilled Drell soldier wracked by the slow death and decay that his people suffered, a man with a single hope, to bring about the healing of his people

    The matriarch promised him this and more, if only he would be hers for all time. In his grief and emotion he agreed giving over to her everything that he was. For a time she lived with him using him for anything and everything she desired, until at last he asked her about her promise, her vow. Her answer was a child... she would make a child, mixing the best of Drell and Asari to make a halfbreed, more powerful than both. She succeeded in one respect, making a boy, a child stronger and faster than either race and yet her vow fell short. The syndrome was not defeated, and Dav's father fell to despair. Rather than allowing his body to be wracked by the disease his father took an easier way out.....

    And so the boy was left with his 'mother', one who wanted little to do with a failed experiment, a walking testament to her shortcomings, a dark reminder of the one pet for whom she had begun to grow affection for. So he was sent away, given over to the eldest of his many sisters, an Asari commando of high rank and station, who along with a number of their sisters, made up one of the most powerful squads in the Asari military. Dav's life was not easy, it was not coddled, rarely was it comfortable or warm. But with his sisters he was whole, part of something, and he was happy.

    His biotic prowess began to show early in his childhood his power always above where any realistically believed it could be, in response his sisters rode him hard, teaching him how to reign in his developing strength. Until, at last, he was strong enough to hold his own, on par with a number of his sisters, better than some in fact. Only then did they allow him to join the military, bringing him aboard as a commando, as an equal.

    Its been years since that time, many of his sisters have fallen in battle each one taking a piece of him with her until, now, he cannot feel during battle he refuses to allow it, when fighting he is merely a soldier, kill the enemy, that is all.
  8. Any Asari hybrid child will be an Asari which are all Female
  9. Normally yes but this is a cloning process not a actual birthing process so there will be male half asari.
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