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    The terrorist organization known as Cerberus is a threat we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to. While the Reapers invade our galaxy and our worlds burn, Cerberus has proven to be a thorn in the side of the races of Citadel space! It is for this reason the Council has approved the creation of a new unit. A team to deal with the Cerberus threat and snuff them out of existence before they cost us an even greater war.

    You have been chosen to enlist in Project Seraph. A team hand selected to deal with this enemy before they cost us everything.

    Everything you will need to get started on this mission can already be found aboard the SSV Navarra. We wish you luck, soldiers.

    There are a number of things you'll need to know when designing your character. The first is to pick your class and race. I chose to actually involve the powers options for the sake of balancing our characters. Classes with Biotics seemed stronger than the rest if I didn't, so I apologize for the addition to the RP. If everyone hates this set up then I'll trust the players to balance themselves out, okay? The available options are as follows.

    Classes: Your class will determine many things. What skills your character may learn, their strengths and weaknesses and how many guns they may begin with.

    -Adept: Biotic skills only
    Number of starting skills: 6
    Starting weapons: 2. One uncommon and one common. One must be a sidearm (SMG or Heavy Pistol) Example: Uncommon AR and common Heavy Pistol
    Number of grenades: 2
    Unique abilities: Singularity, Biotic Sphere

    -Soldier: Combat skills only
    Number of starting skills: 3
    Starting weapons: 4. All may be uncommon.
    Number of grenades: 6 (Any one of your liking, so I would suggest looking though the lists for any grenade powers you may want)
    Unique abilities: Adrenaline rush, Concussive shot, Fortification

    -Engineer: Tech skills only
    Number of starting skills: 6
    Starting weapons: 2. One uncommon and one common. One must be a sidearm.
    Number of grenades: 4
    Unique abilities: Sentry turret, Combat drone, Defense drone

    -Sentinel: Biotic and Tech skills
    Number of starting skills: 6
    Starting weapons: 2. One uncommon and one common. One must be a sidearm.
    Number of grenades: 2
    Unique abilities: Tech Armor

    -Infiltrator: Combat and Tech skills.
    Number of starting skills: 4
    Starting weapons: 2. Both may be uncommon. No required sidearm but you may still have one.
    Number of grenades: 4
    Unique abilities: Tactical cloak (The damage bonus offered from this skill is ignored for the sake of the RP. It allows your character to turn invisible at the expense of your shield instead by transferring power into the ability. There is no duration. Think Kasumi, if you have played her DLC for ME:2)

    -Vanguard: Combat and Biotic skills
    Number of starting skills: 4
    Starting weapons: 2. Both may be uncommon. No required sidearm.
    Number of grenades: 4
    Unique abilities: Biotic Charge, Nova, Lash


    Geth- Geth have a few special rules. No Prime or Juggernaut platforms and being machines they may not be a class with biotics. Soldiers, Engineers and Infiltrators only. They have a unique power to themselves to compensate. (Unique powers are not mandatory, but are there if desired)

    Geth unique power: Flamer

    Sorry, no Elcor, Hanar, Volus, or Vorcha. They hardly seem suited to this task.

    Biotic Powers: Biotics, while powerful, will eventually tire the user out. Particularly the more damaging ones. I want players who select a class that uses Biotics to keep this in mind. Not that you can't use a few in rapid succession; especially in a high-stress situation. It's difficult to explain exactly what I mean, but just try to be fair about it. Don't fling a room full of a dozen or more enemies around like they were rag dolls and have your character show no signs of exhaustion. Pace yourself because some fights will happen right after another.

    Here is a list of biotics any applicable class may choose from (unless stated otherwise for class specific abilities)

    -Annihilation Field
    -Barrier (Barrier works differently for the RP than it does in the game. It produces a biotic shield around the user or a nearby target, deflecting all but the strongest of rounds and most powers, so long as the user can keep it active)
    -Biotic Charge (Vanguard only)
    -Biotic Sphere (Adept only)
    -Cluster Grenade
    -Lash (Vanguard only)
    -Lift Grenade
    -Nova (Vanguard only)
    -Singularity (Adept only)
    -Warp ammo

    The full list is here. Near the bottom of the page is the list of Mass Effect 3 abilities. If you don't know what any I named do, you may look them up through this page. If you feel I should have included a power I did not, feel free to message me with your reasoning. I won't hate you.

    Combat powers: Combat skills are not like biotics and will not required mental focus or rely on mental endurance.

    The list of combat abilities are as follows.

    -Adrenaline Rush (Soldier only)
    -Armor piercing ammo
    -Concussive shot (Soldier only)
    -Cryo ammo
    -Fortification (Soldier only)
    -Frag Grenade
    -Inferno Grenade
    -Incendiary ammo
    -Proximity mine

    While I couldn't find a list of -just- combat powers, I formed this list using this list here of available soldier powers in the multiplayer portion. So if I forgot something let me know.

    Tech powers: Almost all tech powers make use of the omni-tool. As such, they don't cause physical exhaustion but the omni-tool does not have infinite energy. If you are an Engineer and want a turret, combat drone and defense drone out at once that is fine, but only one of each may be active at once. Not 5 turrets and 6 drones.

    Here are the available tech powers.

    -Arc grenade
    -Combat drone (Engineer only)
    -Cryo blast
    -Defense drone (Engineer only)
    -Disruptor ammo
    -Energy drain
    -Homing grenade
    -Sentry turret (Engineer only)
    -Snap freeze
    -Sticky grenade
    -Submission net
    -Tactical cloak (Infiltrator only)
    -Tech armor (Sentinel only)

    This is the list of tech powers. Again, if you need to know what something does, feel free to find it here. If I missed something or left out a skill you feel shouldn't be omitted, let me know and I'll take it into consideration.

    Starting Weapons: Pick one weapon per category, from as many categories as your class permits. As for thermal clips, I won't be a nazi about it. However, if you have an ammo hungry gun or obtain one later I ask you keep things accurate.

    Assault Rifles:
    M-8 Avenger. Common
    M-15 Vindicator. Uncommon
    M-96 Mattock. Uncommon
    Phaeston. Uncommon

    Heavy Pistols:
    M-3 Predator. Common
    M-5 Phalanx. Uncommon

    M-4 Shuriken. Common
    M-9 Tempest. Uncommon
    M-12 Locust. Uncommon

    M-23 Katana. Common
    M-22 Eviscerator. Uncommon
    M-27 Scimitar. Uncommon

    Sniper Rifles:
    M-92 Mantis. Common
    M-97 Viper. Uncommon
    M-29 Incisor. Uncommon
    M-13 Raptor. Uncommon

    Character Sheet:





    Appearance: (Picture or description are fine)



    Biography/Background: Where is your character from and what helped shape them into who they are today?

    Extra: Any other details you wish to include about your character.


    The team leader and Spectre member of the team has been claimed by Galaetrus Ky'yn.
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  2. Name: Zuor'Affa nar Juseen

    Age: 27

    Race: Quarian

    Gender: Male

    Class: Engineer

    Appearance: Notably wears a highly streamlined enviro-suit in colors of gray and black, highlighted by pristine white plating. He is a bit smaller than most males of his species with a diminutive build that hides surprising strength.

    Powers: Combat Drone, Cryo Blast, Defense Drone, Disruptor Ammo, Sabotage, Sentry Turret

    Weapons: M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol, M-12 Locust Submachine Gun

    Biography: Like all of his kind he began life on the Migrant Fleet, distinguishing himself as an able pilot with a keen analytical mind and penchant for battlefield tactics. This mental scalpel is appropriately turned towards the technologies he encounters and he shows a deep and abiding curiosity for the mechanical workings of most any device he can get his hands on. Obsessive to a fault, his attention can sometimes be completely taken by a particularly interesting or frustrating project to the point where he will even disregard meals until the metaphorical casement has been cracked.

    His skills serve him well upon his Pilgrimage and he puts them to good use flying whatever ships he can, regardless of legal status. After a few years slumming around Citadel space, authorities finally closed the net on his endeavors and he was sentenced to military service in lieu of a prison term. Both the knowledge and discipline learned therein had a surprising effect on the once gregarious Quarian, honing his talents into a valuable asset in the dark time that soon gripped the galaxy...
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  3. The first post with all of the information and sign-up sheet is now finished! I will begin filling out my two characters shortly.

    Just so everyone knows, I will have a Human Infiltrator and an Asari Adept.

    I'd like a team of anywhere from 6 to 10 characters. One will need to be team leader. If nobody wants to make the leader, my Asari will take that role. For now, it's up for grabs.
  4. Reserved Human/Soldier
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  5. [​IMG]

    "The needs of the group outweigh that of the individual."

    Name: Galaetrus Ky'yn

    Age: 32

    Race: Turian

    Gender: Male

    Class: Sentinel Spectre


    Tech Armor
    Sticky Grenade

    M-3 Predator

    Biography/Background: Galaetrus has led an interesting life. As a small child living on the Turian homeworld of Palaven, he was not very old before latent biotic abilities were discovered and quickly consumed everything the boy thought he knew.

    Despite being forced to make harsh adjustments very early on, he adapted well to the militaristic control, even somewhat striving from the advanced education and development of his natural powers. By the time he'd reached fifteen years of age, Galaetrus was ready to undergo the surgery required for biotic implants and was put into service immediately. After clearing basic training, he was initiated into a Cabal and has served Turian interests since.

    His unique powers, coupled with his well-cultivated mind and aptitude for tactical combat, has seen him through some of the most trying times in recent years, and has gained him admiration and respect despite the general distrust of Cabal members.

    The honors he had been given, and the efforts he has put forth so far against Cerberus and the Reapers, garnered the attention of the Council and subsequently resulted in nomination and acceptance of a new Turian spectre since the fall of disgraced Saren Arterius.

    This elevated status has placed Galaetrus at the head of the Seraph initiative, as his dealings with the targeted terrorist organization is invaluable.

    Extra: Although the stigma of being a Cabal follows Galaetrus to this day, he is still a Turian, and has been charged with the care of lives that he must lead through battle. He acts as a rock to rely upon off and on the field, but he is still a weapon tempered in discipline, and oftentimes comes off as strict or harsh, very no-nonsensical.
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  6. Name: Elana T'Nell

    Age: 96

    Race: Asari

    Gender: Female (Technically monogendered)

    Class: Adept



    M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle
    M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol

    Elana grew up on Illium, quite possibly the largest trading center in Asari Space. Perhaps even the known galaxy. The laws there were both stretched thin and very flexible, rendering the impressive looking planet as actually little more than a polished up Omega. Even at a young age, her natural biotic talents as an Asari were remarkably advanced and she shined during the mandatory courses in their education system.

    Elana's family was one in great debt. Her father, a Drell, owed the Eclipse a hefty sum of credits for smuggling him on world to see his bond-mate and daughter.

    Her father's owed money to the criminal gang rolled onto his daughter, who was inducted into the Eclipse to pay back his fee. Within the gang the young Asari broke the law, engaged in gang violence and even scrapped with Cerberus a handful of times. Yet her biotics grew. After both repaying the Eclipse and going through the death of her father, Elana remained in the group. It was the only life she knew. Until she found out it was the very gang she defended that had killed her dad after he tried to get her out. He didn't want that life for her. Enraged, Elana plotted her revenge and took out her former captain.

    She fled Illium with her mother, taking refuge on the Citadel. There she gained a reputation within her district, often overstepping C-Sec to bust major crimes that their rules would have kept them from doing for weeks or more. Rather than being punished, her efficiency was rewarded with an invitation to join a special new team the council was putting together. One where her experience and decisive actions could be put to good use.

    Extra: Elana's armor is hardwired with the same micro-frame used in Rosenkov's line of armor, giving her improved endurance with using her powers. However, as advanced as her control is, she is still young by Asari standards. The raw power she is capable of has not fully matured.
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  7. Name: Lancaster Engelbert Landon

    Age: 30

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Class: Soldier





    -Disruptor Ammo

    -Incendiary ammo


    - M-13 Raptor

    - M-4 Shuriken

    - M-8 Avenger

    - M-5 Phalanx


    Born in a military family on Planet Earth he did not see much of his family due to them being in service with the military almost all the time. His family wanting for him to have proper education in a neutral place, they send him to the Citadel where he continued his life from there. He finished school and at the age of 18 and he enlisted in the Alliance… he was fighting the Batarians in the Terminus System for 2 years, he always was seen disobeying the orders of his commanders and charging the enemy like a madman, always being first to charge and to kill. His behavior quickly got him discharged and sent to the citadel. With the credits he had gathered he headed for Omega station to find him some mercenary work. Unexpected to him he had caught the eye of the leader of Omega; Aria T'Loak. He without question accepted her offer and started working for her for the next 9 years. Aria was very pleased with his work and he rose through her ranks known as a ruthless soldier that had no mercy or morals; he got the job done no matter what it was. Rumors circle about him that he was once seen killing a woman with her child and crushing a humans skull with just his hand, he was deemed very dangerous by everyone and remained in service of Aria only because she needed him. He had a slight affection towards Aria that he never expressed; after Omega got attacked by Cerberus he leaved the station heading for the Citadel. He never saw Aria since that point, hell bent on destroying the Cerberus and enraged he wanted to join a group that was focused on eliminating the Cerberus from existence. He joined the Seraph.

    Extra: He is very cold to outsiders and has little to no affection for others making him apathetic. He has shown to be very greedy and controlling over some things, he is also very rash and bold he would not think twice to kill anyone, anywhere if they even just crossed his eyes once. His only rule is "If I hate you don't look at me; don't talk to me, don't cross my path. If i'm you friend don't look at me; don't talk to me, don't cross my path. If your my enemy say your prayers and embrace my bullet"
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  8. Name: Nathan "Hawk" Daniels

    Age: 34

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Class: Infiltrator


    Tactical Cloak
    Sticky grenade
    Disruptor ammo
    Armor piercing ammo

    M-97 Viper Sniper rifle
    M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol

    Nathan was born on Earth, but grew up on the human settlement of Horizon after his family took one of the first shuttles to the planet. His younger sister Bethany was born on Horizon two years after his family arrived, when Nathan was 5. As a young boy he was inquisitive and quick to learn. He also possessed a sharp attention to detail.

    As Nathan got older he began to admire the token force of soldiers who protected his colony. They would tell him stories which he would then bring home and share with Bethany. The two dreamed of one day joining the military and traveling the galaxy. As soon as he was old enough Nathan enlisted, proving to be a natural marksman. His sister began a military career of her own when she came of age, joining a separate unit and serving aboard a different ship. The siblings wrote often, expressing congratulations for promotions or whenever their teams made galactic news as well as simply to keep in touch.

    With his service record and skills, Nathan was eventually invited to join the N7 program. There he received specialized training, even gaining optic implants to improve his sense of vision and hand-eye coordination. After passing the training program he started taking solo missions. Assassinating high-priority targets, gathering vital intel and disrupting the enemies of the Alliance in a myriad of ways.

    One day Nathan received a message from Bethany. One which told him she would be returning to Horizon in order to protect their parents and help secure the borders of their home. It wasn't long after this that the Reapers invaded the galaxy. Nathan's letters to his sister were suddenly no longer receiving replies. This was highly unusual and after weeks of checking reports, he learned the Reapers had not yet hit his second home planet. Before he could return to investigate himself he was given a new order; Travel to the Citadel for something of incredible priority. There he was introduced to a new team that needed him for a matter of galactic importance. He was recruited to Project Seraph.
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  9. Name:
    Sagran Tyzuris






    Biotic Charge

    Cryo Ammo

    M-15 Vindicator
    M-27 Scimitar

    Sagran was born on the Turian colony of Altakiril where he was raised just like any other Turian youth. He was taught of the Turian Honor and everything else that would be needed for him to make it out of boot camp. And that's exactly where he went when he turned fifteen years old. There he excelled mostly with firearms and even survival training thanks to the frozen climate of Altakiril.

    It wasn't until he completed the training that he showed signs of being a Biotic. But compared to that of others, he was simply a little above average of no major worth. Still, because of this he was transferred into a Cabal where he underwent even more training to learn how to use his abilities. But not being especially gifted he maintained his training with firearms and started training his powers to aid him in combat through offensive abilities.

    With his second bit of training complete he was put back into active duty with others from the same Cabal. And although they were not very trusted, others could not deny that they got the job done. At any cost. And with this group he stayed until he was given a notice to report to the Citadel. Shortly after his arrival is when he met a new unit and that he was being recruited for Project Seraph.

    Failure to even try to complete your duty is a great insult in his mind.
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  10. I'm here to let everyone know why I have been missing for the past two days. My computer's power chord has died. I'm currently typing from my phone. I have ordered a new one (as no electronics stores near by have the kind I need) and it should be here in a matter of days.

    Anyway! The main thing I want to know is would you guys be interested in starting the RP soon, or wait a little longer to build up the squad? I can always keep the sign-ups open and we can recruit new characters on the fly if we want to start soon. Privileges of having a Spectre as team leader. The soonest should be around the time my chord arrives. Typing full length posts from my phone for two characters doesn't sound like a great time.
  11. I have no problem in waiting, we could wait for more characters and you as the Role-Play leader to get on, I think: Get your power cord and in the meantime we can wait for more sign ups, when your all set we can start the RP.
  12. N0VA has a good point. We might as well wait until you're at full operations and in the meanwhile, we can get more people to join. Besides, it's not like we can't recruit people on the fly later anyway as you said, until we've reached a reasonable limit. We've all waited this long, we can tough it out a couple more days.
  13. Thinking about making a Salarian Infiltrator or Engineer. Do we need one class more than the other?
  14. We do not. At the moment there is one character of each class. Every player is free to make whichever class they'd like.
  15. Wonderful. I'll have my character sheet in by tomorrow.
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  16. Character Sheet:

    Name: Marcus Lattimore King

    Age: 23

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Class: Vanguard

    Appearance: 4070708.png [​IMG]

    Powers: Biotic Charge
    Proximity Mine

    M-22 Eviscerator. Uncommon
    M-13 Raptor. Uncommon

    Biography/Background: Marcus is a young, goofy Gunnery Chief from Earth. From a young age he has always had a certain flavor of ambition and determination. The military took notice of his biotic abilities and decided it was a good idea to give the goofy bastard an L5 implant. He sometimes has volatile emotions that actually lead to his prowess in offensive biotics. They gave him medicine to help balance him out but he conveniently tends to forget it right before a battle. Which is probably something worth mentioning....even though he didn't when he received a call for a special mission.

    More to come...

    Extra: He has a thing for steak.
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  17. Name: Tel Seleem

    Age: 22

    Race: Salarian

    Gender: Female

    Class: Infiltrator

    By Rikona on DeviantArt (open)


    - Tactical Cloak
    - Energy Drain
    - Proximity Mine
    - Incinerate

    - Sniper Rifle: M-97 Viper
    - Heavy Pistol: M-5 Phalanx

    A native of Sur'Kesh, Seleem was raised with constant reminder of her clan's political obligation. However, the female Salarian never held much interest in playing a direct hand in politics, preferring to be behind the scenes of "diplomatic delegations". Her intelligence eventually earned her a position with(in) the Special Tasks Group, where she continued her mission work until being recruited for Project Seraph.

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  18. Of her....parenthesis?
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  19. Oops. Word holder. Thank you; will edit.
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  20. Tel looks great! So far everyone is accepted with Marcus just needing to be completed.
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