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  1. I'm a giant mass effect fan , and this is one roleplay idea who never got to see the light of day unfortunately . I'm bringing it back now and hopefully things will be better . If you don't know anything about the series or haven't played the 3rd game , either walk away or start researching . Here it goes :

    So , the story takes place after the Destroy ending of ME3 ( the good one , where the world isn't tore to pieces ) . The whole thing about the cruciable destroying every synthetic ever was just a way to scare Shepard , it didn't do that . The Cruciable acted like a giant EMP , shutting down both the Reapers and the Mass Relays .

    Years later .. the world is still in crisis . The Mass relays were scrapped and a new portable device was installed on ships , working on the same principles . However not all pilots were able to pay for the installation of this device . Pirates and mercenaries took this opportunity to turn their ships into merchant ships , now transporting goods between planets and galaxies .

    London is now a completely restricted area , guarded by heavy military , in order to keep the inactive reapers away from anybody , just in case they can be accidentally reactivated .

    Shepard became just a legend . Those that knew him and are still alive are the only ones that can sustain his existence , as his body was never showed to anybody , or even mentioned in any kind of report , and the Normandy was never found . However , his story ( the one Liara made about him ) is now studied in schools . Most people believe that he is just a fictional character .. a representation of the perfect soldier , a model for everyone . The Krogans ... being still ruled by Wreav consider Shepard and also Mordin as national heroes and they both have a statue in the Krogan homeworld

    The Quarians and the Geth are living peacefully together and they managed to create specials zones ( Covered in giant domes ) where the quarians can stay with their suits off.

    However most problems are between the Krogan and the Salarians . The Krogan have remembered the moment when the Salarian councilor tried to convince Shepard to not cure the genophage . Salarians however say that those are all lies ... and that Shepard didn't even exist . As the conflict is getting worse by the day , the other council races are starting to be afraid of another war , which is why you were sent to the krogan homeworld to negotiate and hopefully stop a war between races .

    So this is basically a bio of what happened so far. Your character can be of any race ( and act however you want it to , you can even choose if he believes in the existence of Shepard or not ) The story seems pretty simple so far however but let's just say things aren't always as they seem . As the races get closer to war every second , somebody out there is getting stronger and ready to take the world by surprise.

    We can always discuss and change stuff . Either reply here or message me if interested !
  2. I am in love with mass effect and I think that this sounds awesome I would be willing to discuss more of this if you want.
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